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Mr.siddhant kapoor and his sasurji (sidmin) (episode 4 part-1) – by sunehri mehta

Hey friends it me Sunehri back … Missed me ?!?! I guess not ???? who will miss my ghatiya ff ?!?! Well that doesn’t matter now …. well enjoy the 4th episode part 1

Scene 1:
Outside and Inside the airport

Siddhant : what Enna panna and panda ?!?! If u want to see panda then lets go to zoo …. Now meri baat suno … tumhari boyfriend tumhare liye wait kar raha hai … toh tum jaldi aajao .. ( now listen to me …. your boyfriend is waiting for u …. So come soon)

Jasmine : (in her mind) this guy is so annoying …… eh .. fine I’ve try to explain him in hindi eventhough my hindi is not good .. I’ve try .. (tries to talk to siddhant in hindi) par main yehi kahna chahti hoon ki (but I just want to eat that )

[Note : jasmine don’t speak hindi so well … she by mistake pronounces kehena (to say) as kahna (food) ]

Siddhant : (interrupts her) oh yeah … now I understood ..

Jasmine : thank god ..

Siddhant : u r hungry right !?!?

Jasmine : HUH!?!?!?

Siddhant : (takes food packet (biryani)) I know … that’s why I brought this

Jasmine : ewe !?!? what’s this !?!?

Siddhant : biryani … anyways here u won’t be getting idly,dosa, sambar , rasam etc…..
Jasmine : I don’t want to eat …

(Siddhant forcefully makes Jasmine eat the biryani)

Jasmine : murugappa (referring to lord muruga)

Siddhant : appa ?!?! U mean ur dad is also here ?!?! Why u didn’t tell me before ?!?!? Let’s pick him up too ..?????

Jasmine : aiyoo Adhu god oda name !!! (Oh man that’s god’s name)

Siddhant : oh ur dad is dead huh ?!?!

Jasmine : NO !!!!!

Siddhant : u r confusing me a lot now come with me ur boy friend zain is waiting

Jasmine : how many times will u say this !!!!! And ennaku boyfriend eh alla !!! (I don’t have boyfriend)

Siddhant : [mistakes alla (I don’t have) to be Allah (god)] Allah ?!?! Yeah I know Zain is Muslim boy and even he follows allah’s commands u know ???????

Jasmine : oh god I DON’T HAVE BOYFRIEND !!!!!!!!

Siddhant : what ?!?!? U both might have fights but u cannot say like this ?!?!?

Inside the airport
Nusrat is still waiting

Nusrat : this useless Zain and his useless friend Siddhant ….. wheres he ?!? Let me go out …

Nusrat goes out …

Farin and halima are searching for Jasmine

Farin : oh my god … where’s she ?!?!?!

Halima : eh ……. I guess we need to say to Shipra aunty ….

Farin : No …. Jaz is not a kid … she’s come … let’s wait for sometime ….

Halima : yeah …. Can we go out

Farin : yeah come on …

Farin and halima too go out ..

Outside the airport

Siddhant and Jasmine are still arguing ..

Jasmine : hey listen to me ..

Siddhant : no way …. Now u have to come with me

Just then Armaan comes there and sees Jasmine .. Jasmine too sees Armaan

Jasmine : thank god u r here bhai .. this guy na ..

Armaan : (to himself) eh bhai ?!?! What happened to her suddenly itna respect?!?!?… kuch toh gadbad hai ..(there’s some problem) (Sees Sid and says to Jasmine) is he ur boyfriend ?!?! Huh ?!?!

Meantime nusrat comes out and sees sidmin (Siddhant and Jasmine) arguing ..

Jasmine : Erhh !!!!! Actually no … I don’t know who he’s ..

Jasmine : (to herself) eh ?!?!

Armaan : (To Jasmine) U HAVE A BF !!!!!!

Jasmine : no !!!! He’s lying ..

Siddhant : now wait who r u ?!?!?!….. (stares at Armaan top to bottom)

Armaan : oh hello mr. ….. why r u staring at me ?!?!? I’m her brother

Siddhant : nothing .. (to Jasmine) now u come with me plz or else Zain will kill me
Jasmine : now who’s this Zain ?!?!?

Armaan : (completely puzzled)

Siddhant : Zain ?!?! I mean ur darling … puchku ?!?! U call him puchku right ?!?! ?????

Jasmine : huh ?!??! Well I guess that …

Nusrat comes there

Nusrat : (to Siddhant) excuse me ?!?!?!

Siddhant : yes ?!?!?

Nusrat : r u Siddhant ?!?! Zain’s friend

Siddhant : yeah who r u ?!?!?

Nusrat : I’m Zain’s girlfriend nusrat

Siddhant : eh ?!?!?!

Nusrat : today morning he told that u will come to pick up me ….. now come …

Siddhant : (completely puzzled and turns towards Jasmine) THEN TUM KAUN HO ?!??! (THEN WHO R U ?!?!) ?????????????


Jasmine : U !!!! Appe thilerundu idhedaan solindruden “I’m not zain’s Gf !!!” iPpo enneye kutindu vandhu ippo “who r u” nu kekara … very good joke !!!! (U!!!! From the first I was saying that I’m not zain’s gf !!!!! Now I got me here and asking who am I ?!?! Very good joke )
Siddhant : eh ?!?! So u r not zain’s gf huh ?!?

Jasmine : no !!!!!!

Armaan : confusion ..

Jasmine : shut up bhai !!!!

Farin and halima come there ..

Halima : thank god u r here

Farin : Erhh ?!?! What’s happening

Siddhant : (to himself) oh my god pink Kurti confusion …. (to Jasmine) hey u r not zain’s gf right ?!?! Then why r u wearing pink Kurti ??! ?????

Jasmine : huh ?! I like this dress so I’m wearing ?!?!

Siddhant : and u ate that biryani too !!!! (To nusrat) actually I brought that for u and this girl ate ….


Siddhant : (interrupts her) now what will nusrat eat ?!?! Say say

Nusrat : I don’t want biryani .. I want Pasta

Siddhant : ok fine I’ve get u !!!

Jasmine : (to Siddhant) u !!!!! Paithyakara paithyakara (mental guy) !!!!!!

Siddhant : what did u say ?!?!?

Jasmine : BHAI lets go or else I’ve get mad

Armaan : u always behave like mad

Jasmine : bhai .. come on … (sits on armaan’s bike) (to Siddhant) U R A PAITHYAM !!!

Siddhant : WHAT DID U SAY ?!?!

Halima & farin : (laughs) bye jazz

Armaan and Jasmine leave

Siddhant : PAITHYAM ?!
Farin : mental …

Siddhant : huh ?!?!

Halima : paithyam means u r a mental ….. anyways lets leave farin ….

Siddhant : (to himself) that girl tho …. (To nusrat) can we leave ?!?! Zain is waiting for u ..

Nusrat : but my pasta

Siddhant : madam plz I’ve get u later now come

They leave

Scene 2:
Unknown location …

2 babas baba Bala yogi and 2nd one baba gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda and doing something … now they are checking something in mobile

[note : I told u they are fake babas :p ]

his disciples are singing ?

Disciples :

baba balayogi ki Jai …. Baba gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda ki Jai ..

Bala yogi : gajamukhabujakabhooshana check the mail …..

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : yes baba I checked in my mobile …. we got too many requests from our bhaktas ….

His disciples are asking him

Disciples : (in baba black sheep tune) baba baba did u get any mail ..

Bala yogi : (in baba black sheep tune) yes yes yes yes too many mails …..

Suddenly they hear a sound from the mobile ….

Bala yogi : gajamukhabujakabhooshana ….. what happened to ur mobile ?!?!

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : I’m checking baba …

Bala yogi : yeah do that …

One disciple brings pav bhaji for babas :p

Bala yogi : (gets excited seeing pav bhaji ) pav bhaji !!!! (Starts singing the song in wah ji wah ji (movie Shivaji the boss) tune)

Bhaji bhaji bhaji mere Jeevan pav bhaaaaji..
Bhaji bhaji bhaaji mere jeevan pav bhaaaji…

Everyone give weird looks

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : baba control

Bala yogi : u do ur work

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : baba I’m having a doubt ……

Bala yogi : yeah ask …

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : whenever I hear this sound this one comes in my mobile baba … something Badri critika love something like that is coming … who’s is Badri critika ?!

Bala yogi : let me see ur mobile (sees his mobile and gives a weird look too gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda) u idiot !!!! It’s battery critically low !!!!

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : oh I see … and u r calling ur self baba ?!?! Babas should not use bad words …

Bala yogi : ok and … hey hey (whispers) everything is fine na … my costume ..

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : of course … no one will identify us .. we can escape easily ….

Bala yogi : now where should we go ?!?!

Gajamukhabujakabhooshana nanda : I’ve say afterwards … now Lets start …

Bala yogi : yeah come on ….

Part 1 ends

Precap : (part 2) Amit and Siddhant meet in saloon …. Zain and Siddhant trying to get information about someone …. Armaan and Siddhant meet in cd shop

I’m sorry I was busy with my school work so I was not able to update … I’ve try to be regular or update weekly twice or thrice …. If u all like the episode plz leave ur comments ur silence is killing me … plz plz leave ur comments

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