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MMZ- My Little Bride shot 7!!

Hello my darlings…missed me or not….so this the last shot of this beautiful story…Thank you soooooo much for reading, reviewing and encouraging me all the time……YOu guys make me super happy with your amazing words…

Dedicated to all of you who reads my little efforts and supported me…..


Shot 8

Days were going like blur. Rasa were enjoying each other’s company. With the help of Sam,Radhika was able to paint that huge wall.Painting with Sam wasn’t remain a task-to-do at all for Radz. She was extremely happy but she was badly missing Arjun cause he deliberately avoiding her..It was routine now that Arjun left home early before Radz woke up and came late to the home when she was already slept..She only could see him in college…

She was leaning on couch in living room that’s when she reminded one of the incidents from past month which brought wide smile on his face.

FB starts

One of the week days….

Arjun woke up late from his sleep. He rushed to the bathroom for morning activity and in record time he got ready. He was about to leave when he realize he forgets his handkerchief and started searching it frantically.
Invading whole penthouse he found his handkerchief handing on rope in balcony getting dried with other trail white cloths. He sighed and pulled the respective cloth from rope without looking at it and rushed to unlock the door as he was running late for college.


Arjun’s first lecture was on Radz class. He gave students some problems to solve and looked towards Radz who was angry on him for some crazy reason. Radz too was looking at him time and again. He hold his ears by his hand and mouthed “M’ sorry” . But Radz showed her tongue to him when no one noticing this silent ceasefire.

Arjun was sweating due to restlessness. He removed his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

That’s when Radz lifts her gaze to look at him while other was busy solving the questions. Watching the cloth in Arjun’s hand she got shocked and stood at her place with making loud thud by hitting desk harshly by her fist and gave Arjun’s death glare.

On other end, Puzzled Arjun looked at the cloth which was in his hand after Radz signaled him to do so, he too got shocked..Cause….

It was nothing but Radz bra he was holding….

Then he remembered that in hurry he wrongly picked her inner instead of hanky. He quickly hide it in his pocket and composes himself. Other student were busy looking at sudden burst of Radz so couldn’t noticed Arjun’s stupidity…(LoL…..I added this scene from movie..it was hell funny)

“Back to work guys….” Arjun shouts to make other’s to resume their work.

On other hand Radz pouted her face in warning that she will see him at home and at that evening they did Tom and Jerry fight and ended up laughing hard on that incident.

Fb ends

“Aruuuuu…enough yarrr..my stomach is aching to due over laughter…” radz said while laughing but suddenly she realized her Aru was not around her. She checks her wrist watch which reads 9.30 pm.She was worried for Arjun.While waiting for him she fell asleep on couch itself.

College Auditorium hall

“Teji better you stop pouncing on left over slices of pizza’s and get your a*s moving…we have lot of work to finish…It cost me 1000 bucks to convince that guard to let u two sneak into this hall……” Yelled Arjun on Teji who was busy munching pizza….

“ Arjun, Radz made you Joru ka Gulam..n you are making us painter……we are giving shading and finishing to this already painted wall….show some mercy on us….we r working from 6 pm….since week” Zubin exclaimed in irritation

“Yeah…he is Joru ka Gulam….Why are you spying on my pizza…please let me eat yarrr…..Arjun what with that drawing Girl n boy in that picture? Your wife had done great job by only painting mountain n trees….” Teji said taking a small brake from munching pizza.

Arjun rolled his eyes over his stupid friends. “ I love her…n for her I can do anything….i know she had done great job but still That b***c Riya would have mocked her for this simple painting…n moreover I want to make it special..she don’t love me n she never ask me to do anything for her….so she didn’t made me Gulam…it’s only me who have entered into her life forcefully….” He completed in sad tone…

“Okay My Raj…..Your Simran will come running to you like DDLJ after seeing this painting…Let’s paint it…..” Teji said with enthuse to cheer up Arjun.

The trio grabs different paints and started painting…

Arjun unlocked the door of his apartment and tip toed to the kitchen.He looked at wall watch it reads 12.30am.He got hell late today. While going towards kitchen he found Radz slender form lying on couch. She was looking peaceful in sleep. She must be waiting for me he whispered and scooped her into his arm, laid her to her room.

Arjun put her on her bed and covered her by blanket.
“Radhika, I know you don’t love me…I don’t want to force u in this realationship..but trust me..tommorrow is last day..I’m going..i will go away from your life..no more confusion in your life….i want your happiness my lil bride…but you will remain that most special person in my heart always….” He said and pecked her forehead with so much love.His lips lingered on her silky skin of temple for a sec or two and then he withdrew and went to his room.

Next day morning…

Radhika woke up from her dreamy sleep which includes only Arjun..her prince…She yanked and checked her mobile for timing and left shocked when saw 20+ plus miss calls and messages from NeSam…

“Ohhhh no….reporting time was 8 am and now its 9 and m still in bed…..Radz….u stupid fool….get ready fast…..” she muttered to herself and ran to washroom to take showers.

In record time Radz gets ready. She wore baby pink coloured kurtha with white churidar and white dupatta. As in college all asked to come in ethnic wear. She matched her kurtha with pink stoned earrings and bracelets.

While picking the cloths from balcony she checked in washing machine for some cloths and then she found Arjun’s cloths soaked in paint stains. Then, she comes to know that Arjun has been painting beautifully over the wall daily for many hours after she lefts. She remembered she noticed daily changes in her painting but Sam refused always stating that it’s just her illusion.

Radhika understands he should love her so much to do such hard work for the sake of her.

Radhika went to living room and called several times for Arjun but didn’t get any reply..then she went straight to his room.

She found his room empty. All things were packed. His trekking and bike pictures, his guitar all the things which related to him “ Him” was packed. Radhika’s eyes started to gets watery.then she heard ruffling of page on his study table she picked it up and reads

“ panoti…..

Radhika finally I’m going..As this is my last day at your college and in ur life too. I know this relation is forced on you. I never want you to do this forcefully. Sorry for all torturing and teasing I did to you. This six months were most memorable and awesome period in my life..i will cherish them life long..dont worry about our parents I will convinced them….byee..Take care…. Your Aru….”

Tears finds their way from Radhika’s eyes and they were falling on paper. She then found his diary which he may be forgot to pack. She opened it and found their pics…from childhood to youth..her first rose given to him..her greetings gifted to him..he cherished all her gifts and kept it intact.

Then she found a letter which she sent him when he went to trekking with his group to highest peak at Ladakh… when they learnt that Arjun’s group caught in heavy snow fall, she went to visit him there but due to bad weather authorities didn’t allowed them. Radhika remembered how worried she was for Arjun and pestered her parents and authorities to let her go to Arjun and finally get convinced to give her letter to him when one of the army squad going to rescue them.

Radhika read that letter again and a line written by her to Arjun catches her attention.

“ Arjun Your absence has me missing you….” That’s what the line…A hot tear escaped from her eye on her cheeks..A tear of realization.

That’s sentences depicting exactly what she was feeling now… a void…empty…due to his absences…

Radhika wipes her tears with smile “ Mr Arjun Mehra you can’t run away from me..when I realized you are my first love….Aru….Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra coming for you now…to fetch her husband back..Itane jaldi pichaa nahi chodane wali main….Remember..what you call me..Panoti…”


Radhika entered into college which was beautifully decorated with balloons and ribbions. At entrance volunteered students welcoming visitors by flowers . Radhika accepted it and started searching for Arjun everywhere in college frantically. Her heart was pondering within to see him to tell him what he means to her.

Trudging everywhere, she saw busy students and enjoying the festival going around the college.
Radhika was running across corridor to go towards auditorium then she saw Neil standing smiling with flower bouquets.

Her steps loses it’s speed.she slowly approach Neil in agony to how to tell him.

“Radz, where have you been? I was searching you all over the college campus….” Neil said..his face was illuminated with smile.

“I….was….” She closed her eyes and continued “ I want to share something to you….”

“Yeah..me too..a lot of things to share with you…..and yess ..Wall painting is beautifull……” Neil said interrupting……

“I’m sorry..I have been selfish….. to you and to…….”She stopped middle.

“What’s got on to you, Radz? “ Neil asked in worried tone

Radz still was battling with her inner turmoil..she was not at any doubt about her love for Arjun but she was worried about to tell Neil…

“Neil..I’m very sorry..I’m broking with you….” Radhika said and sighed in relief

“what? “ Neil frowned

“I will tell you everything….but now I have to tell someone very important thing….” Radhika said in haste run towards auditorium while leaving Neil in bewilder.

Radhika entered into Auditorim and gets astonished as soon as she saw the stage wall. The painting was more beautiful shaded with colors and more important thing was there was picture drew of a girl sitting on swing hanged to the branch of huge tree and a boy older than her giving her support. The painting itself was depiction of both of them in their childhood, playing on the swing.

“Chashni….” Sam yelled from audience and waved her hands in air to pull Radz attension.. She was sitting on descending chair.
Radz ran to her and got seated next to Sam. While Ena Meena and Dica where dancing on some peppy song. All students were cheering up for them.

“Why are you late ? “ Sam asked

“Did you see him? “ Radz didn’t answered but raised a question


“Your husband or your boyfriend? “ Sam asked in teasing tone. While Radz gave her death glare stating that she wasn’t in mood of joke.

“There he is….” Sam surrendered and pointed towards Arjun who was sitting among staff in second row. Radz wanted to rush to him and hugged him tight..he was looking sad.

Soon Ena Meena and Dica’s dance ended. While heading towards back stage but at end Meena stopped and turned.

“Respected teachers and my fellow students……I have one request…..” She said holding mic…
All looked at her

“I’m requesting Intern Mr Arjun sir to share few words with us..as it’s his last day….” Meena said while giving smirk to radz

Arjun smiled and got up, Riya gave him thunderous look.

“Hello Respected Principal Sir and My lovely students, I’m very thankful to every one….
You help me to finish my internship in one piece….It has been short span…but personally it has left me with bundle of precious memories……I will cherish them for rest of my life…..” Arjun paused and looked at Radz. Her eyes were teary.

“I…..” Arjun was about to say his next words then a loud irritating mic sound came from background.. All covered their ear by palm.

“Mr Mehra cut the boring crap….and show us some reality…..” Meena came from back stage and said to Arjun…

“Okay Mr Mehra feeling shy then I will do that honour…Mr Mehra is married man…” Meena said smirking at radz

All gasped at the info and started whispering. Arjun clenched his fist.

“Ofcourse it’s not sin to be married but in fact you married to the 18 year old teenager girl Radhika Mishra..I even have a doubt that she might not have cross 18 “ Meena said smiling devilishly.

All the students started gossiping looking at Radhika. Riya too smirked with devilish grin “ Well deserves…” she muttered

Radhika stood from her place and looked down with guilty face. Arjun sighed and took mic from Meena’s hand with firmness.

“Correct we are married….But she has no choice…the only crime she committed was granting her sick grandfather’s last wish….It was against her wish to marry me…..”

“ Can you all believe, how difficult it was for her to sacrifice her life just to complete someone’s wish..She is brave girl I have ever seen my life to take such decision for love of her grandpa…”

“She may be married…but she is still that 18 year teenage girl……..she goes crazy about bowl of ice cream and French fries….” A smile played on his face while talking about Radz

“She loves little stars and crazy for the famous star football player of this college…Neil….” He said smiling where Radz was standing dropping her jaw..Neil too was listening, standing at entrance gate of auditorium.

“Everyday she stressed about exams, assignments like you guys..…..I hope you won’t persuade and bullied her over this married document…….. ” he stooped

“I beg you all…let it be her as she is….” Arjun concluded and about to turned to descend the stairs of dies.

“I’m not that little girl anymore…..”

Arjun stopped at the voice came from his back and turned…Found Radhika standing on stage..

“Aru since I was little you were always at myside..untill today…..” Radhika said and walked towards him..All the auditorium was pin dropped silent.

“I was never aware of this strange feeling inside me until you came back to my life…I had crushed on you from our childhood days but always restrained myself thinking that if you reject then I will not handle this..so I started ignoring you and started living without you…but now I can confess….I’m in love with you…..” Radhika confessed

Arjun stood frozen..he thought he was in dream and soon it will vanish if he blinks a little.

“Its not dream…I love you Mr. Arjun Mehra…..” Radhika said smilingly in front of whole college.She ran to him and hugged him.Arjun wrapped his arm around her tiny body and lift her up little bit and twirled her round in happiness. His face color turned into happy shades.

Whole college started to clapping for them and cheered as “ Kiss her….”

On other hand Riya started crying and Meena frowned and left the stage tapping her feet in anger.

Arjun responded to audience cheering by kissing Radhika on forehead…

“You know Panoti…How hard I’m trying to restrain myself from kissing this luscious rosy lips of yours right now…I don’t want to embarrass you…Let’s go to our home….” Arjun whispered huskily into her ear.

Radhika’s face turned crimson she felt tiny butterflies twirling in her stomach with the thought..Oh God! Only this man knows how to make her feel like this….

Sam was smiling seating over in audience. She was very happy that her bestyy got what she deserves and loves.

“they looks cute na….” a voice came from her right side broke her attention and turned her gazed to found Neil sitting beside her…with mere seeing him this close, her cheeks colored turned with pink shades.

She nods.

“Friends? “ neil said offering hand

Sam gets super happy and makes her hand meet with his hands…

“Friends…” sam responded..Neil feels electrified with her touch he never felt like this with Radz…

Arjun entwined his fingers with Radz and they left the college. While driving car was filled with different magical air of love, Aradhika were silent but stealing each other’s glances.. Radhika was blushing continuously and couldn’t hold her burning cheeks anymore she started to look outside window seeing blur pictures of houses running behind now..then she felt a cold touch on her hand, seeing at it she found Arjun was holding her hand and caressing her palm with his thumb..she looked at him who was busy driving but mischievous smile was playing on his lips.

“Arjun….” Radz moaned as his touch sending tingling sensation to her…Arjun kept doing that until they reached their pent house.

Unlocking the door they got in…Aradhika were seeing each other with full passion….radhika walked towards him and circled her hand around his neck..

“I don’t want you to restrain yourself now from kissing me…..” She said and crashed her lips on his.Arjun smiled and surprised with this dare of her but then started kissing her lovingly..He invaded her lips with his talented mouth and shower all his love his feelings into that kiss…They were drawn into passion..love…Then Arjun moved his lips from her lips to crook of her neck..She moaned in pleasure as he moved down with trail of his wet and feathery kisses.Radhika couldn’t control herself, she felt her legs gonna give up soon. He holds her tight..

“Panoti..you asked me that I felt jealous or not seeing you with neil….then my true answer is yess….i was…I wanted to embrace you in my arm and hold close to my heart…far away from other men…” Arjun said gazing deep into her eyes..he pulled her into tight hug like there was no tommarrow….Radz to respond clasping her arm around him tightly…

“As much I wanted to claim you mine right this moment..i know you are not ready for it..i will wait for you……” Arjun said while pulling back from her..

Arjun smiled and started to walked towards kitchen “ Hungry? What do you want to eat? “ he said to relax his burning emotion…

Radhika hold his hand and make him stopped from moving

“I want you…I want you to claim me arjun…I never been so ready in my life for anything than right this moment for you….Make me yours….” Radhika said between her smile…

“Ohhh Baby…this are most beautiful words I have ever heard…..now I will show how you haunted my dreams every night my wifey….” Arjun said scooping her in his arm while heading towards his bedroom……Radhika blushed like anything and hide her face in his chest…

After that beep beep beep….We know the rest, right?…..haha..they lived happily ever after…..

So story ends

YAYYYYY!!!! Happy endingggggg!!!! Hero heroine mil gaye…finally Nesam’s love story to get kick start….Hows it guys??? Did you guys enjoyed the story….

So this it….umm..will think for the next story soon..as Rosie darling wanted me to write on other movie to which she suggested..so will come with it soon….
So love you all forever…… see you in Written on stars!!Muhhaha…Stay KHush!!!!

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