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MMZ – Must be Love (FEW SHOTS – PART 8)

Jessie darling…from this episode you are playing a pivotal role in uniting Ardhika. Don’t feel bad of seeing Arjun with Radhika ok. I have given you an important

role so act well dear. All d best. ?

MMZ – Must be Love (Few Shots – Part 7)

Jessie stares Neil without blinking her eyes and she recollects the words what Neil just said before..she can’t even believe her ears and eyes. Neil waves his hands on

her face …no reaction and he shakes her to get her into sense. Jessie shakes her head right and left and looks at Neil asking, “Do you really understood the meaning

of what you said just before?”

Neil smiles, “I understand well but looks like you did not get it yet”

Jessie, “I understood well but i have a problem”

Neil, “What problem?”

Jessie, “If i have to marry you means, then i have to get permission from one person”

Neil, “Who is that? Your parents?”

Jessie, “Naah Naah…my boy friend”

Neil stares her with his widely opened eyes, “BOY FRIEND?”

Jessie blush and nods her head positively.

Neil sighs and says, “Thank god”

Jessie, “What? Are you happy?”

Neil, “Hmm yes..very happy”

Jessie, “Really? But i thought u will be sad after hearing about my boy friend”

Neil, “Y should i?”

Jessie, “Y u should not? You just proposed me for marriage…i indirectly said no and as per the rules you should be sad and angry na”

Neil pats her head and says, “You should be grown my dear. I just thought how you will react for that. But not bad…you reacted well”

Jessie looks him jaw dropping and beats him, “How dare you teased me? I am going”

Neil catch her wrist saying, “Achaa ok..m sorry. OK tell me his name..your boy friend’s?”

Jessie, “You won’t run if i say his name na?”

Neil, “Y i have to run? vl see, now tell me”

Jessie gets shy and lowers her gaze while saying, “His name is Arjun”

Neil is jawdropped now and said, “WTF..everywhere it is Arjun only. Oh god…now i hate this name”

Jessie, “Dare you say that. I started loving him after i got to know his name is Arjun”

Neil, “What’s there in that name?”

Jessie, “You can’t understand that. There is some magical powers in that name and he is also handsome man. So don’t badmouth about that name again”

Neil folds his hands together and nods no.

Jessie after some time calms down and asks, “What’s your plan? I did not understand anything”

Neil, “Did you know that Arjun confessed his love to Radhika?”

Jessie blinks and looks here and there thinking whether to say yes or no.

Neil interrupts, “I know that you already knew it. So don’t lie”

Jessie keeps pout face and nods as yes and asks, “So what? What you want me to do now?”

Neil, “You like her friend a lot na. You will do anything for her happiness right?”

Jessie, “Anything”

Neil, “Ok then…stalk Arjun.Try to impress him and talk to him. Show that you like him”

Jessie’s head is spinning in all the directions and she holds her head once strongly and looks at saying, “Before marriage only you get my divorce i guess”

Neil, “What?”

Jessie, “What are you blabbering? Y should i stalk Arjun and impress him”

Neil, “To make Rads jealous”

Jessie, “Y should Rads get J-E-A-L-O-U-S” before completing the sentence only Jessie understand what she should do now and what Neil is trying to do. Her face sparkles

and looks at smiling neil saying, “So…rads will be jealous and confess her love on Arjun”

Neil, “Yes”

Jessie, “But how you know that she loves him but not realising it”

Neil, “I saw that love in her eyes”

Jessie, “But i couldn’t see anything”

Neil, “Mmmm….only intelligent people can see that”

Jessie shrugged him by her looks and Neil raised his hands on top accepting his defeat and he tells her, “OK Jaazzz…now you know what you should do right? Or you

want me to tell you”

Jessie signs him to stop and make actions that she knows everything and signs him to follow her.

Neil gives an unbelievable look and follows her.

JeNeil looks at Ardhika going on somewhere following Akhil & Sahana. Jessie starts running in other direction and once she saw Ardhika she started walking towards them

casually and suddenly bumps on Arjun once she goes near them.

Arjun in the nick of time he captures her from not falling, Jessie stares him lovingly and Arjun holds her by her waist asking her, “Are you ok?”

Rads is shocked seeing them and looks them alternatively. She comes to Jessie and makes her stand straight asking, “Can’t you walk properly? How come suddenly you were

coming from opposite side?”

Jessie blinks for a sec and looks here and there to say something and manages saying, “Actually i went to use washroom and while coming out i saw you both…that’s y i

came here”

Rads, “OK…but you should be careful while walking. Don’t fall like this often”

Jessie gives sheepish smiles saying, “What to do Rads? Stones are there on the way and i got my foot slipped on that”

Rads looks down for stones and says, “Where is that? i don’t find anything”

Jessie show the small stone, “Here it is. See how big it is…that’s y i slipped”

Rads couldn’t believe her eyes seeing Jessie in differnt avatar today and don’t understand y she is behaving like a nut.

Rads, “Jaazz….becoz of this small stone you got slipped is it?”

Jessie did not even look at her but looks at Arjun and nods yes.

All these are watching by Neil from little far, laughs hardly seeing Jessie and Rad’s convo. He holds his stomach to control his laughter and walks towards them.

By that time Rads holds Jessie and asks, “What are you trying to do Jaaz?”

Jessie, “I am trying to impress him Rads” she pointing Arjun who is playing with Akhil & Sahana.

Rads is utter shocked, “Impress? Arjun? why?”

Jessie, “What question is this? I like him”

Rads, “You already have a boyfriend Jaaz”

Jessie, “So? Both of their names are Arjun only na..so i have no problem.”

Rads shakes her once saying, “You gone mad or what?”

Neil comes for Jessie’s help, “What’s wrong in that Radhika? If she likes Arjun means, then it is well and good na. Will make him understand and tells about ur friend.

Who knows he might also like her”

Jessie gives hi-fi to him and goes behind Arjun.

Rads couldn’t stop her and stands helpless seeing her talking to him so nicely and smilingly. She looks tensed but she is trying to cover it up her feelings.

Neil comes to her, “Why are you looking tensed Radhika? Do you have any problem with Jessie talking to Arjun?”

Rads stammers , “No..not like that”

Neil, “Then y u looks tensed. See them….they both are talking to each nicely and how happy they looks”

Rads blinks at them and looks at Jessie angrily. She tried hardly to hide her feelings and thinks how to take Jessie from there. Suddenly her vision stops at one

person and sparkles like a beam. She runs to him and stops him, “Hey Arjun”

Arjun, “Hey Radhika..how are you? You here alone?”

Rads, “No no…i came with my friends”

Arjun, “Friends? Is Jessie also there?”

Rads, “Without her how can i come?”

Arjun, “Wow..where is she? Don’t tell her anything.. i will give a surprise to her”

Rads smirks and imagines Jessie’s situation..she immediately nods her head and heading towards Jessie. Arjun silently follows her.

Rads goes to Jessie and by now Neil joins with them and all 3 were talking.

Neil, “So Jessie, you look so happy today? Any reason behind it?”

Jessie throws one look at Arjun making him embarrassed says, “Yes…there is a reason”

Rads comes and interrupts, “I know the reason”

Neil, “What is that?”

Rads, “Arjun..am i right Jessie?”

Jessie gives her a confused smile saying, “Yes…Arjun is the reason for my happiness” she says this by looking at Arjun standing with the kids.

Rads, “Which Arjun Jaaz?”

Jessie, “What?”

Rads, “I mean…you said Arjun is the reason for your happiness but Which Arjun?”

Jessie is now confused seeing Radhika in full smile and Neil also gets confused seeing her.

Jessie started scratching her head and blinks at her…she gets shocked and becomes statue seeing the person standing infront of her saying, “SURPRISE”. Yes it her

boyfriend Arjun who stands infront of her giving a shock treatment.

Jessie did not move anywhere and stucks at the same place where she is standing..but she just moves her eyes to look Neil who is also have the same confusion seeing

the new person.

Rads smirks seeing Jessie saying, “Tell me Jaazzz….is it Arjun A or Arjun B? who s the real reason for your happiness”

Jessie’s BF, “What is that Arjun A, B?”

Jessie interrupts, “That’s nothing. she s simply teasing me.”

Rads control her laughter seeing Jessie’s reaction.

Neil also blinks and gives a pity reaction on Jessie.

(Now Arjun A is Ardhika-Arjun and Arjun B is Jaaz Arjun)

Arjun B, “Hey Jaazzz..y u dint inform me that you are coming here? I would have joined you na”

Jessie, “It was a sudden plan..but how come you are here”

Arjun B, “I came with my friends. But am happy that i find you here”

Jessie, “It’s ok Arjun. You join with your friends. I have no problem”

Arjun B, “But how can i leave you and go dear”

Jessie gives a forceful smile, “We are almost done for the day. You came now only na. You go and enjoy with ur friends. Go Arjun”

Arjun B, “But Jaazz”

Jaaz interrupts, “It’s ok you carry on” she pushes him to go from there and gives a heavy breathe after he bids bye and goes from there.

Jaazzz comes to Rads, “You mad girl…who asked you to get him here?”

Rads laughs, “I wanna see you happy dear..that’s y”

Jaazz rolls her eyes and drinks a bottle full of water.

Arjun gets the kids there and asks, “Who is that guy?”

Neil interrupts saying, “Jessie’s friend”

Arjun, “Ohhhh”

Jessie simply nods her eyes and she looks exhausted so soon and hangs her head down and walking with them.

Neil comes beside her and pats her head and winks at her.

They all get in the car, inside Arjun takes the driver seat. Neil signals Jessie and she too gets in the passenger seat beside Arjun. Rads opens her mouth in shock and

stands outside, Neil pushes her to get in and she unwillingly gets at the backseat with neil and the kids.

Precap: Not decided.


That’s it for today…Jaazzzz how is it today’s chapter. Did you like it?

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