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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 6

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Here comes the next chapter of Misconceptions… Happy reading…
After explaining everything to Pawan, Arjun bid him bye and took back his place on the sofa. Radhika is the first one to break the silence that is hanging between them.
Mr. Mehra, I need to take a shower.’
So, I need to use your bathroom, right? That’s why I’m asking your permission.’
Oh!! But first I need to take the shower.’
But, you didn’t say that before.’
Why? Do I need to give explanations to you from now on?’

Ok then, it’s fixed. First I’ll take shower. Then you can proceed. Okay?’
Radhika half-heartedly accepted the deal. What can she do? She is living in head-strong politician’s house, after all.
Arjun took his shower very leisurely. It happens to be the worst wait of Radhika’s life. She cursed him all the words she knew. Well then there are only few curse words she knew and she kept repeating the same curse words over and over. That counts to ten when he finally emerged in the hall. Radhika’s happiness knew no bounds then, she badly needs a shower and her politician husband delayed it. But now she can happily take her shower.
When she entered and completely removed her clothes, she saw something crawling on the wall behind her from the mirror attached to one of the bathroom wall. She screamed and quickly covered herself with a bathrobe.
Outside Arjun is knocking on the bathroom room to know why the hell she screamed so loud. When Radhika opened the door, it is time for his jaw to hit the ground. She stood there with only bathrobe on her body and the thing for which she screamed in her right hand. It is a toy spider of Arjun that he kept on the bathroom wall before he left the bathroom. He is laughing looking at Radhika’s face. She is fuming with all the anger and here he is laughing because his plan worked in frightening his wife.
Ms. Mishra, you are looking s*xy in that outfit. I can take advantage of you right now, you know that, right?’ asked Arjun in between his giggles.

Correction Mr. Mehra. You should say “what if I TRY to take advantage of you”. I think you forgot that small stunt I pulled in your office not a long time ago. If that is so, then I think you have short-term memory loss.’ Said Radhika and smirked seeing the face of Arjun that turned pale now.
I don’t have any short-term memory loss Ms. Reporter.’ Fumed Arjun.
Oh then, how can you forget that I can protect myself from likes of you Mr. Politician?’
I did see how you protect yourself. That’s how you came in to trap of Pawan so easily. Your protective instincts are not that strong Ms. Reporter.’ Sneered Arjun.
How dare you?’
How dare I? You will get to know that… well… very soon.’
Radhika is on verge to break something. Instead she took the right hand of Arjun and handed over his toy spider to him.

Keep your toy safe Mr. Politician. I’ll wait for a chance to use one of my toys that too very soon.’ Said Radhika and closed the bathroom door on Arjun’s face.
Here he is fuming of how can she close the door on his face? He should show her place in his house very soon. She is no one and she can never take a place of maid in his house, she became his wife and acting all head-strong. No way can he let her win. She should run away from him begging his forgiveness every single day for the rest of her life.
Radhika came out of the bathroom wearing a t-shirt having a caption ‘Arrogant’ on it paired with baggy pyjamas. Arjun saw her t-shirt and smirked.

You know Ms. Reporter; there is absolutely no need for you to wear that t-shirt.’
Radhika’s eyebrows touched her hairline, how shameless can he be?
Looking at the face of Radhika, he understood she misinterpreted his sentence.
Dirty mind Ms. Reporter. I was meaning to say that there is no need to wear that t-shirt with ‘Arrogant’ written on it. Any person who talks to you for a minute can understand how arrogant you are.’ Finished Arjun.
Radhika took a sigh of relief then, but what did he say? Did he just call her arrogant? This politician is getting on her nerves now. How dare he call her arrogant? Okay, she is arrogant, but there is no need to voice out that, no? And the t-shirt, it is her favourite colour. She and Hitesh searched the whole shop for the same colour, but didn’t find the same colour and not even the colour that came close. So she bought that even though she didn’t like the caption.
Mr. Politician, I know what I am. There is no need for you to offer clarifications about my character when you bl**dy hell don’t know anything about me.’ Said Radhika and continued…
By the way, where is dinner?’
Did you really think I’m gonna cook for you Ms. Reporter?’ asked Arjun quirking up an eyebrow.
I didn’t mean that. You have your follower who is a great cook too. He should have prepared something for US, I guess.’ Said Radhika.
Now I correct you Ms. Reporter. He cooks only for ME, not for US. And yeah! He cooked for me and I completed my hefty meal too. If you want, make yourself useful and cook for yourself.’ Said Arjun yawning and stretching his hands in different directions.
Huh!! So I need to cook now. Why can’t you have your house at some busy place? Even if I order food now, it will be received only at midnight. I can’t wait till then. I hate you Mr. Politician.’ Shouted Radhika.
Glad you feel the same Ms. Reporter.’ Said Arjun with a wink.
And by the way, why are we still in the last name basis. We should get on to our first names if we want to prove my theory of love between us.’ Said Arjun repeating the words of Radhika.

Radhika fumed to listen her words repeated to her by none other than her bull-headed husband.
Copy kitten.’ Shouted Radhika. By this time her throat was sore due to shouting and the last drop of energy left her body. She made her way to the kitchen to make something that is edible.
I think that is copy cat Radhika.’ Said Arjun and called her first name for the first time.
Radhika stopped in her tracks by listening her name from his mouth for the first time. It sounded so good from his mouth. But no, she shouldn’t get tempted to these things.
I know that Mr. Politician. But you are too small to even call as Cat, so I named you kitten, you know baby cat.’ Sneered Radhika emphasising the word Kitten.
I’m not small.’ Said Arjun following her to the kitchen.
Yes you are. That’s why you compromised me in the dirtiest way possible Mr. Politician. And I can never see you as a big man for that reason.’

You bl**dy hell doesn’t know anything what transpired before your compromising session. So just shut your mouth and stay like an obedient wife. That is good for both of us Ms. Reporter.’
Don’t you ever think what is good for me Mr. Politician; as I said I can take care of myself. There is no need for you to enter in to my personal space.’
Saying that Radhika turned on her heels, made her way to the kitchen and prepared some instant pasta. She took her seat on the sofa and started relishing her dinner.
Oh!! By the way, where do I sleep? As you have only on bed.’
Arjun is shocked now. He didn’t even think about that till now. Now really, where will she sleep? If he had any inclination this house is going to bring such situation in front of him, he would have rented a room in the city itself.

I don’t know. Wait!! You can sleep on that sofa.’
What?? You want me to sleep on this blasted sofa?? Are you out of your mind?’
What problem do you have now? You are asking me that as if your height is equal to Amitab ji.’ asked Arjun with a bored expression. She is a drama queen, alright.
See, I’m taller than you. That’s why I can’t sleep on sofa.’ Said Radhika trying to put something, anything as a reason not to sleep on that sofa.
Really? How come you are taller than me? If you stand properly your chin equals to my shoulders and you are saying you are taller than me. How ridiculous!!’
I will prove it to you.’
Radhika stood on the sofa to prove that she is taller than him.
Now you agree, right?’
Get down Radhika.’
No… No… Noooooo…’ chanted Radhika all the while jumping on the sofa.
Get down. Okay, you can sleep on the bed.’ Said Arjun accepting his defeat. This girl is going to be end of him one day.

Then where will you sleep?’
On the bed, of course.’
Stop shouting woman. As you can see, I’m not deaf.’
But how can we share a bed.’ Asked perplexed Radhika.
Because we are husband and wife, remember? And this is your brilliant idea to hitch us in this bl**dy unwanted relation.’
Copy kitten. How will we share that bed?’
Wow!! I didn’t know you are this desperate to share bed with me.’
Put a comma to your dirty thoughts Mr. Politician. I’m not desperate. I’m tired, that’s it. And moreover I’ll not stay in this house from tomorrow. I’ll shift to my place.’
No, you will not do that. You cannot put my reputation at stake on the second day of our marriage.’
Try me.’
I will, but not now. You will not leave this house till sixth month of our marriage. Only then we will be able to divorce, remember?’
That sentence caught her off-guard. How come he can always use right words at the right time? She accepted her defeat and agreed to stay in his place for six months.
That night, two souls took their sanctuary in each other arms not physically but emotionally. How?? We will get to know very soon.

End of sixth chapter… How did you like Arjun and Radhika? In next episode, you can see Arjun’s professional front most probably… It’s looking like I’m writing the extension of original MMZ with my story, isn’t it? I just remembered that lizard scene from the original MMZ, wow, what a scene it is!! Hehe… Don’t blush my dear friends… ?
Next update will be a stand-alone shot which I’m dying to write from a very long time… Hope it can meet to your expectations…
I’m going to take a break for two weeks or so… My life’s gonna be hectic for a while… So sorry for that and I may not be able to make up to comments section even… But I’ll read every story and let the authors know my views in some way or other…
I’m really sorry if this update didn’t meet your expectations…
Do let me know your views about this chapter from the comments section below… Love you all and have a great day ahead…

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