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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 5

Salaam everyone… How are you all? Here comes the next chapter of Misconceptions, go on and happy reading… ?
Is this house yours?’ asked perplexed Radhika.
Yes, do you have a problem Ms. Reporter?’
I want the truth, is this house really yours or it’s just a hide out to cover your black money from people?’ asked Radhika again unable to believe the house standing before her is actually his, that is the great politician Mr. Arjun Mehra.
Why do you feel so difficult to believe this house is mine Ms. Reporter? Okay, to clear your doubts—yes, this house is mine and this is not any hide-out but my own and original house that I can proudly say has no connection with any black money you were talking about.’ Answered Arjun.
Okay, but I still can’t believe a 1 BHK flat is your house and also it is not your hide-out.’ Sighed Radhika.
Well in that case you don’t believe anything that’s related to Mr. Mehra, I presume.’ Asked Pawan.
Well that’s the truth, isn’t it? We can’t easily believe any politician’s words because they turn out to be false promises all the time.’ Said Radhika.
Fine, let’s get this discussion over with. Please can we get in to the house, my legs are begging me to collapse somewhere so that they can take rest.’ Said Arjun.
Huh?! How can that be possible without any gruh-pravesh rituals for us?’ asked Radhika with an innocent smile but devilish smirk on her face.
What? Woman, are you out of your wits? We both know this is an unwanted marriage, now you want gruh-pravesh rituals for this unwanted marriage, how ridiculous!!’ Snapped Arjun as he was hell tired with all the questions he was subjected to earlier.
I’m not asking it for my sake, you see reporters from one or the other media house will be watching you even now to get some scoop. If they get to see that I was taken in your house without performing any rituals, then doubts may arise on your theory of us loving each other.’ Explained Radhika.

That is not entirely false though. One or the other media house reporter might be lurking in the shadows to get some scoop how their life after marriage is gonna be, why some other reporter when one is standing beside him now. Drat! He should get this over with now or else she is going to make a scene for sure and he didn’t want any scene happening in the near future not today in the least. Finally he gave up to this little woman who’s standing beside him challenging him to override her words. He sighed, what he can do now! Nothing as of now, Pawan did give her an apt name, she is definitely a minx.

Alright, let’s get this ordeal done through; I can’t just stand any longer for sure. By the way, who’s going to perform these rituals as we don’t have any woman in our house for your information and I don’t want any maid to do the honours?’ Said exasperated Arjun.

Surely he cannot hold himself any longer, this marriage has sucked out half of his life and this so-called wife of his is sucking out another half. He doesn’t want any delay to crash on this plush bed.

Who else can do that better other than Mr. Spoon!!’ said Radhika surprising both the men.

She surely had guts to propose that, all right, both men are knocked out of their wits and stood perplexed for a second taking in what she has just proposed. Hitesh is obviously having a gala time watching another show of his favourite bullfight.

What?!’ said Arjun and Pawan in unison.
Haa yes, you said there is no woman in your house to welcome me in to your house, right? And you also don’t want any maid to do the honours. Now the only option left behind is your confidante and your loyal follower Mr. Pawan Agarwal who in first place is responsible for all this shit.’ Sneered Radhika.
I’m definitely not going to do that Ms. Mishra. Get that straight in your head and back off because I ain’t have any reason to perform stupid rituals to welcome a stupid girl in my boss’s life.’ Snapped Pawan.
Very fine then. I’m not going in the house and I’ll not allow anybody to step into the house either. Think before you make statements Mr. Spoon.’ Snickered Radhika.

Arjun cannot take it any longer. God!! If they were left a minute longer his wife and his manager can start a world war. So with no way around he asked Pawan to perform the rituals. Pawan, of course, can never cut his words, so he did all the preparations in lightening speed as if he had a life time of experience in welcoming a lady to her in-laws’ house.

Radhika was actually impressed with the efficient work done by Mr. Spoon. Well he is considered as a valuable source for no reason, the man is efficient in any work that means any work—but that also brings forward another question to her mind. How did he actually miss a simple logic while kidnapping her? Never mind, to err is human, right?

Radhika entered HER house and was astonished to see the simple way this politician lives his life. How can he be so simple when he is descendant of a rich political family according to her sources? He is either bluffing or he doesn’t have any knowledge of his wealth on his behind. The second option is tough to digest but that is only a possibility. What can be the truth in real!! Ah!! She will definitely get that truth out as she has got many chances living under the same roof with her politician husband. She mentally patted herself for her fabulous idea. By the time she surfed the flat Arjun had crashed on his sofa with his legs dangling on the arm of the sofa. She would have smiled at that view of her handsome husband lying on the sofa like a child who is free of all the troubles and humming a song. But she cannot do that considering his actions that led her to this haunted house. Yes it is haunted, right? What person in sane mind will have a house in the outskirts of the city with only his flat in the vicinity? And to top that, the flat has only one bedroom. Doesn’t he have any relatives who come over his house to exchange pleasantries? Not that it matters to her but where will she sleep now? Not on that blasted sofa, of course. That sofa will not be comfortable and she has a great deal of walking, running and hopping in her work. So a big NO for the sofa, thank you. Sleeping position can be decided later; right now she needs a place to crash on too. But the house doesn’t seem to have any other furniture other than that blasted sofa. Hitesh is long gone after her rituals ended.

And now she is alone with her politician husband and his loyal follower. Speaking of him, he didn’t show his face after welcoming her into the house, where is he? Take the devil’s name and he is here coming from the kitchen with only two cups of coffee. Did he forget that she is also a member of the house now? She will make him remember from now on. Before Pawan made his way to Arjun, she jumped in and took a cup of coffee. Pawan reluctantly let go of the coffee and gave the other cup to Arjun. She must say he’s great in preparing coffee. She can take him as her valet if he’s ever thrown out of her husband’s office. Aww!! What a wonderful idea!!! He will definitely learn manners in that way. You are way brilliant girl. After getting or to be precise snatched the coffee cup from Pawan, all she want now is a place to sit so that she can rest her sore body. But her husband is no way going to budge from that sofa. He is even drinking that coffee in sleeping position. How can he do that by the way, doesn’t his mouth burn taking into account the amount of heat from the coffee. Never mind, the two weirdos are going to take her life one day with their weird actions. But she has to try right, so she did give a try to make her husband provide some place on the sofa.

Mr. Mehra, can you move and make some place for me to crash on that sofa? I badly need rest now. Tomorrow I’ve many works to attend and my work was thrown off-balance because of this marriage.’ Said Radhika.

Not that she cannot go in and crash on the bed but that doesn’t look good in a stranger’s house. She surely cannot insult her values given by her lovely mother.

Here comes the President of India!! Her work is thrown off-balance, wow, that’s really good to hear. She is speaking as if she is the only one who has work tomorrow and forgot with whom she is talking. To bring you back to our planet, madam, you are talking to Chief Minister of the State and he has much more responsibilities than you.’ Sniggered Pawan.

Radhika didn’t want to raise her hand on this man but he is definitely crossing his limits by insulting her work. She keeps her career in highest regard after her mother. Now she is going to break her promise that she made to herself a while before. She took the cushion on which Arjun was resting and threw it across Pawan’s face. It made a perfect goal as it is landed straight on his face making him stagger a little. Radhika is jubilant on her success. Arjun didn’t expect this act of his wife, so his head fell with a thud on the sofa. Thanks to the Almighty as the sofa is plush or else his head would have got a little crack considering the swiftness in the action. Both the men stared her wide-eyed now, how are they going to bear this girl from now on!!! She has started her torture now itself. Pawan got back to his senses and was about to retort with something but held still because of Arjun.

Arjun made his way to his bedroom and brought out a bean bag to Radhika. Oh!! She is so thankful for this little gesture. She gave a triumphant smile to Pawan who in turn scowled. Arjun took the remote and switched on the television to save himself from the bickering of the other two. It took a great deal of effort to refrain himself from rolling his eyes watching the news that’s being telecasted on the television. It is of course his marriage that was made breaking news and not a single news channel is ready to give any news of other events that’s happening in the world. Why can’t they live in peace and let him live in peace too!! What can he expect from the TRP leeches!!

Radhika’s expression is no less than his but she appeared to be composed as she is a part of this circus. She gave a nonchalant shrug indicating she cannot be held responsible for the news.

Arjun.’ Called Pawan.

Radhika’s lower jaw hit the floor and upper jaw hit the roof, only mentally though. She cannot give any expressions for any of the things going on in this house. So she kept neutral face and watching the carpet on the floor as if it held an interesting design in it.

Arjun moved away from her and they both discussed something which she didn’t understand a bit. She let go of the topic and watched television that is boring her to hell.

By the way Mr. Mehra, I was meaning to discuss a thing with you.’ said Radhika interrupting their oh-so-interesting discussion.
What is it? You better be quick, I’ve other things to tend my brain too.’ Said Arjun thinking what it could be that she wanted to discuss.
Umm… Actually…’ started Radhika. She was nervous, hell, how can she be nervous? She is trying to unravel a truth and why should she be nervous for that? She brought her bold avatar back and finished off her explanation in a breath.

The truth is a woman was forced to live outside of her own house by her tenants. She complained to the authorities too but they turned deaf and blind because of the money sponsored to them by the tenants. And that is the reason she got down from the vehicle during their journey to his house. She gave assurance to the old lady who is a widow and was abandoned by her children that she will look into the matter and will make sure she got justice.

After her explanation, Arjun stood stunned and turned to Pawan who was in the same condition as his. Only then they got to know how deep the injustice roots were and the influence of money on the officials. Arjun gave some orders to Pawan to fix a meeting with the authorities of the area and also told him to be very quick. He didn’t want the old lady to stay another day out of her house. He thanked Radhika for the information.

Radhika is in dilemma to like him or hate him. He was the one who compromised her in the first place and he is the same person who barked orders to his manager about the old lady without even thinking once about what she told might be fake news too. But he didn’t do that, what was she supposed to make of him? Ah!! She definitely can’t like him considering what he had done to her. It can be anyone in her place; she definitely can’t turn a blind eye on that, even after seeing his work efficiency.
End of fifth chapter. I thought many other incidents to add in this chapter but I was unable to type any further, so sorry for that. ?

How did you like this chapter? Are you too in the dilemma to like or hate Arjun? What are your opinions on the issue discussed in this chapter? How did you like the world war between Radhika and Pawan? What is going to happen next?

Please pardon me for any mistakes you encounter in this story as this is my first attempt to write a story having more than five chapters. The story has just started and I’ve got an inkling that it is not going to end any sooner.

The flat of Arjun I was talking about has some similarity with the plan I’ve tagged below. Please check out the link so that you can get a fair idea of how his house is…


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