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MMZ – Made For Each Other (Few Shots – Part 6) FINAL ONE

HI all, here is the next and the last part of this shots. I WISH EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI.

MMZ – Made for each other (Few Shots – Part 6) – FINAL ONE

Arjun joins his duty back after a long time. He welcomed by his superiors, his colleagues and friends. He happily starts his work and often losts in Rads behaviour. He gets excited thinking about what Radhika gonna ask from him. He looks into the files and gets to know about few recent issues and when he checks that with his senior officer, he strictly told him not to take any thing on that and gives him the simple cases. He makes faces and goes back to his seat. He some how manages to sit there till evening and to his surprise he gets a message from Radhika asking him to meet her in the Temple nearby their house. Arjun’s excitement goes at peak and immediately leaves to temple.

Radhika is waiting for Arjun at the entrance and once he comes, she takes him inside and they both did the puja together. Arjun is so happy being with radhika for each and every second and not aware of rads thoughts.They finished rounding the temple once and sits at one place. Arjun waits for her to turn up and initiate the talk. As expected, she starts, “Arjun…i have something to tell you”

Arjun smiles, “correct it…You have something to ask from me”

Rads smiles, “Yeah…but i don’t know how you gonna take that”

Arjun, “Means? I am ready to do anything for u”

Rads, “Arjun…pls think and talk. Because i can ask you anything which you cannot afford it at any cost”

Arjun, “Radhika…what happen to you? Y r u giving hints and all…just ask me what you want?”

Rads, “Arjun, i know you love me..but i want to know that how much you love me?”

Arjun, “What question is this? I love you a lot Radhika. I know we were not in good terms when we married but slowly i have fallen for you and you are my happiness now. I will do anything for you”

Rads after a long thinking, “Will you be able to resign this police job for me?”

Arjun is shocked and did not expect this from Radhika. He becomes stone after hearing her wish and stares her face without any reaction. Radhika could understand what he is going through now and silently observes his face.

Arjun couldn’t come out from the shock she gave to him and still couldn’t believe his ears what he just heard from his lady.

Rads after few minutes she holds his hands and whispers, “Arjun”

Arjun comes out from his trance and looks her unbelivingly. He immediately gets up from there and walking towards outside. Radhika expected this and silently follows him. She looks at him in his car waiting for her to get in. She goes and takes the passenger seat, immediately he drives off fastly from there…till they reach home, both did not utter a single word to each. Both has different thoughts in their minds which has both happiness and worries.

They reach their flat and Arjun silently gets down and goes inside. Nandini finds him worried and looks at Rads who comes casually, she gets confused seeing two different reactions from each. She holds Rads, “Radhika…what happen? Why he looks so tensed and worried?”

Rads, “Guess, he couldn’t give me what i asked for? That’s y”

She too goes inside and finds him standing at the balcony and is lost in thinking. Rads takes her night suite and goes to washroom to change her dress. She comes out after changing but still find Arjun at the same place. She feels bad seeing him like this and goes near him. She touches his shoulder and he turns to her side with a blank expression.

Rads gathers courage, “Arjun…i am sorry if i hurt you, but…”

Before she compeletes her sentence, he shoves her hands away saying, “It’s ok Radhika. I understand what you had in your mind. It’s your life and you have all the rights to tune your life as you wish and for me your happiness is the most important one. Don’t worry i will not force you to love me or stay with me. I decided and You will get your happiness back by tomorrow. You will be tired now…have your food and sleep. I have some work, i will be back soon and don’t wait for me”

He did not even wait for her reply and goes out after changing his dress. Rads don’t know how to react at first and wonders what he is upto now. She recollects his words and gets worries for him, though he asks her to sleep, she waits for him to come back. After 2 hours, he back to home and gets surprised seeing Radhika sleeping in the couch on the sitting position itself. He looks at her with a calm face and goes to wakes her up.

Radhika jerks when he touches her shoulder and stumbles while getting up…Arjun catches her before she slips and both shares an intense eyelock which speaks a lot..what they couldn’t. Arjun releases her from his grip and goes to their room without saying anything.

Rads follows him, “Arjun…dinner?”

Arjun, “Not hungry” he covers himself in the blanket and pretends to be in sleep without even seeing her face.

Radhika gets upset and lies beside him…she turns to his side and stares his back without any reaction for a while and slowly a cute smile appears on her face and soon falls asleep.


Next morning, Rads wakes up fast and finds him still sleep…she gets refresh and goes to kitchen to start her work. She hears a bell on the door and goes to open it. There a man stands with a envelope in his hand. Man, “Mrs.Radhika Arjun?”

Rads, “It’s me”

He hands over her that cover and leaves from there. Rads is surprised and gets inside locking the door. Nandini also gets up and meets her in the hall.

Nandini, “What’s that?”

Rads, “Don’t know. Let me see it”

Radhika opens the cover and starts reading the content in the paper. She smiles seeing it and Nandini grabs it from her and start reading it. She gives multiple reactions reading the paper and shouts Arjun’s name. Arjun comes out hearing her scream and Rads changes her reaction once Arjun meets them.

Nandini, “What the hell is this Arjun?”. She throws the paper on his face and he catches before it falls down.

He did not see it and knows what is written over there. He looks at Radhika saying, “Radhika…Hope you have read it. I can’t give what you wished from me and can free you from this unwanted relationship”

Nandini gets confused and interrupts them, “Arjun…you need to explain me now. Why are you giving divorce to her?”

Arjun turns his face to other side saying, “Nandu…i couldn’t give what she asked for and this what i can give for her”

Nandini, “I am gonna kill you for sure. You cannot decide this on your own Arjun”

Rads interrupts her, “Di…leave it. Will talk this later”. By saying this she goes from there.

Nandini glares him angrily and goes to her room leaving him alone. Arjun sighs and looks at the way rads and nandini went and goes to refresh himself.

He gets ready in his uniform and avoids eye contact with Radhika. Radhika notices everything but stays silent. He leaves from home without even talking to Rads and Nandini. Nandini gets worried seeing him going and goes to Radhika who is arranging her cupboard.

Nandu, “Radhika..seriously you both are driving me crazy. What is heating up between you?”

Rads turns to her with a cute smile on her face and hugs her tightly. She cups her face saying, “Di…don’t worry. I got my answers from him. All is going well”

Nandini is still confused but Rads smile and confidence gives her some hope that nothing wrong will happen. Rads becomes so happy and energetic the whole day. She calls to some people and discuss something for more than an hour. Inbetween she takes her mobile and with a lot of hesitation she sends “Thank You” message to her father and gets ready to leave somewhere.


In commissioner office, Arjun is restless thinking about his divorce decision. He himself feels that whether he made a wrong move of applying divorce. He couldn’t concentrate on his work and somehow manages till evening and is about to leave. He receives a parcel and he looks at the name from whom it came and it clearly written as “MRS. RADHIKA ARJUN”. He rolls his fingers on the name and a sad smile appears on his face.

Arjun gets puzzled and opens the parcel and is surprised to see the Party wear suite and a letter inside. The letter is from Radhika asking him to meet her at the mentioned place by wearing the suite which she sent. Arjun don’t know what and why is all happening. He just did everything what radhika half heartedly and drives to the place she mentioned.

It’s hotel terrace which is decorated beautifully with all the colorful lightings. A group of people from the music group stands with their musical instruments and they are like anytime ready to play it. He gives them a warm smile and with lot of confusion moves forward. The staff welcomes him and shows him the way where he supposed to go. He looks at the place and finds the table placed in the center and decorated with the food particles. More than than he finds a girl in party wear sits in the chair by showing her back to him and it seems like she is waiting for him. Arjun with lot of “dhak dhak…dhak dhak” in his heart…steps towards her. For his each move, his heart threatens him to run away from here before she gives the signed divorce paper…..lol.

Finally he reaches the place and walks little forward from her to take a chair which is opposite to her. He knows who is that but still he finds her totally new today…she is glowing, smiling at him whole heartedly, blushing and what else. His heart is about to pump out at anytime seeing the angelic beauty of his wife. He sits opposite to her and still looks tensed and nervous.

Radhika who understands his expressions…nervous and tense..she laughs inside but maintains the shy and blush infront of him. Even she too feels the chillness in her body thinking that how she gonna tell him.

Both starring each other without talking and to break the silence, the waiter comes and serves them the juice which she ordered for him also. Once he goes, she takes the glass and gives it to him. He silently gets it and finish it off with single sip. Radhika rolls her eyes and smiles seeing his hypertension and thinks to initiate the talk.

Rads, “Arjun”

Arjun lifts his eyes and looks at her with the same “dhak dhak” feelings. But she thinks to tell him little late and before that she starts serving the food to him and both have their food together by throwing a gentle smile at each. Arjun’s mind is running in different thoughts that she is giving a farewell party to him. (LOL)

After their food, she gets up from her place and extends her hands to him asking for a dance. Arjun is surprised to an extent but still obliges and forwards his hand to her. She gently picks it up and moves to the center place and looks at the musicians & signs them to play. She makes him holds her waist and she wraps her one hand in his neck and another in his chest….and stares him with lot of love. Arjun could see only love in her eyes but still he did not want to have any fake hope about his love. The music starts playing the instruments and the lady in the group starts singing the song which Radhika suggested her to sing.

The back ground song is “Kaun Tujhe yun pyaar karega” song from Ms. Dhoni movie (Again one of my favourite song sung by Palak Muchhal..such a divine voice she has…guys if not pls hear this once…in Tamil also it is superb and the lyrics also awesome in tamil)

tu aata hai seene mein
jab jab saansein bharti hoon
tere dil ki galiyon se
main har roz guzarti hoon

(you come into the heart,
whenever I inhale,
from the streets of your heart,
I pass everyday.)

hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
main ret jaisi udti hoon
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
jaise main karti hoon

(you move like the wind,
I fly like sand.
Who would love you
like I do..)

Arjun is completely lost himself in her big browny eyes and he could see him in hers. Her black pearls stop moving anywhere and stuck at his face and makes him also to stop looking at anywhere. She starts singing the song looking at him with lot of love which makes him feels so emotional. The each and every word of hers is very true and she says it from the bottom of her heart which he could understand that.

meri nazar ka safar
tujhpe hi aake ruke
kehne ko baaqi hai kya
kehna tha jo keh chuke

(The journey of my sight
stops at you only.
Is there anything more to say,
Everything that had to be said is said.)

meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

(My eyes belong to your eyes,
what do you know, O unaware one.)

main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
teri aankhen paDhti hoon
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
jaise main karti hoon

(I hide from you only,
and read your eyes,
who’d love you so much
as I do..)

He cups her face and plants a soft kiss on her cheek and she closes her eyes of unable to control her feelings on him…she frees herself from him and turns to go but he stops her by holding her wrist in hers and moves it down to her palm and joins his with hers tightly…he pulls her to him…she falls on him and hits her forehead in his chest. He holds her chin and lifts her face to look at him…her hairs are scattered on her face but still she looks beautifully..he smiles and slowly moving her hairs aside and tucks it behind her ears…he cups her face again…while she is continue singing the above lines…he rubs her eyebrows with his thumbs and then rubs softly on her eyes…she looks at him with lots of emotions and tears drops down from his eyes and rolls down to her cheeks. He stops the tears by his thumbs in both the cheeks and not allows it to falls down from her cheeks. He nods his head as no and bends down towards…kisses on her cheeks where the tears stays. She holds his hands tightly and breathes heavily.

tu jo mujhe aa mila
sapne hue sirphire
haathon mein aate nahi
uDte hain lamhe mere

(when you came and met me,
my dreams went crazy.
I’m not able to hold them in my hands,
my moments now fly..)

meri hansi tujhse
meri khushi tujhse
tujhe khabar kya beqadar

(my smiles are from you,
my happiness is from you,
but you don’t have an idea, O careless one. )

jis din tujhko na dekhun
pagal pagal phirti hoon
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
jaise main karti hoon

(the day I don’t see you,
I go around like crazy people.
who’d ever love you,
like I do..)

He then looks at her face and moves little back with a smile…He takes his hand and from her forehead he gently touches it and rolls down till her eyes and makes her to close her eyes. She smiles and does as he did and after a few seconds she opens her eyes to look at him but he is nowhere found. She gets panic and worries of not seeing her anywhere…she joins her hands near belly and presses it in tension by looking here and there. Then she felt a feathery touch in her waist which makes her to get goosebumps on her body…she smiles and closes her eyes with pleasure of having his touch on her soft skin. He hugs her tightly from her back and makes a place on her shoulder by moving her hairs to one side and place a strong yet wet kisses on her neck. She immediately turns to him and wraps her one hand on his neck at the back and another is rubbing his face and cups his cheeks. His hands also playing with her skinny waist by rubbing it softly and gently. She pulls his face towards her and his lips touching her forehead. Both smiles and keeps staying in that position for some time and breathing heavily.

He frees his lips from her and whispers, “Radhika”

Radhika keeps her finger on his lips saying, “SSSShhhhhhhhhhh. You spoke everything. Now it’s my turn”



She couldn’t take his eyes on her and blushing..she gathers courage and looks at his eyes straight saying, “I MRS. RADHIKA ARJUN MEHRA FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HER HUSBAND

MR. ARJUN MEHRA” she closes her eyes for a sec and opens it with some determination on her face and continues, “I LOVE YOU ACP SIR..MADLY…DEEPLY”

She feels an intense gaze on her from him…she smiles seeing him standing like a statue..she smirks and walks to him. She takes his hand in her hands saying, “Will you give me a place in your heart?”

Arjun’s trance gets broke and holds her hands tightly and keep it on his chest..looking at her lovingly, “You already placed there and I never allowed you to come out”

She smiles seeing him and he continues, “I locked up you there and lost the key. So you cannot come out from there for eternity”

She hugs him the next moment saying, “I don’t want to”

Arjun smiles and reciprocate the hug and digs his face in her neck planting a wet kisses and she clutches his shirt tightly and gives him a place to do whatever he wants. Then like as if something stops him..he cups her face asking in an accusation look, “Then why asked me to resign my job and you did not even question me about the divorce n all”

Rads smiles at him looking at his confused look and he continues, “What was running in your mind?”

Rads turns and is about to go but he back hugs her and asks, “Don’t move anywere..stay like this and say”

Rads, “Actually Nandu di told me about your first love…i mean your job. How much you love your job and what and all you did to keep your family safe and even i know that right…you almost sacrificed your life for me..to save me…so i thought…”

He turns her to him saying, “What you thought?”

Rads smirks, “I thought to check how much you love me? But you know what the truth is i lost. Your love on police job defeated your love on me”

Arjun cups her face and says worriedly, “Nothing like that Radhika”

Rads composes him, “It’s ok…never mind. Actually i am happy that you chose your job over me which is your first ever love and you are not ready to lose that at any cost and even i know that you are not ready to lose me also…I saw the love for me when you saved me by giving your life. That’s gave me the confidence that you will not afford to lose me also at any cost. It’s enough for me Arjun..i will live my whole life happily. And the ultimate now is Me and your job will be having a tough fight to dominate you”

Arjun laughs whole heartedly hearing that cups her face saying, “I really don’t know when and how but I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH MY WIFE and that moment is the best moment in my lifetime. If a guy gets a beautiful, intelligent and understanding wife..then what else he needs in his life.”

Rads makes face, “Don’t be so happy…still i have grudge on the police but i can’t stop myself falling for my ACP HUSBAND. He is so cute you know”

Arjun now makes faces saying, “CUTE?…Change it … it is HANDSOME”

Rads, “No…My husband is CUTE”


Rads, “CUTE”


Rads, “Ok…we will join it…aahhh mmmm….got it”

Arjun looks at her curiously and she continues, “My husband is CUTESOME”

Arjun bangs his head by his hands and folds his fist saying, “AArrrrghhhhh….now i cannot tolerate anymore”

Before she understand why he reacts that way..she pulled by him. Like their hearts meets and mingles with each other…their lips also meets with each others and it lasts for few minutes..till they gets lack of breathe. He frees her from him and says, “Now…am what?”

Rads faces becomes reddish and blushes like hell seeing his intense glare on her face..she moves two steps back saying, “Still he is CUTE” and she is runs away from his clutch…he rolls his eyes and chases her and finally he gets her and lifts her in his arms. She wraps her hands around his neck and plants a kiss on his cheek saying, “Whatever the beautiful words are there in this world…he will perfectly fits on that”

Both shares a cute smile and amazing eyelock with each.

Nandini is waiting in home with hypertension and walks here & there to know what these two dumbos are trying to do. She hears a knock on the door and opens it…she stands shocked and dumb seeing the scene there.

Ardhika enters in the home..he carries her in his arms and both stares each other with love and walks towards their room. Nandini stands at the doorstep still looking at them shockingly and stares the way they going. Her trance gets disturbed and she comes to sense when they locked their room. She realises what happened between them..she laughs herself unbelievingly and smiles continously with happiness. She locks the door and is about to move but she gets a call in her mobile from her husband. She happily picks it up and answers, “Hello..Sid”

Sid, “_____”

Nandini with a huge smile on her face, “Book my tickets Sid..i will be coming there soon. Now arjun is not in need my presence”

Sid, “_____”

Nandini, “Understand Sid. After all the divorce drama…now only they came to a mutual understanding. He has his wife to care him”

Sid, “____”

Nandini blushes saying, “Have some shame Sid. Book the tickets and let me know. Even i want to see my lovey husband”

Sid, “____”

Nandini chuckles, “I LOVE YOU TOO”

She cuts the call and looks at the locked room and remenisces ardhika marriage, their moments together till divorce matter and smiles rolling her eyes saying, “MADE FOR EACH OTHER” and goes to her room wishing her brother a happy life ahead.

**********THE END***********

That’s it guys. So Finally my another FF comes to an end with a proper note. Hope you all satisfied by this end which i done with Nandini first time. And i thank each one of you who supports me from the starting of this ff…i always get some energy while reading your comments. Thanks for all your love and keep supporting me.

Waiting eagerly for your last comments for this FF.

For whom who wants to read the tamil lyrics of this song..here it is

Unnaal Unnaal Un Ninaivaal
Ulagil Illai Naan Thaane
Ulle Ketkum Oosaiyile
Unnai Unnai Ketene

Unnodu Sernthu Nedunthoorangal
Kaalara Nadanthu Mithanthene
Unnidam Thantha Idhayathai Thedi
Unnil Ennai Tholaithene

Endhan Vizhi Oorangal
Un Imaiye Saayuthe
En Kan Kadai Moodinaal
Undhan Mugam Theriyuthe

En Pagal Un Kannil
Nee Illai Endraale
Naan Yethum Illa Iravu Thaan

Naan Unnai Unake Theriyaamal
Konjam Konjamaaga Padithene
Boomiyil Ulla Kadhalai Ellam
Munnal Vaazhnthaai Rasithene

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