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mmz love for eternity (Part 19)

Chappy dedicatede to heena. Dear you don’t know what your single comment has done to me. My super duper ever irritating friends got another change to scold and threaten me. Lol. Love you so much. I miss this story very much.

Phew. First lets start with apologies. Sorry all. It is more than a month now. I seriously couldn’t write. Some or other problem came along and I stopped writing this story. I really want to complete this but it is nowhere to be seen early. Here is a small. Kutty. Chapter. Don’t get angry. If possible I will post next chapter tomorrow.

Aastha. Sorry dear. Just now I saw your message. I hope I will be regular from now on.

Enjoy reading*****************

Radhika was thinking about Arjun throughout the day which she tried to evade but it was of no use. He was succeeding in his attempts of making Radhika think about him unknowingly. Although they were in slow pace but the effect seem to work. However, these thoughts were confined to Radhika herself and her years of practice to keep her emotions in check without showing them on her face made this work fine. Arjun rooted himself with the mission and he was taking it as serious as he can. There was no way he can back off now and he willed to try his best.

Sanju was in deep thoughts about the little fight which was unexpected. She wanted to talk with nick but as usual, he left as soon as he left the cafeteria. It was the main problem. He never talked with anyone. He was their friend. Now it seems no such thing exists. He had forgotten them completely. It is only because of Arjun’s persistence sometimes he inputs in a talk and for a fact, it was only Arjun’s insistence which made nick be part of college soccer team. It was very rare where Sanju and nick’s paths crossed but it all started with the bet. Now they were kind of a group again. Presently it may not seem such. Eventually, it will happen as Arjun wouldn’t leave Radhika ever.

Naina was busy with her cousin Aditi in her room with lots and lots of dresses sprawled on the bed. She was having a hard time choosing a perfect dress for her first date ever. Amrit willingly approached her and asked her for a date on Saturday which was the next day. Although there was a day left she wanted to be donned in the best outfit possible as she doesn’t want to disappoint amrit.

Naina” please aditi. Hep me darling. You know it is important for me.”

Aditi” I know my cute sis but you won’t wear the dress which I chose so why to waste my time.”

Naina scowled at her cousin and said” no way I’ m wearing that short dress. Please choose another one.”

Aditi sighed exasperatingly “it is a nice dress. Why don’t you at least try?”

Naina slumped her shoulders down, walking to the edge of the bed and placed the pink dress in her hands in the middle of the bed. “Because I ‘m not comfortable with it. It is difficult for me to change suddenly into someone whom I’m not.”

Aditi nodded her head and they both settled on a parrot green knee length top with red leggings. It looks good and very elegant too.

Aditi “Ok then. Good night. And you better sleep. We don’t want dark circles on your first date. “laughing moved out of the room.

Naina shook her head and focused on the work placing all the dresses in the wardrobe. Freshening up she picked the dress which she decides to wear and stood before the mirror clutching it with her hands. A small smile broke when a memory crossed. A memory of her mom before all this happened when she was happily living with her parents in India. Soon her smile faded and thoughts clouded her brain. Questions. Questions about her future. Questions on her husband to be. Questions which she has no answers. Questions which she pushed at the back of her mind every time they crossed. She wanted answers but was not strong enough to face them.

Little did she know those questions are going to be answered soon and she willingly will accept them. she will have to go lengths for those answers to come true. And she will go to such lengths which she has never dreamed of.


The beam of rays escaped from the drape of the curtain that was attached to the window pane and traveled inside the room. The white walls glowed brightly when the rays hit them. Radhika groaned when some rays fell on her face while she lied on her back. She pulled the duvet ovwer her head and curled up into a ball. She sighed when the rays stopped falling on her.

On hearing someone snickering behind her, she jerked awake and sat straight on her bed. She was about to scream but it became a muffled cry as arjun placed his hand on her mouth attempting to shut her up.

Scowling radhika pushed his hand aside and jumped from her bed. Arjun now sprawled himself on her bed leisurely swinging his arms and legs.
“ you know baby how difficult it was to sit on the high chair for such long time.” Arjun murmered sleepily.

Radhika rolled her eyes and muttered “What the hell are you doing?” tilting her head to the side she noted it was 7a.m..

It was heights now. He came to wake her up at such early hour. But the main question is ? How could he wander in the mansion so easily? The mansion has high security. Then how come he just roams around as if strolling in a park.

Radhika busied herself in these thoughts trying to figure out answers. Arjun stood in front of her kneeling on bed and waved his hand.
“ Baby what are you thinking so deep? I’m here then why are you searching me somewhere else.”

Before she could answer he looked at her warily and commented” And what are wearing? “

Radhika looked down to scrutinize herself worrying. Did she wear anything appropriate? She was relieved when noticed her dress. She wore white tank top and white 3/4th sweat pants.

“ what am I wearing?” radhika questioned him not understanding the bland look arjun was giving her.

“Seriously baby. At least wear some colorful night wear and what are those cute animals’ cats, dolphins. Yeah. Why not have some pictures of them.”

Radhika stood baffled. He was frustrated because she was not wearing colorful clothes and there were no printed images of animals on it. Either he was mad or he was trying to make her mad. Soon anger crossed her features and the main question came back.

“ why did you come here?” she anything but shouted at him.

“ Whoa. Don’t shout baby. We don’t want sore throat now. Would we?” Arjun muttered lazily sauntering in her room as if he owned it.

Radhika “ get out.”

Arjun “ Excuse me. Did you say something?”

Radz” yes. I said “ GET OUT” she screamed in a high pitched un lady like voice.

Arjun “ okay. Lets go for shopping. I want you to buy some new clothes and dresses.” he continued further eyeing her dress” and which are not white.”

She lost in words. She forgot the main point and started arguing with him.”I love white. It is not even black then why are you fussing so much.”

“ why do you love white?” he countered.

“ because it gives peace and brings calmness to your soul.”

“ wow. Philosophical. Anyway one day you are going to wear only colours. And I will personally remove all these colorless dresses from your wardrobe.”
Before she could answer him protesting, he continued” wait. Why did I come here. “ he touched his forehead with his fingers and put a face as if thinking deeply. Radhika rolled her eyes at his dramatics.

“ Yeah. i remember now. why do you talk so much? See I could have forgotten such a nimprtant thing.” Arjun admonished.
What the? She was talking. When did it happen? Oh this man was not good for health.

“See. Again you are dozing off now. “

“Okay. So the thing is tonight we will be going out. So be ready by 7.”

Arjun raised his eyebrow at her questioningly “ Is 7 ok with you.” Radz stood there puzzled but voiced out” going out.”

Ajun snickered” don’t worry it is not a date. I can take you but I don’t want to waste my first date like this. So we will hanging out.” He muttered slowly.

Arjun smiled wholeheartedly and said” Yes. Hanging out it is. So be ready by 7. I don’t want to be late on our first hangout.” And asked her loudly “OKAY.”

Radhika was not here. She couldn’t understand anything. Arjun pulled her cheek and kissed her forehead and left from there reminding her again “ BE READY.”
After arjun left from her room radhika came out of her trance and checked her surroundings. It was like a dream but a real one. Did she really dream all of it? Did really arjun come here and they decide to hangout. Sorry. Not decided he ordered her to be ready and they will hangout. Did it all happen for real?

She touched her forehead where Arjun kissed her. Maybe she was dreaming. It was impossible for him to come here. Right?

All her thoughts left her when her mobile buzzed. Checking the caller id which was a new number she scrolled the answer button and picked the call.
“ hey sleepyhead. Don’t think it was a dream. It happened for real. And we are hanging out today. Please wear some nice dress.”
“ okay. Bye. Take care.” Radhika was about to end the call arjun screamed” yeah. I forgot. Good morning sunshine. Love you .”

Tonight there will be some heart clenching scenes. So emotional. All their emotions will be over flown. I’m not leaving anyone. Stay tuned for that part. Love you all. thank you so much.

Okay. So tell me how was the chappy. Scold as much as you like. But be sure to comment. I have the full chapter planned. But am not able to write. I hope by tomorrow I will entire chap fully. Now time for special thanks. Devils of my life. But sweet devils. Sathya. Jessie. Bunny. Abha. Deepu. Dips. Sree. Hari.

Sammy, Sweetie.. dearies I posted. This chap is surprise for me too. Lots of ardhika scenes. Lol. May be I can say diwali treat. Haha. Enjoy reading.

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