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Misunderstandings-Chapter 1-The budding bond + Being forgiven

Hey friends….thank you all for your comments….nd sorry for late update because my exams are going on….

And story may be somewhat like student of the year

“I wanna see them all once” Ragini said to Swara. “Can i?”
“Are you in your senses?” Swara said angrily.
“First you are ASKING me to see them. Second you will meet all of them and become friends again. Third not only once, but for ever you are staying with us. Got it?” said Swara.
“Have you forgiven me?” Asked Ragini again starting crying. Swara hugs her.
“People who commit misyakes are forgiven. It was not completely your mistake” said Swara.
“No” said Ragini “I was at fault”
“We were kids at that time and they were also at fault” said Swara “And now no more crying”. Swara wipes her tears. “Come”.
They come outside and sit in Ragini’s car. Swara directs driver about roads and meanwhile Ragini looks out from the window.
She thinks “Four years passed and this much happened”
She recalls all the things


A teenager Ragini is seen entering a school with a boy.
“Sanskar I can’t believe i am this much away from my parents” said Ragini.
“And I am happy I am no longer with them” said Sanskar.
“Sanky” said Ragini “Don’t….”
“Leave it Ragss”

One more thing….this story will run in two times….past and present

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