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Mistake can be forgiven or not….(2 -3 Shots) 3c

Let’s starts chappy last part

(Guys I want to clear laksh character u all know guys he doesn’t think when he was in anger,same situation even with adarsh & pari he thought revenge is best so he was ding this I hope ur all dought got cleared )
( if any one doesn’t like this behaviour of laksh so plzzzz forgive me?)
Adarsh & pari were waiting for the chance to kill swasan & raglak

Still laksh didn’t forgiven by swara u all know she can’t forgive him so easily u all know he tried to kill her life on other side adarsh & pair trying to get chance
Swasan room
Both r sleeping peacefully in each other embrance but sunrays disturbed sanky sleeps slowly he opened the eyes to see his life was sleeping peacefully will hugging him tightly a smile appertaining on his lips seeing her he pecked on her lips whispered good morning Shona feeling his touch her sleep got disturbed opened her eyes to see him

Swara:good morning sanskar wt r u dng with me without my permission haaa(fake anger)
sanskar:( smiles naughty) ha at I’m dng u don’t even no that okie let me explain u ( saying this he rolled on her) he leaned kiss her again
Swara: s san sanskar no i’m getting late plz leave me
Sanskar:okie but on one condition u have to give my kiss back which I have u given u before some tym
Swara: oooo sanskar u r shameless I won’t give waise u have meeting today get or else u will get late
Sanskar: no I want kiss 1st all next come on give me

Swara: okie she kissed him on checks & pushed him with force & ran to washroom
Sanskar:swara this s cheating ( shouted with pout face )
Soon both got ready
Sanskar completed bf & went to his room to take file swara came & back hugged him he feels something is wrong
Swara: sanskar I don’t know y I’m feeling some bad gonna happen
Sanskar: swara ntg bad gonna happen we will have only good days okie don’t stress ur little brain with all this shit okie
Swara: ha may be ur saying right
Sanskar: swara forgive laksh I know it’s not that easy but try to forgive him but try once even u know I was also at my fault so plzzz try to forgive him if u forgive him I will do
Swara: okie ( without caring his words ) bcoz it’s got their daily work from past one month he was saying this to her so she got habitual to it
Sanskar: u will not change ( nodded his head &I left the place)
Sanskar took the car keys & left the office

Raglak room
Laksh: ragini I hope today swara forgave me I can’t bear this punishment more (tears eyes)
Ragini: don’t worry laksh they will forgive u have some patience bcoz the which we did s not that small to forgive so easily
Laksh: okie ragu I will wait
Soon both are passing the adarsh & park side they heard their talks which shocks both
ragini: bhabiiiii (shouted)

But laksh took car keys &I went to save sanky bcoz they failed his car breaks he drove speedily he find sanskar car
Sanskar got to know that breaks got failed when he saw laksh a smiled appeared on his face even he don’t know y he smiled
Laksh overtakes sanskar car put his car infront of the his car slowly sanskar car got slow &stopped
Soon both got down &I hugged each other in happiness
Laksh : are u okie Bhai u didn’t get much hurt na
Sanskar: sshhh lucky I’m fine don’t worry but how u got to know that car breaks have failed
Soon reality strikes him Bhai get into I will tell u everything

On other hand
Ragini: she slapped pari for dng this act
Swara seen this & asks ragini y u r slapping Bhabii ( ragini tells everything)
Swara was numb she was not at all reacting to any thing
Ragini: don’t worry swara sanskar Ko kuch nahi hogan laksh went to save him
Swara saw her with tears eyes
Sanlak entered the mm
Swara saw sanskar immediately hugged him she kissed all over the face she was not in her senses only one thing in her mind sanskar soon reality hits her she departed from him
Laksh: adarsh & pari ( shouted on them)
All family members came down hearing his voice
Laksh: how can u stoop so low adarsh again u tried to kill sanskar

Adarsh: not only him I will kill even u &I so called swragini
All family memebers r schocked listening adarsh statement
Sanlak: can’t control their anger now bcoz he said he will kill their life’s immediately both punched him
Pari jumped in fear
Laksh: I was wrong I thought u ppl will change but no u will never change now I can’t keep u can’t stay even in mansion he dragged both of them
Pari & adarsh: lucky u can’t do this I’m ur brother own brother( I don’t want to drag this they thrower out of the mansion)
Swara: tq laksh tq so much today bcoz of u sanskar is alive I’m forgiven u
Laksh: tq swara he shouted raginiiiii I’m forgiven now I can share anything with my bro raguuu (tears eyes ) tq swara tq a lot( some mistakes can be forgiven But all mistakes can’t be forgiven so eaisly like adarsh & pari)
All r happy
both the brothers r sitting on couch & shouting in frustration
Laksh: Bhai y don’t these girls talk end soon I want to spend tym with ragu (pouted)
Sanskar: even same with me wt we have to do idea (muted)
Sanky shouted swara I want file I’m not finding that
Swara: deeply involved in talks with ragini she replied I don’t know sanskar ur self search for the file
Again sanky shouted i’ didnt get that
Swara making faces she left to her room soon she left the room laksh enterd the raglak room
When swara went to her soon she felt grip on his waist she shocked at sudden reaction
Screen freezes on shocking face of swara

Precap: swasan & raglak romance……. last part

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