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miracle or love?? episode 23

Hi guys imama here…
Episode starts
Ragini’s pov

we reached L.A and came to know about aman’s accident then his death it was a high time for swara…and she took the most drastic step of her life….I can’t even imagine that from which pain she was going through and then she tried to take her own life…the same way sahil left this world she also wanted to leave….but she was rescued on time by lucky he saw poison bottle and it was an alarm for us that now she really needs someone who could bring her back to life…
I met sanskar at aman’s funeral…then swara’s dairy….after reading that there was only one hope for Swara…and that was sanskar… But still laksh was not agreed for this …as we don’t know anything about sanskar… But its OK I will go to any extent to bring back my shona….I want my shona back and I will do that anything…..
So now we have to think how to involve sanskar in all this and again swara helped us …she went to p.s and claim to kill Aman…..why??because she thinks its parental negligence case…and she should get punishment for it….well at that time we made sanskar’s entry in her life…
And rest of all you know
FLASHBACK ENDS…[Finally] Swara is lying on bed….her face is blank and emotionless… Her whole life is playing in front of her eyes like a movie…
She gets the flashes of past while a song(actually my fvrt song)playing in bg

Tere siwa kya jaane koi

dil ki halat Rabba

saamne tere guzri mujh par
Kaisi qayamat Rabba
(she remembers sahil in pool of blood and aman crying)
Main wo kis tarah se karun bayan

jo kiye giye hain sitam yahan
(She remembers kunal raping her)
Sune kon meri yeh daastan

koi hamnasheen hai na raazdan
(She remembers sahil dying in her lap…and aman’s dead body comes in front of her eyes)
Jo tha jhoot wo bana sach yahan

nai kholi maine magar zuban
(She remembers sanskar accusing sahil for her state..)
Yeh akela pan yeh udaasiyan

meri zindagi ki hai tarjuman
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
(She realizes that how much alone she is…as neither sahil is with her nor aman)
Kabhee sooni subhun main ghoomna

kabhee ujri shaamon ko daikhna
Kabhee bheegi aankhun se jaagna

kabhee beete lamhun ko sochna
(She gets up from bed and goes towards window….and stares out blankly and remembers about her numerous sleepless nights)
Magar ek pal hai umeed ka

hai mujhe Khuda ka jo aasra
(Sanskar face and his care comes in front of her eyes)
Na hi maine koi gilla kiya

na hi maine di hain duhaiyan
(She remembers how silent she was when sanskar tried to ask her about her past)
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Main bataun kya mujhe kya mille

mujhe sabr hi ka silla mile
Kissi yaad hi ki rida mille
(She still pray for a peaceful sleep….a sleep which should continue for always a death sleep)

kissi dard hi ka silla mile
Kisi gham ki dil main jagah mille

jo mera hai wo mujhe aa mille
Rahe shaad yuhin mera jahan

k yeh yaqeen main badle mera gumaan
(She still hopes that may be in some other world she will be able to get her love and her peace….. But she is unaware that she will get it soon )
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan

Episode ends on swara’s face…

OK end of past if there’s any confusion u can simply ask me and from next episode sanskar will be back and much more….give your feedback

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