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Mere Angne Mein 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya asking Shivam to please Nirmala. She decorates the place. He asks did you do this for me. She asks did you do this for me till now, complain later on. He gets romantic and holds her. The man sees them and taunts on bad world. Shivam says I forgot we are in getup. Riya says its much expenses and then after going home, Shanti and Kaushalya scold me. He says they don’t know that we are doing this for them. She says Kaushalya is burdened by work, she is becoming my enemy because of work.

Sarla collides with Kaushalya and makes all the plates fall down. Sarla says sorry. Payal says you have to wash this again, hurry up. Shanti asks Preeti to wash plates fast. Payal asks them to learn from Shanti. Shanti says let order end, i will cut Payal’s hair for scolding

my children. Shanti asks Sarla to go and help Preeti.

Sarla tells Preeti that they made you a maid as you are clerk’s wife. Pari says yes, Riya should do this, but she is enjoying outside. Sarla smiles and says fine, Pari help your sister. Pari asks Preeti not to take tension. Preeti says they made my state as servant. Pari asks her to become helpless, show injustice is happening with you. She asks Preeti to work and goes.

Payal gets a call and says Riya is good, workers are bad, I m making them work. Shanti says I will beat her after order gets over. Kaushalya cries. Sarla sympathizes with Kaushalya and says Riya taught Payal to dance on our heads, why did Riya go out of home when she got big order. Payal says you are speaking against boss, make food fast. Kaushalya gets annoyed.

Riya says why is Nirmala not coming. Shivam asks her to call Nimmi and ask. Riya calls Nimmi and asks did Nirmala leave from home. Nimmi says yes, she left, I can’t stay here for long. Riya asks her to give keys to Ashok, else Sarla will doubt. Riya says we will get ready now. He says this flowers will be over. Riya says we have to do over, throw flowers on her. Shivam throws flowers on her. She says don’t spoil this. He says why, I did not romance with you and have to do this with this old lady. She laughs. He puts flowers on her. Nirmala comes there. Riya sees Nirmala coming and turns Shivam to her.

Shivam puts flowers on Nirmala. Nirmala asks Pappi Singh why is he shy. Riya says its my nature to be shy. Nirmala gets surprised seeing the decorations. Shivam asks him to see what all he did for her. She says no one did this for me till now, so much love, why are you doing this. He says I want to become your friend. She says but I m married. He says so what, can’t married people have friends. Nirmala asks Pappi Singh not to talk in between. Riya gives necklace to Shivam, and says its imitation diamond set, give this to Nirmala. Shivam gifts Nirmala the diamond set. Nirmala gets glad and says I m seeing this for the first time.

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