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Mere Angne Mein 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nirmala telling Shanti that she is Ashok’s life. Shanti asks Ashok to see, what is Nirmala understanding by her prolonged stay in this house. Ashok says she is not lying, she has sindoor of my name. Shanti gets shocked. Riya goes to Shivam and asks him to talk. He argues and is annoyed, saying its my life, I will do what I want, I don’t care of all that. She smiles and says you look so cute when you get angry, and when you want to say something and say something else, you look lovely. He asks what do you want, you insulted me. She says no, I was checking punching bag. He asks what did you get that.

She says I got it to get your anger on it. He asks what will happen by that. She says your anger will get on that and we all will be safe. He asks do I trouble you all. She says no, we worry that you will fall in problem, Kaushalya wants her son back, and I want my lovely husband back. He smiles and says I will do as you say. She says I get sad that my friend’s husband is US return and my husband is jail return. He says I can’t see you all in problem. She says fine the solution. He promises that he will become old Shivam and love her a lot. They hug and smile. He says punching bag…. She says its for you.

Shanti says I will bury you alive. Ashok says its not my mistake, Sarla is greedy and sold me to Nirmala, she got me married to Nirmala for money. Shanti asks are you small kid, you would have called me. Ashok says I called everyone and none answered, Shivam and Riya asked me to make Sarla realize the love. Shanti thinks Riya knows this, it means she has told Kaushalya too.

Ashok says I have come to your house in drunken state, don’t know who got me back. Sarla says Amit, he has made Ashok remarry. Rani asks why are you lying, you have send Amit. Shanti recalls and says that day marriage was going on. Nirmala says yes, my marriage was happening that day, I gave lakhs of rs to Sarla and then I became a suhagan. Shanti stares at Sarla. She gets a rope. Sarla asks Shanti why are you strangulating yourself, I admit I did a big mistake, I should have not sold my husband, forgive me, don’t die. Shanti says I m not hanging, you will hang. Ashok asks why will she die. Nirmala says let her die, all problems will end. Ashok asks Nirmala to shut up.

Shanti says you sold your husband, when people know, what will we say. Rani says everyone in locality know this, Sarla gave party and made me dance. Shanti says she gave party to get Sautan, when Raghav knows this, what will he think, how will I hide it. Ashok says everyone know it, except you and Raghav, Shivam and Riya know this.

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