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Hey there!
I’m back with another promo and hopefully, this’s will be the last promo. After that, upon the request of all my dear readers and supporters, I’m planning to publish the first episode. However, I cannot possible provide you with guarantee. Yet, I’ll try my best?. I hope you all wouldn’t mind if I’d come up with another promo???
For now, let’s get started with the third promo of ME, YOU AND PASSION….

Vicky: Abey tum dono kya ek doosre ko ghoorte hi rahoge ya kuch kahoge bhi? (Are you two going to say anything or continue staring at each other like that?)

Sonakshi: (realising what she’d been doing infront of everyone) Aaaa…aa..wo..wo hum…hum ye kehna chahte the ki..ki…ki..hum…ki hum…(Well…well…we..we..wanted to say that…that…that…we…we both…)

Dev: That we both are friends!

Elina: Kya??? (What???) Sonakshi Bose and Dev Dixit friends? Impossible! (smirks).

Vicky: Yaar mujhe to yakin nahin ho raha ki Ms.Hitler aur Mr.Khan friends ho chuke hai! (Dude, I can’t believe that Ms.Hitler and Mr.Khan are friends now!) How is this possible man? Aisa ho kaise sakta hai? (How can this happen?)

Sonakshi: (in angry tone) Ms.Hitler kisko bola? (Whom did you just call Ms.Hitler?

Dev: (trying to imitate Sonakshi) Aur Mr.Khan kon hai yahaan?

Elina: (in a calm and cool manner) Are yaar! Of course, Mr.Khan is none other than Mr.Dev Dixit. After all you’re nearly as hot as SRK! (Winks)

Dev: (in a relieved yet unconvinced tone) Accha teekhe. (Okay, fine.)

Sonakshi: (still in her angry tone on) Lekin Ms.Hitler kise bola rahe ho tum?? (But whom are you calling Ms.Hitler??)

Elina: (senses that Vicky is soon going to be in trouble and plans to add more spice to the drama) Of course Sona, Vicky clearly meant that Ms.Hitler is nobody else but you!

Vicky: (senses the trouble and gives a scared expression after seeing Sonakshi staring at him in rage) Ab mein kya karoon Sona? Ye to tum bhi janti ho ki..ki..(Now what should I do Sona? Even you must be aware of the fact that..that..)

Sonakshi: (yells out) Vicky, tu to gaya! (Vicky, you are gone!)

As she runs after him leaving Dev and Elina laughing out all loud!

So how was it?? This promo was to show the fun times spent by the group of four during their college days. Hope you liked it and do feel free to drop in your valuable suggestions ?
P.S- Hope my promos aren’t dissapointing you and your expectations. I’m really trying to find time to write an episode but time does never permit ?? I’ll try my best but hope any delay in the episode doesn’t cause my dear readers to lose interest in my story and most importantly, lose faith in my. Hope you all understand??? ??
Hope to see you lovely comments!!

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