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Hi guys! It’s me Anshita back with the seventh chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION! I’m sooooo sorry for the delay! Had gotten hurt on my left thumb since I’d closed the door tightly on it! It was kinda bleeding and thus, my Mother tied a bandage round it. Since I’m a lefty, I wasn’t able to type much and due to this, I couldn’t write the next episode. Then, had been busy with my sister’s birthday party’s arrangements, shopping and stuff. Hope you all understand and please do forgive me for the delay caused???
This one’s dedicated to all my dear friends, sisters, readers, commenters and of course, loyal fans??? I’d like to thank you all for your lovely comments on the last episode? The way you all had expressed your appreciation towards the episode and my writing skills made my heart melt!?????
So let us begin…..

‘I love you Sona!’
‘I love you too Dev!’
‘You won’t be able to believe how frightened I’d get thinking of not having you in my life!’
‘Dev! Shhh! This is just the beginning, we’ve yet gotten a lot to do!’
‘Yes, indeed! We’ve gotten an entire lifetime to spend together now! And we won’t spend a moment wasted on arguments and fights, will we?’
‘Nope, not at all! And that’s a promise,’ said Sonakshi as she entered Dev’s embrace. It was like heaven on earth for her. No, no, this wasn’t like any heaven but sure was her heaven!
‘There was a time when I’d never give a damn to any girl, but now, this girl’s all I can think about,’ thought Dev as he moved his fingers through Sonakshi’s silky and smooth hair.
‘I have changed! Of course I have! A hell lot indeed! And all thanks to this man,’ thought Sonakshi as she gently caressed Dev’s hair,’I learnt the true meaning of love. True love it is called!’

‘Sona! Sona! Sonaaaaaaa!’
‘Kya hua Elina? Abhi-abhi to Dev….’ (What happened Elina? Just now, Dev had….)
‘Oho,’ say Elina while she smirks at Sonakshi, making her go red,’To ab Dev jiju sapne mein bhi, huh?’ (Wow! So now Dev jiju is there in your dreams as well, huh?)
‘Elina! Wo koi jiju nahin hai tere! Aur vaise bhi, mein to Soorya Dev ki baat kar rahi thi!’ (Elina! He isn’t your jiju! And besides, I was talking about the sun!)
‘To ab humari ladli Sona jhoot bhi bolne lagi hai! Awwww! Vaise Sona, teri kal ki date kaisi rahi?’ (So now our dear Sona has started lieing as well! Awwww! Besides Sona, how did your date go yesterday?)
‘Elinaaaaaaaaa! Tu to gayi!’ (Elinaaaaaaaaa! You’re gone now!)

Elina goes running out of the room giggling to herself while Sonakshi is left sitting on the bed and smiling to herself as she recalled the moments she’d spent with Dev last night.

Sonakshi’s POV: Hey bhagwaan! Aamhi ki korcho? Kya main vakayi mein Dev ke baare mein sapna dekh rahi thi? Yeh ho kya gaya hai mujhe? Kya me vakayi mein Dev se pyaar karti hoon? Aur vo bhi itna pyaar? Hey Sona! Tumhi ki korcho, huh? Khud kuch samajh nahin aa raha to doosron ko kya samjhana?! (Oh god! What have I done? Was I really dreaming about Dev? What has happened to me? Do I really love Dev? And that to, this much? Oh Sona! What have you done, huh? How are you supposed to explain this to others when you yourself can’t understand?!)

Just then, interrupting her thoughts, Sonakshi heard her Mother calling out to her to get ready soon and have breakfast. Sonakshi obediently agreed and within a matter of time, she was ready. She’d worn a maroon kurta along with black leggings. She’d decided that from now on, she’d try to dress as simple as she could since she didn’t want to attract attention, especially from Rahul. He had started behaving really weird with her, and ended up making her uncomfortable at times. He’d flirt with her, promise to do whatever she’d tell him to without a reason and would keep on passing lines to her admiring her beauty and her thoughtful thoughts. He’d often offer her out for lunch but due to the incident that’d occurred during their last lunch together, Sonakshi thought of it to be better to rather refuse his proposal than take any further risks. And if at all matters ever seemed to be going out of control, Dev had always been there and would continue to do so, she hoped. He’d been a great help to Sonakshi so far and this irked Rahul. He simply couldn’t manage to see Sonakshi with any other guy, especially Dev. He’d been assuming that there was something going on between the two but always satisfied himself by remembering what Elina had said about Sonakshi, that she didn’t believe in love and was going to go ever-solo.

Soon after breakfast, Sonakshi and Elina left for their college. Meanwhile, Dev and Vicky were on their was to college as well. They’d been talking about the Bose sisters all this morning and were teasing each other.

Vicky: To bhai, aapki kal Sona bhabhi ke saath date kaisi rahi? (So bro, how did your date with Sona bhabhi go yesterday?)

Dev: (lost in Sonakshi’s thoughts) Teri Sona bhabhi ke saath to meri date bohot achchi gayi. (My date went wonderful with your Sona bhabhi) (smiles to himself)

Vicky: (murmurs to himself) Chalo iss bahaane thodi confirmation to mili! (I sure did get some confirmation this way!)

Vicky smiled to himself; partly because he was happy for his brother and partly as he too was busy thinking about a girl, Elina. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about her, her talks, her voice, her looks, her attitude. He simply loved everything about her. Meanwhile, Dev still hadn’t realised that he’d just addressed Sonakshi as Vicky’s Sister-in-law, and most importantly, as his own Wife. He was to busy recalling last night that he couldn’t simply care less about anything else.

His thoughts were only disturbed when he bumped into a girl as soon as he’d entered the college campus. He decided to speak but simply couldn’t as the girl was way more furious than he was, which probably was the reason why he couldn’t manage to open his mouth. Dev tried, but couldn’t manage to see the girl’s face as it was all covered with her hair while she sat on the ground picking her books and yelling at Dev.

Girl: Uggggh! Tumi ekdom impossible! Pata nahin kahaan dekh kar chal rahe the! Aakhen hai ya button, mujhe nahin pata, lekin itna zaroor pata hai ki agar aakhen hai to vo kaam nahin karti aur agar button hai to….. (Uggggh! You’re completely impossible! Wonder where you’d been looking while walking! I don’t know whether you have eyes or buttons but I do know one thing: if you have eyes, they don’t seem to be working or if you have buttons…..)

Dev: Bas Sona bas! Aur kitna chilana baaki hai? (That’s it Sona! How much more are you going to yell?)

Yes, the girl indeed was our dear Sonakshi, who’d just been screaming at Dev without realising whom he really was. Dev had easily recognised her by her voice and her ‘Tumi ekdom impossible’ line. Sonkashi freezed at her position. She quickly looked up and the look of terror entered her face.

Sonakshi: (stands up) I’m so sorry Dev! Aamhi ki korcho? Mujhe nahin pataa tha ki tum ho varna main aise nahin bolti….(I’m so sorry Dev! What have I done? I hadn’t known it was you or else I would definitely not have said that….)

Dev: (interrupts Sonakshi) Sonaaa! Calm down yaar! Aur vaise bhi, achchi baat hai tum mujhe nahin pehchaan payi varna tumhari yeh pyaar daat khane ko kahaan milti? (Sonaaa! Calm down dude! Besides, I’m glad you didn’t recognise me or else how would I have gotten this lovely scolding of yours?)

Sonakshi passes a sweet smile to him while he reciprocates. Meanwhile, Vicky and Elina spot each other and leave for the class, leaving the two lovebirds behind.

Sonakshi: (looking at her watch) Dev, ab hume bhi chalna chahiye Varna class ke liye late ho jayenge! (Dev, I think we should leave now as well or else we’ll end up getting late for class!)

Dev: Haan, fir chaltein hai! (Yes, let’s go then!)

Both Sonakshi and Dev head towards their class talking about the time they’d spent together yesterday. They both absolutely loved it and simply didn’t understand why those three hours went running. Yet, they considered themselves to be fortunate enough to get an opportunity to spend those three hours, in such a loving and adorable manner. Just as they reached their classroom, well before time, Sonakshi spotted her friends Erina, Ayushi, Ria, Maria, Bhoomi, Azzuu and Yashfeen nearby. She waved to Dev and told him to reserve a seat for her, of course, right next to him as she went to her friends. Yes, those girls had surely become great friends. They sure did like Dev (which girl didn’t?) but they knew that Sonakshi was the ‘only’ one for Dev and nobody in the world could replace her. These friends of hers were kind, cheerful, lively and most importantly, understanding and supportive. Each of them possessed her own charms which made boys admire them.

Erina: Hey Sona! Kya baat hai, huh? Hume bataya bhi nahin ki best friend se kab boyfriend ban gaya! (Hey Sona! Wow, how great, huh? You didn’t even tell us about the transformation of best friend to boyfriend in him!)

Ayushi: Are Erina, choddo na! Vaise bhi, dekho bichari kitna sharma rahi hai! (Oh Erina, leave her dude! Besides, poor her since she’s already blushing so much!)

Ria: Awwwww…dekho-dekho! Aakhirkaar humari Sona sharma hi gayi! (Awwwww…look-look! Finally, our dear Sona has blushed!)

Maria: Haw Sona! Katti! Tune mujhe bataya bhi nahin! (Haw Sona! You didn’t even tell me!)

Bhoomi: Vohi to! Aur dekho ab bhi nahin bata rahi! (Exactly! And see, she yet isn’t telling!)

Azzuu: Are Sona yaar, bata na apni prem kaatha! (Sona, dude, do tell us about your love story atleast now!)

Yashfeen: Haan Sona! Aaj to mujhe bhi jawaab dena padega! Aaj kal love is in the air, huh? (Yes Sona! Even I want answers today! Seems like love is in the air these days!)

Sonakshi: Are yaar!!!! Pehli baat to yeh hai ki vo SIRF AUR SIRF mera dost hi hai…(Oh god! First of all, he thing is that the two of us are JUSR FRIENDS…)

Bhoomi: Sirf friends? (Just friends?)

Sonakshi: Haan-haan, theeke, we both aur best friends! Aur kuch? (Yes-yes, okay, we both are best friends! Anything else?)

Ria: Better!

Erina: Vaise Sona, tum dono saath mein to bohot hi zyaada achche lagte ho! (Sona, besides that, you to look great together!)

Yashfeen: Haan-haan, aur nahin to kya? (Yes, yes, or what else?)

Azzuu: Tumhari chemistry to bohot hi…. (Your chemistry is so….)

Maria: Bohot hi sizzling hai! Trust me Sona, you look glamorous together! (So damn sizzling! Trust me Sona, you look glamorous together!)

Ayushi: Haan! Maanaa Dev Ranbir Kapoor jitna hot aur handsome nahin hai, lekin duniya mein second number pe to aata hi hai! (Yes! I admit that Dev isn’t as hot and handsome as Ranbir Kapoor, but he sure stands second in the list!)

Aaru: (joining the group) Haan-Haan Sona! Aur vaise bhi, iss poore college me koi aisi ladki hai jisse Dev pasand karta ho sivaye tere! (Yes, yes Sona! Besides, there isn’t a single girl in the college whom Dev likes except you!)

Elina: (joining the group) Waah-Waah Sona! Love advice le rahi hai, huh? (Wow Sona! So you’re taking love advices, huh?)

Sonakshi was literally terrified seeing her friends teasing her that way. ‘Do they really know about me and Dev? Do they know whether he likes me? Shall I ask them? No, no Sona! That’ll be to risky! And if at all the answer is no, they’ll still get to know that I like him and then go on spreading the news until it finally riches Dev! I can’t take such a risk, no, I definitely can’t,’ thought Sonakshi while her friends looked at her keenly.

Sonakshi: Ahh…ahh…umm…Aisa kuch bhi nahin hai! Kuch bhi nahin! Na to vo mera boyfriend hai, na to vo mera hone vala pati hai aur na vo mera sizzling aur hot aur handsome partner hai! Aaru, duniya mein ladkiyon ki kami nahin hai jo Dev mujhe pasand karega! Aur Maria, aisa hai hi kya jo main tujhe nahin bataati? Aur jahaan tak baat humari chemistry ki hai, to vo zero hai zero! Azzuu, Yashfeen aur Bhoomi, mujhe maaf karna! Bohot badi galati ho gayi! Koi pyaar-vaar ka chakkar nahin hai! Aur Erina, tujhe to main keh-keh ke thak chali ki mere aur Dev ki beech mein kuch nahin hai magar tune to kabhi haar hi nahin maani!Aur tu Aayushi, jab dekho Ranbir-Ranbir karti rehti hai! Dekh, Dev ek taraf hai aur Ranbir ek taraf! (Ahh…ahh…There is nothing such as that! Nothing at all! Neither is he my boyfriend, my going-to-be-husband or my sizzling, hot and handsome partner! Aaru, the world isn’t facing the scarcity of girls that Dev will find me to love! And Maria, is there any such thing that I don’t tell you? And as far as it is about our chemistry, then it’s a zero, a big zero! Azzuu, Yashfeen and Bhoomi, kindly forgive me! I’ve committed a huge mistake! Of course, there is no topic of love around! And Erina, I’m tired of telling you that there isn’t anything between me and Dev but you never seem to be giving up! And you, Ayushi, you’re always seen stuck saying Ranbir-Ranbir! Look, Dev is on one side and Ranbir on the other!)

Elina: Haaaw! Dekho to! Ranbir ek taraf aur Dev ek taraf! Matlab Dev humari Sona ke liye Ranbir se to bohot hi zyaada zaroori hai! (Haaaw! Look at her! Ranbir on one side and Dev on the other! That means that Dev is way more important over Ranbir to our dear Sona!)

All the girls (except for Sonakshi) start giggling. They were having a lot of fun seeing Sonakshi’s expression while they teased her. They all knew a bit too well that Sonakshi definitely was boiling from the inside, but she wouldn’t protest much, after all, if not the whole, there still was something part of it true and she was well aware of it.

Sonakshi: Elinaaaaa! Tu to gayi! Tujhe chodoongi nahin ab main! Tujhe to apna Vicky bohot pyaara hai na? (Elinaaaaa! You’re gone! I won’t spare you now! Isn’t your Vicky dear to you?)

Elina: (blushes) Aaa..aa..Nahin! Aisa..aisa…ku..ku..kuch bhi..to nahin hai! Tu bhi na Sona Dev jiju se pyaar me kya hogayi ki ab har jagah pyaar hi dikhta hai! (Aaa..aa..No! There..there…is..is..is no..no such thing! After falling love with Dev jiju, you seem to be seeing love all around Sona!)

Sonakshi: Elina! Tujhe kitni baar bataao ki Dev tere….. (Elina! How may times do I have to tell you that Dev…..)

Sonakshi’s words were interrupted as someone hugged her from the back, making her blush. The expression on her face was worth a view and it could be seen by all present there. She was surprised by the sudden happenings. She didn’t know who it was at the back, yet the touch felt familiar to her, something known or rather desired. She turned back to see who it was and was shocked to see who stood in front of her, who’d been hugging her all these few seconds.

Sonakshi: D..D..D…Dev…tu..tumi..tumi ki..ki korcho? (D..D..D…Dev…w..what..what have you done?)

Yes, the person was indeed Dev and to Sonakshi’s surprise, he stood still infront of her with a bright smile on his face. He wasn’t ashamed was he? No. The look on his face could simply tell that rather than being shy, he was proud. But what was he proud of? Thought Sonakshi. But poor her, since she didn’t have the slightest idea of what was making Dev so proud. She simply couldn’t think of what was to be his most precious possession. Would it be me, she thought but considered it to be a rather irrelevant thought. Meanwhile, all of Sonakshi’s friends stood still watching the couple look into each other’s eyes and communicate through them.

Dev: (turns around facing his friends, leaving his back facing to Sonakshi) Yes, so this is the girl I’d been talking about ever since. Meet her my dear friends, my best friend as well as my most prized possession whom I simply can’t afford to lose, Miss.Sonakshi Bose (looks at Sonakshi and passes a warm smile).

Sonakshi was taken aback by Dev’s recent words. Was all this real? Or was she stuck in her dreamworld yet again? She wondered whether she herself was real currently. She couldn’t manage to utter a word, although she wasn’t required to either. All she could do was stare at Dev with a puzzled look on his face.

Sonakshi’s POV: Oh god! What did Dev just say? Did he just introduce me to his friends that way? I’ve never seen a guy choosing a girl over his best pals except for if the girl truly means a lot to him. Wait! What did I just say? I ain’t really important to Dev, am I? Besides, he referred to me as his most prized possession as well. MOST PRIZED POSSESSION. Seriously? What would I have said if the same question was asked to me? Would I have chosen Dev? Dunno. Or, would my answer be straightforward choosing my passion-cum dream, singing over Dev? Well, that be a bit too mean then, wouldn’t it? On one hand, there’s this guy Dev whom I badly love but then, on the other side, I’ve gotten my passion. Would Dev really stand a chance in front of my dreams? I dunno this one either. I know too well that even Dev has a few dreams he so badly wants to fulfill, but, he chose me over all of them, didn’t he? He is a really determined person, maybe not as much as me, but he sure is one. If he can choose me over his dreams, why can’t I? Don’t I love him? Or is it just an obsession? Oh dear, I do fear that it’s just an obsession now! Or else, if I truly loved Dev, I would’ve told him that he was what mattered the most to me when he’d asked me that question last night. Dev deserves all the happiness which can be found. He deserves to get his true love. But, I’m afraid that it just isn’t me. I don’t deserve this man, who’s willing to give his everything just for me! Uhhh! Sona, you’ve gotta be really wise now.

All this while Sonakshi had been thinking to herself, Dev had been busy speaking to his friends and introducing them to Sonakshi. Once in a while, Sonakshi would pass a smile or greet them but then again, she’d get carried off with her thoughts. Throughout this time, all of Sonakshi’s friends couldn’t believe what was happening in front of their eyes. They all came up with a conclusion: Sonakshi meant more than anything in the world to Dev. Actually, more than the world itself. They thought that it’d be wise enough of Sonakshi to take their relation to the next step, or atleast make this a really firm one. They knew Sonakshi really well, although not as much as Dev, but Elina sure did know that Sonakshi’s dreams meant everything to her and she wouldn’t be surprised if Sonakshi chose them over Dev. Therefore, she decided to warn Sonakshi and tell her that it’d be better if she gives a chance to this relationship, for there was one things about Dev which Sonakshi was completely unaware of- He’ll love you like nobody else can, but if you break his heart, he’ll trouble you and hurt you like nobody else can.

The bell rang and everyone ran into their respective classes. From then on, the day went quite smoothly. However, it was really dull for both Dev as well as Sonakshi since Sonakshi had been avoiding him a bit. A real bit. But that bit was badly hurting both of them. Thankfully, Dev considered this unusual behaviour of Sonakshi’s either due to the pressure of their work load in school or maybe because she was stuck back thinking about last night. Yes, they both loved last night and it’d been the best night ever spent by the two. And Dev considered it absolutely fine from Sonakshi’s side to be thinking about the night, as he too, couldn’t digest the fact that so much had happened between them and they were still ‘friends’.

The hearts were inseparable for a moment, but it seems, there’s some trouble awaiting Dev and Sonakshi. Is Sonakshi really not worth Dev? Is her love not really love but just obsession? Weren’t the two made for each other? Will this behaviour of Sonakshi really force Dev to show his rough and harsh side? And lastly, will Sonakshi be able to ever choose Dev over her dreams? Seems there is a lot to happen, or will there bond help them overcome all obstacles? Looking at the current situation, it doesn’t seem that things will be easy for these two hearts to join. Will the two souls be able to become one forever?

To know more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

So how was it??? I assume this chapter has really disappointed you but I’m simply following my storyline. If it was up to no good, then please do forgive me???? I know everyone would only want to see Dev and Sonakshi living happily together but…
Kindly excuse me for typos!

However it is, do drop in your suggestions and comments!
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