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Hiiii! It’s me Anshita back with the sixth chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION! First of all, I’d like to thank all my lovely readers and supporters for going through my articles and appreciating them by their lovely comments??? It truly means a lot to me and I can’t possible thank you all enough for it!?
I hope you continue to shower your love and blessings on me in the future as well. Of course, provided that I’m doing well enough to please you all and get a smile on your faces☺️☺️
So let us begin…..

‘Arghhh!’ Sonakshi yelled at herself, ‘What do I do now? I’ve gotten nothing in my closet worth wearing! Wish I’d gotten new clothes last time. But silly me, too busy in my books while Elina could get herself a whole new wardrobe collection!’

Yes, it indeed seemed as if this wasn’t any friendly date but a date between two lovers. Or else, why would’ve Sonakshi been so concerned about her attire?

Sonakshi’s POV: Sonaaaa! Yeh sirf ek friendly date hai aur kuch nahin! Dev ne khud tujhse ye bola tha na? Fir tu aise sapne kyon dekh rahi hai? Jo hai usse aise hi rehnede! Abhi to yeh sirf shuruvat hai! (Sonaaaa! This is nothing but a friendly date! Didn’t Dev himself tell you about this? Then why are you stuck in your dreamworld? Whatever it is, let it be this way! This is just the starting!)

Forget about the date, here we had Sonakshi stuck behind choosing what to wear. She was not the least used to such situations as she never really seemed much bothered about her appearance. She was a no-makeup girl who believed that true beauty lies within. She sure did seem a hell lot confused and to add to her worry, Elina had gone out with her friends for a party, which meant no tips for clothing or love advices by our ‘Love Guru’, thought Sonakshi.

Western or traditional, she thought to herself. Oh god! Seems like this isn’t going to be that easy for our dear Sona! Suddenly, her eyes catch hold of a simple yet dazzling deep blue anarkali kept in the corner of her wardrobe. She quickly tried it on and when she looked at the mirror, she looked gorgeous. She smiled to herself as her mother, Asha entered the room and felt delighted to see her Sona so happy and cheerful. Yes, she had indeed noticed the change in her behaviour since the past few days. However, she thought of it to be better to not ask Sonakshi and let her lead her own life as an independent person. She walked towards Sonakshi and hugged her from the back.

Sonakshi: Maa! Ki holo? (Mother! What happened?)

Asha: Kichu nā priẏa. Āmi tōmākē ētōṭā’i praphulla dēkhatē khuśi. (Nothing dear. I am happy to see you so cheerful)

Sonakshi: Mā āmi tōmākē bhālabāsi! (I love you Mom!)

Asha: Āmāra khuba priẏatama! (Me too darling!)

The Mother and Daughter shared a warm, tight hug when Sonakshi realised that she would be getting late if she’d spend a bit more of time here, therefore, she told her Mother that she ‘ought to leave, to which her Mother happily agreed and wished her luck for all that was to happen, even though Sonakshi herself didn’t have the slightest idea of what this night was to bring.

Sonakshi ran down the stairs of her house and saw a luxury white car standing outside the front door of her bungalow. She was puzzled looking at the car and got suspicious. She went a few steps ahead when she could finally catch a glimpse of the passenger seated in the car on the driver’s seat. The passenger seated in seemed to be a boy in his late teens or early twenties. He had wavy hair that covered a bit of the front of his forehead. From the distance, it seemed to Sonakshi that he had been dressed in a more formal-like manner. Just then, he let open the door of his car and put a foot outside and then the other. He put his hand through his hair and pulled them all back. He looked at Sonakshi who was more than surprised to see him and went walking towards her with a killer smile held on his face. He sure was dressed in a formal attire with a deep blue shirt, matching with the colour of Sonakshi’s anarkali, black pants and a jet black blazer which would make any girl stare at him in awe, except Sonakshi. As he reached close enough, he looked into Sonakshi’s eyes making their eyes meet and this was it. The end of the world for both of them as now, they could see nobody but each other. They were mesmerised by each other’s different or rather attractive and stunning looks.

Sonakshi: Dev! Tum aur vo bhi aise kapdon mein! (Dev! You and that too in such clothes!)

Dev: Kyon? Bura lag raha hoon kya? (Why? Am I looking bad?)

Sonakshi: Nahin Dev! Tum to bohot…(No Dev! You look…)

Dev: (passes a naughty smile) Bohot hi kya? Smart ya handsome ya dashing ya cool ya attractive ya se*y? (Look what? Smart or handsome or dashing or cool or attractive or se*y?)

Sonakshi: Dev!! (hits him gently on his chest) Achche! Tum achche lag rahe ho! (Dev!! Good! You’re looking good!)

Dev: (gets closer and whispers in Sonakshi’s ears) Aur tum to bohot hi h*t aur se*y lag rahi ho! (And you are looking very h*t and se*y!)

Sonakshi: Dev!!!

Dev: Achcha baba ab chalein ya yahin dinner karna hai? (Shall we leave now or should we have dinner here itself?)

Sonakshi: (giggles) Chalo! (Let’s go!)

After a good session of cracking jokes, Dev and Sonakshi start heading towards the car when Sonakshi freezes on her track which surprises Dev.

Dev: Sonakshi, kya hua? Sab theek to hai na? (What happened Sonakshi? Is everything alright?)

Sonakshi: (turns to Dev and passes a glare at him) Dev, tumi ki korcho, huh? (Dev, what are you doing, huh?)

Dev: Sona kya tumi-tumi laga rakha hai? Mujhe kuch bhi samajh nahin aaya! (What’s all this tumi-tumi Sona? I haven’t understood a word!)

Sonakshi: Samajh to mujhe nahin aa raha ki tum karna kya chahte ho! (It’s me who isn’t understanding what you want to do!)

Dev: Sona, saaf-saaf batao. (Sona, tell me the matter clearly)

Sonakshi: Saaf-saaf to tumhe mujhe safayi deni hogi Dev! Tum bina driving license gaadi kaise chala sakte ho? Tum jaante ho na yeh illegal hai fir bhi aisa kyon kar rahe ho? Aur yeh gaadi…yeh gaadi tumhe kisne di? (Well, you’re the one who’ll have to provide me with a clear justification Dev! How can you drive a car without a driving license? Despite knowing this is illegal, why are you doing this? And this car…who has given this care to you?)

Dev: Chill Sona! Main tumhe safayi dene ke liye tayiyar hoon. Maanaa mujhpe driving license nahin hai, lekin kuch waqt baad to aa jayega na? Aur jahaan tak gaadi ki baat hai, to yeh papa ne mujhe khud di hai Miss. Sonakshi Bose. (Chill Sona! I’m ready to provide you with a proper justification. I agree that I currently do not have a driving license, however, I’ll be getting it really soon, won’t I? And when it comes to the car, then my dad has himself given it to me Miss.Sonakshi Bose.)

Sonakshi: Lekin Dev….(But Dev….)

Dev: Sonaaa! Ab chalo varna late ho jayenge! (Sonaaa! Let’s go now or else we’ll end up getting late!)

Sonakshi was reluctant at first but finally agreed for Dev’s sake. They went to the car and Sonakshi thanked Dev for his kind gesture as he opened the door for Sonakshi. Dev waited for her to comfortably settle down and then shut the door behind her while he went to his side and quickly seated himself on the driver’s seat. Both Sonakshi and Dev felt awkward sitting together in the front. For Sonakshi, it felt quite weird sitting with a man in the front who wasn’t a part of her family. Yet, she did not feel the slightest of uncomfortableness sitting with Dev. It simply felt wonderful.

Both of the two put their seat belts on as Dev started the car. The journey wasn’t how they’d expected it to be. Not a single bit of friendliness was seen. Every now and then Dev would look towards Sonakshi who’d tell him to focus on his driving. Finally, when the thought of staying still as a statue was unconvincing enough to Dev, he put one of his hand on Sonakshi’s, to which she reciprocated. Later on, they continued holding each other’s hand and started speaking about random stuff in order to not create much of awkwardness. Simple yet sweet was what one could currently name their relationship with.

The car stopped and Sonakshi realised that they’d reached the restaurant. She quickly let go of Dev’s hand as he rushed out of the car to her door and opened it for her. He let his hand to her, which she held on to as she exited the car. They both wished that they could continue holding each other’s hand for the rest of their life. But would they be able to? Seems like it’s an unknown question with an unknown answer.

As Dev and Sonakshi proceeded towards the restaurant, Sonakshi stopped in the middle and squeezed Dev’s hand.

Dev: Sonakshi, ab kya hua? (What has happened now Sonakshi?)

Sonakshi: D..D..Dev…Yeh…yeh..it..itna badaa…rest…restaurant! Tum jaante ho na yeh kitna mehnga hai?! (D..D..Dev…This…This..rest…restaurant..is..so..so big! You do now how expensive it is right?)

Dev: (squeezes Sonakshi’s hand) Sona, main jaanta hoon ki yeh restaurant bohot badaa aur mehnga hai, lekin tumhari smile jitna kimti to nahin! Aur vaise bhi, yeh to tumhara favourite restaurant hai na? (Sona, I do know how big and expensive this restaurant is, yet, it’s isn’t as precious as your smile! Besides, isn’t this your favourite restaurant?)

Sonakshi was touched by Dev’s words and why wouldn’t she? This man, standing in front of her, cared so much for her! He was well aware of her likes and dislikes just in these 2-3 days, she thought. Today, he was just here as her dinner partner, but she knew, that even if he would’ve been her life partner, his concern wouldn’t change a bit, or maybe increase a bit more. He didn’t give the slightest consideration to money; all he wanted to see was a smile on her face, which he adored a lot and thought of it to be wonderful.

Sonakshi: Dev, main jaanti hoon tum bohot kuch karna chahte ho lekin…(Dev, I know that you want to do a lot but…)

Dev: Agar tum jaanti ho to fir chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai. Trust me, sab theek rahega. (If you do know, then you need not worry at all. Trust me, everything will be fine)

Sonakshi nods in agreement as Dev leads her towards the entrance of the restaurant, still holding her hand. The man at the entrance opened the door for the two as they entered. Sonakshi couldn’t believe what she saw from her eyes. She pinched herself hard and let out a soft shriek, which went noticed by Dev. He’d been noticing her weird behaviour and when he questioned her regarding the same, she hugged him as tight as she could and thanked him for all that he’d done for her. And most importantly, for being there in her life and bringing a bunch of happiness along with him like beautiful flowers tied in a bouquet. She loved the sight in front of her. All of her favourite stuff had been there in the decoration. And most importantly, her favourite flowers: Chrysanthemums! She loved them and wondered how Dev had managed to arrange the, for they weren’t that easy to get, especially in such large numbers! How she loved all this! How she loved the flowers! How she loved all the balloons! And lastly, how she loved Dev! Him, his charm, his care, his concern, his love! She loved everything about him!

Dev: (shakes Sonakshi) Sona! Kahaan kho gayi ho? Ab aage bhi badhe? (Sona! Where are you lost? Shall we move ahead?)

Sonakshi: Oh! Yes, let’s proceed!

Dev and Sonakshi proceed towards a table in the center. Precisely, the only table seen. This shocked Sonakshi at the greatest since she hadn’t been expecting the entire restaurant to herself and Dev. To add to her shock, she heard the manager speaking to Dev about the rates. He also included that they’d be getting the restaurant all to themselves for the next THREE HOURS along with the price, a huge sum of FIFTEEN THOUSAND! Sonakshi couldn’t help staring at Dev with her eyes bulging out of their sockets and her mouth wide open. Just as the manager left, Sonakshi stormed towards Dev.

Dev: Sonakshi, kya hua? (Sonakshi, what wrong?)

Sonakshi: Tumi ekdom impossible Dev! (You’re absolutely impossible Dev!)

Dev: Fir wohi tumi-tumi! (Again that tumi-tumi!)

Sonakshi: I mean to say ki yeh itni badi jagah hai aur yahaan poore teen ghante hum hi honge! (I men’s to say that we’ll be the only people out here in such a big place!)

Dev: Kyon? Tumhe thodi aur der rehna hai? Theeke, main thodi aur der extend karva….(Why? Do you want to spend a bit more time here? Fine, I’ll extend the time a bit….)

Sonakshi: Nahin Dev! Tum samajh nahin rahe ho! Baat yeh hai ki yahaan sirf aur sirf hum honge aur iska matlab ki yeh poori jagah tumne book zaroor kari hogi, aur iska matlab ki bohot zyaada paise jayenge! Tumhe ye sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi? Maine abhi-abhi suna ki sirf teen ghanton ke liye pandra hazaar lagenge! Hum kahi aur choti jagah bhi to ja sakte the! Mein vahaan bhi itni hi khush hoti! (No Dev! You aren’t getting it! The thing is that we’ll be the only people here which means you’ve definitely booked this entire place, and this means that’s you’ve spent a lot! I just heard the manager say that it’ll be costing you fifteen thousand just for three hours! We could’ve also gone to some small places! I’ve would’ve been equally happy over there as well!)

Dev: (happy to see Sonakshi’s concern) Sonaaa! Keep calm! Tumne to mujhe daraa diya! Itna bhi koi daatta hai apne friend ko? Aur tum paison ke baare mein mat socho. Yeh wo paise hai jo maine iss hi din ke liye bachaye the. Mera matlab maine yeh bohot time se bachaye hooye the, apne best friend ko pehli baar dinner pe le jaane ke liye. (Sonaaa! Keep calm! You literally freaked me out! Does anyone scold their friend this much? And don’t you think about the money. This is the money I’d saved especially for this day. I mean that this money had been collected by me quite a long time back, just to take my best friend to dinner for the very first time)

Sonakshi: Lekin Dev…(But Dev…)

Dev: Sonakshi, pleaseeeee! (makes a puppy face)

Sonakshi: Haan Dev, lekin…(Yes Dev, but…)

Dev: Ab jab tumne haan keh hi diya hai to jaldi chalo! Mujhe to bohot bhook lag rahi hai! (Now that you’ve agreed, let’s go! I’m really very hungry!)

Sonakshi: (smiles looking at Dev’s childishness) Theeke, chalo! (Fine, let go!)

Dev: Sachchi? (Really?)

Sonakshi: Muchchi! (Yeah, really!)

Dev: To aao na! (Then come!)

Sonakshi: Haan! And Dev… (Yes! And Dev…)

Dev: (makes a tensed face) Ab konsa gunah kar daala maine? (Which crime have I committed now?)

Sonakshi: Tumne koi gunah nahin kiya. Main to bas times thank you kehna chahti thi, for all this! (You have committed any crime. I just wanted to thank you for all this!)

Dev: (makes a sad face) Maine tumse yeh umeed nahin kari thi Sona. (I hadn’t expected this from you Sona)

Sonakshi: (gets worried) Kya hua Dev? Maine kuch galat kahaa kya? Mujhe maaf karna. Main to bachpan se hi itni pagal thi! (What happened Dev? Did I say something wrong? Please forgive me. I’ve been mad from childhood itself!) (a drop of water comes flowing out of Sonakshi’s eyes, to which Dev comes running)

Dev: Sona! Tum bhi na! Ro kyon rahi ho? (Sona! You! Why are you crying?)

Sonakshi: Kyonki maine tumse kuch bohot galat kaha…(Cause I said something really wrong to you…)

Dev: Are nahin! Vo to main mazaak kar raha tha! Vaise main tumse thoda gussa zaroor hoon! Tum hi to kehti thi ki hum friends hai aur friendship mein no sorry, no thank you aur no please. Lekin tum to khud hi mujhse hi thank you keh rahi ho! Kya tum mujhe apna sachcha dost nahin maanti? (Oh no! I was simply joking! However, I sure am a bit mad at you! You’re the one who’d always go on saying that we’re set friends and friends never say thank you, sorry or please. But you yourself said thank you to me? Don’t you consider me as a true friend of yours?) (wipes her tears)

Sonakshi: Dev……(hugs Dev tightly while he reciprocates)

Dev: (breaking the hug) Ab chalein? (Shall we leave now?)

Sonakshi: (smiles) Haan!

Both of them make themselves comfortable and order food. Yes, both Dev and Sonakshi were indeed very, very hungry! Both of them filled their appetite by having all their favourite dishes. All this while, Dev and Sonakshi kept on stealing glance of each tier and would start conversations about random topics just to keep things on the cooler side. Soon, they got over with their dinner when Dev walked towards Sonakshi and offered her to assist him on the dance floor, to which she agreed merrily. They walked towards the dance floor which had dim lights. Both of them were very excited yet nervous at the same time. They were afraid that they’d be making a fool out of themselves since neither of he two knew how to dance. Thankfully, that meant one couldn’t possible tease the other! The music and yet once again, it was time for both of them to get lost in each other….

Raaton ke jaage subah mile hain
Resham ke dhaage yeh silsile hain
Laazmi si lagne lagi hai
Do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyaan

Hmm dikhti nahi par ho rahi hain mehsoos nazdeekiyan
Do dil hi jaane lagti hain kitni mehfooz nazdeekiyan
Zariya hain ye aankhein zariya
Chhalakta hai jinse ek armaano ka dariya
Aadatein hain inki puraani
Ankahi si keh de kahaani

Parchaaiyaan do judne lagi hain
Dekho hawa mein udne lagi hain
Pankh jaisi lagne lagi hain
Do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan

And with this, the two were left looking right into each other’s eyes and as usual, the world had stopped for them. However, it seemed that this time, they were in no mood to face the real world but stay back in their reel world. Then all of a sudden, ruining their romantic mood, Dev’s phone rang.

Dev: Ugggh! Main nahin uththa raha! Jab dekho koi na koi phone karta hi rehta hai! (Ugggh! I’m not picking it up! Someone or the other keeps on calling all the time!)

Sonakshi: (giggles) Dev! Utha lo na! Koi zaroori baat bhi to ho sakti hai! (Dev! Pick it up! It can even be related to some important matter!)

Dev: Lekin iss waqt meri best friend se zyaada zaroori mere liye kuch nahin hai! (But currently, there’s nothing more important for me more than my best friend!)

Sonakshi: (happy to see his concern but acts stern) Dev!!!

Dev: Sonaaaa! Please!

Sonakshi: Theeke fir, main bhi tumse baat nahin karoongi! (Fine then, I won’t talk to you either!)

Dev: Tum bhi na Sona! Achcha theek hai, uthi raha hoon! (Sona! Okay fine, I’m picking it up!)

Sonakshi: (in a cheerful manner) That’s like a good boy!

Dev walks towards his phone while he glares at Sonakshi. He looks at his phone and lets out a horrible expression. Yet, on Sonakshi’s insistence, he picks up the call. After a minute or two, he keeps his phone back and makes sure to turn off the ringer and puts it on silent. Next, he walks towards Sonakshi who was laughing to herself looking at Dev’s adorable cuteness.

Sonakshi: Kon tha? (Who was it?)

Dev: (with a blank expression) Vicky.

Sonakshi: Bola tha na zaroori ho sakta hai! (I told you it could be important!)

Dev: Haan, bohot hi important baat thi! (Yes, it was a really important matter!)

Sonakshi: Kya hua? (What happened?)

Dev: Ghar pe Maggi khatam ho gaya! (Maggi got over at home!)

Sonakshi bursts out laughing. Despite Dev’s pissed of mood, he couldn’t help but lovingly admire her and her charm. She looked beautiful, thought Dev.

Sonakshi: (trying her best to control her laughter) Dekha! Kitni important baat thi! (Saw that! It was such an important matter!) (bursts out laughing)

Dev, not able to resist his laughter, joins Sonakshi as they both go on giggling. Finally, Dev caught hold of his breathe and held Sonakshi by her shoulders.

Dev: Sona! Ab hastee hi rahogi? (Sona! Will you keep laughing now?)

Sonakshi: Are nahin Dev! (Oh no, Dev!)

Dev: Vaise Sona, is duniya mein agar tumhe koi bhi ek cheez mil sakti, toh wo cheez kya hoti? (Sona, if there was any one thing you could get in the world, what would that one thing be?)

And this was when Sonakshi felt stuck. How could she choose? It was either her passion and parents or Dev. And now, she had to choose any one! No, she can’t. But then she’d have to, or else she’d be showing her weak side to Dev, maybe her rough side. What was it that she simply couldn’t live without? Guess it was her passion then. So far, that’s the only thing which she has never ever dreamt of letting go for anything else. And maybe, this would continue. Meanwhile, it started getting hard for Dev to control his excitement as every second passed. How he wished Sonakshi would say his name! But then, he remembered that Sonakshi was a girl who valued her dreams and ambitions the most.

Sona: Ummm…that thing would definitely be…a…a…

Dev: Bolo na Sonakshi! (Speak up Sonakshi!)

Sonakshi: (closes her eyes) Well, it’d be my passion then.

That was just like falling beneath the earth’s crust for Sonakshi. How could she not choose Dev? She questioned herself. She simply chose her passion, that too with a lot of pride. However, Dev wasn’t as surprised as Sonakshi. For he’d been expecting this reply. He knew Sonakshi very well, even a bit better than she knew herself if you’d keep this incident in mind. He sure did want to hear his name, but knew that it’d better if he wouldn’t set such high expectations, for atleast time being. Somehow, he was proud of Sonakshi for speaking without fear and choosing what her heart felt. ‘This was the exact type of girl I want,’ thought Dev.

Dev: Nice choice! I’m glad tumne apni dil ki baat sunni! (I’m glad to see that you did what your heart told you to do!)

Sonakshi was taken aback by Dev’s reply. ‘Is it that he doesn’t care or is he just trying to hide it,’ wondered Sonakshi.

Sonakshi: Thanks!

Dev: Fir chalein? (Shall we leave then?)

Sonakshi: Yeah!

Dev covers Sonakshi’s eyes with his warm hands which gives her a wonderful feeling, as he leads her outside. Surprisingly, Sonakshi didn’t object to Dev’s weird behaviour, which shocked Dev. Finally, they reach a garden, a beautiful garden filled with chrysanthemums. Dev removed his hand covering Sonakshi’s eyes and let her enjoy the scene to her content. ‘WOW’ was the only word poor Sonakshi could utter looking at the wonderful scene in front of her. It truly was majestic!

Sonakshi: (turns towards Dev) Dev! I love you! (hugs him)

Dev: I love you too Sona! (reciprocates her hug)

Both of them had said it now, unintentionally though. Neither of the two had meant it that way. Probably, this confession of theirs would be put into friendly terms. After all, they sure did mean it as a friend currently. They hadn’t even thought about it at all. This surely would not mean they’d finally confessed, would it? Nope, not yet. This confession just might not do.

Dev: (breaking the hug) Come on Sonakshi! Abhi to aur kuch bhi hai! (There’s still something left!)

Sonakshi nodded as the couple went towards the centre of the garden where a beautiful fountain was built. On the fountain, stood a statue of a young girl and boy holding their hands, similar to how Dev and Sonakshi do, and smiling. Sonakshi couldn’t help but smile looking at Dev and back at the statue of the boy and girl. She thanked God for all this. For sending Dev in her life and she wished to keep him with her forever. Currently, all she knew was Dev and Dev. There was no career, success and family to think about. All her goals and ambitions didn’t matter to her at all. ‘Does love really make things so perfect? Would I be able to live a happy life without my dreams? Would life with just Dev be perfect? Maybe,’ she thought to herself, but decided to let of those thoughts for time being.

She saw Dev sitting on the ground and his hand held out to her. Was he really going to propose her for something bigger today? Thought Sonakshi.

Dev: Miss.Sonakshi Bose, aren’t you surprised on seeing me back into the same position all over again? Well, today the reason is something else. Tha time, I’d been proposing you for friendship, but today, I’ll be proposing you for the thing I value the most in my life. Miss.Sonakshi Bose, would you do the honours of being my best friend? The one whom I’ll trust myself and can possible expect the same in return, whom I’ll tell everything to, would you mind being that person? Jisse mein har baat keh sakoon aur fir bhi wo bura nahin maane, jo mere saath hamesha khadi rahe aur main uske saath, manzoor hai? (The one with whom I can freely share anything without hurting the person, the one who’ll always be there on my side and I’ll be on hers, do you approve this?)

Sonakshi: Dev!!! (sits down as hugs, Dev who hugs her back)

Dev gave her a soft, warm kiss on her forehead, in friendly terms of course, and hugged her back. Sonakshi simply loved it. His warmth, his kiss and those eyes which could possible convince her for everything. ‘Guess you don’t really need anything else if you do have your true love with yourself. Maybe, a life with Dev and leaving all dreams behind wouldn’t be that bad after all. Maybe,’ Sonakshi thought. Her feelings towards Dev had started deepening and getting stronger. She had a stronger feeling which told her that if it wasn’t Dev, then it was nobody. She closed her eyes and recalled all that’d happened in the last three hours. Their hugs, dance and know this kiss. ‘I really do love you Dev!’ She murmured making sure Dev didn’t notice.

Dev: (breaking their hug and helping himself and Sonakshi stand) Sona, bohot der ho gayi hai, gharwaale bhi pareshaan ho rahein hongi, mujhe lagta hai hume ab chalna chahiye. (Sona, it quite late now and our families must be getting worried, I think we should leave now)

Sonakshi: Haan, chalte hai! (Yes, let’s go!)

Both of them got seated in the car and spend their journey back talking about the time they’d spent together. They cherished all those moments. Finally, it was Sonakshi’s house they reached and the two had to separate. Sonakshi waved bye to Dev and was about to leave when she came close to Dev and pecked a kiss on his cheeks, leaving him shocked as well as delighted. He hugged her and waved bye as she left towards her house. When she’d finally gone, he drove back to his house. On his way, he kept on thinking about Sonakshi. ‘I’m so madly in love with you Sonakshi!’ He told himself as he reached home.

Today’s day had been amazing to both Dev and Sonakshi. Absolutely wonderful and there was no doubt about that. A couple of hugs, a dance and then those two warm yet cute kisses. This was way more than they’d expected and both of them so badly wanted this day to never end, yet, it did have to. But they were happy with what they’d gotten today. Everything that happened today was counted in friendly terms by both of them, but it surely wasn’t, was it?

The hearts sure have learnt how to join. Yet, it’s Sonakshi’s dreams which might stop her from cherishing life with Dev. Maybe. Currently, the two souls seem inseparable, but for how long? We’ll have to hold on to our seats tightly and wait! Will these two bodies get so close that the two souls become inseparable for eternity? Will two souls be able to become one forever?

To learn more, continue reading ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

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