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May I Come in Madam 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanju reaching office and waiting for Sanjana. Liftman asks when will madam come. Sanju scolds him. Sanjana comes. She plays basketball. Sanju says I also want to play with you. She says I want to play basket Sajan with you, I want you in my hands. He says go ahead. Sanjana plays with Sanju. He jumps like a ball. His imagination ends. Sanjana asks what are you doing. He says I was warming up for game. Chedi comes and says I will also play. Sanju says you maybe tired, go and rest. Chedi says I m fresh, I can play. Sanju says no, you got old. Chedi wears the goggles and turns to boss.

Sanju says sorry Sir. Chedi says no, you are just scared by glasses power, you are not sorry, I m not old. Sanju jokes on his age. Chedi asks Sanjana to see, what is Sanju saying, I will get my hair black dyed, you will be shocked. Kashmira meets Sanjana. She says I made something special today, so I got for my friend. Sanjana likes the dish. She says Sanju is so lucky to get five star food at home. Kashmira says I fought with him, he has no manners, he taunted mummy. Sanjana says mummy would have got annoyed. Kashmira says no, she was getting shy, she does not understand anything. Sanjana says I don’t know whats wrong with Sanju, he spoke similar things with Papa, he called him old. Kashmira says he is crossing limits these days. Sanju says yes, he thinks he is very young. Kashmira asks did he tell anything to you. Sanjana says no, why did he tell that to Papa, we should explain Sanju how to talk to elders. They think to do something.

Sanjana goes to Sanju and makes him hear that she will get some office partner for trekking, he is young and fit. Sanju smiles. Sanjana jokes on his work. He says I m very busy. She says I have to cancel my trekking program, please come with me. He says fine, your mood changes. She asks can you get free. He says yes, I m free. She says you will do Bhupesh’s work, I will take Bhupesh for trekking. He says I will come. She says I said trekking, not temple, I want young and energetic guy. Sanju says I can climb well. She says I don’t trust you, keep chair on table and stand on it, if you did this, you are in. He says fine and does so.

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