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MANZIL (Chapter 14)

Arshi, swasan, Raman & shagun in shagun’s room

Shagun : I can’t take it anymore.. I want to know who that Raj is..

Swara : he is racer di..

Raman : we too know it.. We want to know his real identity

Kushi : I think ishu di also know who it is but she’s hiding..

Raman : hmm.. She won’t let her friend’s secret out ( ishu & harshad frnds & Raman shagun frnds.. They share everything)

Sanky : then we have to find out ourselves

Swara : there’s a midnight match today.. Let’s sneak out..

Arnav : there is no need of all this.. I’ll use my contacts & find him

Kushi : no.. Rajeev bhaiyya will get to know if you do this..

Shagun : yes chote.. They too are hiding it

Arnav : but if we sneak we will definitely get caught.. From all those CCTV cameras

Swara : I have a idea..

She whisper something..

Kushi : then done..

Raman : first we have to get tickets..

Kushi : di have them..

Arnav : how will we get..

Everyone look at him with a khurafati(creepy) smile

Arnav : what..? I’m not stealing..

Swara : bhai please…

Arnav : no never..

Kushi : let it be he can’t do it.. He’s very scared.. Its not his cup of tea..

Raman : you can’t even do this much for your di arnav.. Chhe… Kaise bhai ho tum ( in dramatic voice)

Arnav : cut it guys.. I’ll do it but not alone..

Shagun : let’s start our mission Raj dhundo..

Evening – 5 pm

Ishitha’s room

Arshi & swasan enter.. Kushi & sanskar are holding arnav either side as if he’s not well

Kushi : di..

Ishu : arre chote are you alright.. Why are you two holding him..

Sanky : di.. He. He fainted..

Ishu : what..

She make him sit.. Start checking him.. Meanwhile swara start looking for tickets

Ishu : his pulses are normal..chote are you feelong dizzy uneasiness.. Ah?

Arnav just nod yes..

While searching swara drops a box Ishu about to see her but kushi distract her..

Kushi : di.. What’s wrong with him di.. He’s alright na.. I’m getting bad feeling.. Is his sugar level normal ( dramebaaz)

Swara gets tickets she take 6 & while putting back she again drops it..

Ishu : shona.. What’s wrong ( seeing the box) what are you doing with it ah..? ( suspiciously)

Sanskar : yeh ladki phasayegi ( this girl will trap us )

Swara : di.. I was searching that machine to check his sugar level..

Arnav : ( murmur) what a instant liar

Ishu : its here in 2nd rack bring it fast..

She check his sugar level which is also normal..

Kushi : its also normal.. Then he’s fine let’s go Arnav..

Ishu : wait but he fainted na..

Sanky : no.. Di we just thought of getting regular check up..

Kushi : you know di.. He fainted last week so we thought of getting done his check up once

Ishu : last week.. ( interruptted)

Swara : ok di bye.. We have work..

All 4 leave hurriedly leaving her confused

Night.. 12:30 pm

Many people have gathered to watch this spectacular match..

A old man enter in a brown suit with young japanese girl beside him

Guards : sir tickets

He give them

Guards : sir you are

Old man : what the.. You dont recognise me.. ( yes its our arnav.. )

Japanese lady poke him..

Lady : ( whisper) shut up arni.. No one need to know who you are & for god’s sake stop saying What the.. ( to guards in Japanese accent ) he’s my husband Arno Wong chi & I’m his wife kusho hawa Hawaii chi.. Now excuse us..
( Guess who hawa Hawaii is..!!)

Guards : look on confused.. Arshi move in

After a while guards see a huge crowd & they see a gabru the rockstar ( from udta Punjab but dont think its shahid kapoor its someone else in that look hope you all know who ) beside him there is a girl dressed in pink reddish band & pink color applied on nose & chins like a joker.. Its our swara.

Guards make way for them..

Guards : sir autograph.. ( he stop seeing him as he look different & got to know he’s not gabru )

Guard 1 : you’re not gabru & you’re not aalia

Sanskar : I’m kishan the rising rock star..

Swara : here are tickets stop wasting our time.. ( she is irritated with her joker look )

Guard : ok mam tell your name we need to enter in register..

Arshi sitting.. Some girls are eave dropping on arnav

Kushi : arnav I think those girls identified see how they’re admiring you..

Arnav : ignore kushi what’s new in it

Kushi : if we get caught.. I told you to wear that Japanese outfit

Arnav : I would better get caught then wearing that..

Kushi hear those girls talking

Girl 1: he look so hot & handsome

Girl 2 : look he’s such gentleman how perfect his ascent are..

Girl 3 : such men are not born now a days

Girl 1 : our bad luck.. His wife’s so lucky

Girl 2 : how do you know she’s wife she look so young.. I think we can try..


Man comes dressed like Charlie Chaplin & woman with him in burkha..

Guard : what’s this now.. Why all weirdos are coming today..

Woman : oye.. Apne kaam se kaam rakho warna yeh shagu.. ( man interrupt)

Man : dont trouble my biwi.. Yaar ye lo ticket..

Guard : name sir..

They give name & turn to go

Guard ( murmur) kaha kaha se aajate hai ye saare joker log.. ( don’t know from where these jokers come)

Shagun : kise joker kaha tu.. ( whom are you calling joker you..)

Raman drag her inside..

Shagun : what are you doing.. I will teach them lesson idiots

Raman : simmo.. You want meet your raaj aur fight these guards decide fast..

They see kushi fighting with some girls

Raman : arre behenji its not good to fight..

Kushi : get out of my sight before I kill you.. He’s my husband.. ( she scream bit loudly those girls get scared my kushi’s avatar & run away)

Arnav : relax kushi..

Kushi : what relax.. They were such cheap girls..

Arnav : ignore kushi

Kushi : you dont know arnav.. You’re too naive we will marry as soon as all these get married no delay ok..

Arnav : ok..

They hug

Shagun : chalo.. Yahan bhi shuru hogaye yeh ( let’s go these 2 started here also )

While searching harshad Raman collide into ishu

Raman : arre andhe ho.. ( he stop seeing its ishu)

Ishu : ( narrowing her eyes) you.. I have seen you somewhere..

Raman : me.. No no chance.. I’ve just returned from Dubai with my wife..

Ishu look on suspiciously..

Raman ? pointing at shagun who is in burkha) there she is my wife..

He’s about to go but ishu stop him

Ishu : but you.. Show your id..

Raman : ah.. Kyun.. Who are you

Ishu : because I’m volunteer here.. And by your behaviour I feel you’re.. ( interrupt)

Raman : mam please leave me.. If my wife see me talking to other woman she will kill me please..

He run away..

Precap : Bomb blast at race course.. Police search for those 6 weirdos

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