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manmarziyan on mars: chapter 6

Hello everyone. M again late. Okk no blabber, jump to next chapter of sci fi. Don’t forget to drop ur views. Thank u for remembering this.
Have u ever think about UFO shapes; why it’s disk shaped ? Not vertical,pointed and erected !! Give ur opinions later. I’ll give my opinion in the chapter…

Some pre stories:
Arjun saved radhika and returned back to mars. Sam was demoted and punished by Arjun. Radz confirmed Arjun bring extraterritorial being but not ready to believe. Dadaji recalled past . Neil was at last point to prepare human spaceflight.
At planet mars
Sam saw the person for whom Arjun went violent. A devilish smirk appeared on her face ; but suddenly that smirk went down.

” how is this possible? Now I got why Arjun went violent; for a human who was dead due to that beam light. Poor man”, exclaimed Sam in perplexed mode , with a disheveled hair.

Suzy saw her amusingly. She felt relaxed as the human of the earth got saved; but when she got to know the person already dead, she stood stumbled as she knew before what exactly the thing was. But she decided to stay silent. After sam gone, she dialed arjun to let him know what sam did. Arjun laughed maniacally in return to which suzy felt something fishy. Arjun just said,” no matter how much sam tried to go ahead, she will be 7 steps behind me”. He told suzy he has a secret mission now. Will be she available for him?? Suzy was excited and said ,”anything for u sir. I will be honored to do something for u, the great scientist of mars”.

In real, yes everybody in Martian feels same way like Suzy. Arjun is everything for them because 95% of Martian activities related to science and nature. Arjun rule both the field plus he has a leadership quality with attracting personality.

Arjun laughed hard in his room by thinking what he did before. Azian face appeared in air as he was in video calling mode ,” can I know why this stupid prince was laughing like mad now??”

Arjun startled a bit with sudden appearance of Azian ,” from where did u appear suddenly like this always? By the way I am laughing at sam’s situation.”

Azian looked sharply at Arjun ,” what did u do this time and u r up to something again. Spit out stupid before I come to u and punish u . “

Arjun smiled ,” relaxed chief . I can only say what I did ;but I can,t say what I am up to.” He stopped for some moment and started again ,” sam need a strong lesson. And I will teach her a good one. She won’t change at once when she doubt something. I knew she would search about reason behind my violence. So I changed whole setting. If I was little late then everything would be finished in my life. “ his anger was increasing. Azian told him to calm down and handle himself, as he was banned from his activities now.

Arjun told with a high pitch which clearly shows his rage,”how can I be calm?? I told u if anyone, be it human or martian who tried to touch my queen I won’t leave them. They will face the worst consequences which they never dreamt. And sam , I already set my mind.” He smiled wickedly.

Azian was worried, not for sam but for arjun. His madness increased day by day. After beam ray attack on radz he become more furious which was not good. Ruthless and cunning Arjun who knows how to throw his dice to win the game was losing his demeanor. Azian just wished Arjun to get back himself.
At planet earth

Radhika was going through her stuffs. She already resumed her work. She came out from her room to went to ISRO. Mala said her to have her breakfast while dadaji took her in.
Dadaji asked,” if that person contact u again?? Listen this time don’t do any stupidity”.

Radhika puzzled,” who dadaji?”

Dadaji patted her head slightly,” from when did u become such dumb or u acted to be dumb, I don’t know. That man who told u to be an alien”. He whispered last sentence in her ear coz mala didn’t like this topic.

Radz suddenly come back to her senses and told ,” no. If I will know about him further, will tell u. But for now u should help me with some ideas regarding HOM mission. As u know it’s a human spaceflight especially aiming mars.”

Radhika showed some of her construction designs and details. Dadaji looked happy and corrected some places. Still something was there, both didn’t feel satisfactory but couldn’t guess anything further.

At Indian space research organization

Neil was sitting intimidately. Thinking something very serious. He was frustrated with himself that they did so many trials but each time one or other came up , so the spaceship couldn’t complete.

He put his every ideas but the result was always come out in a different manner which shocked him to the core. Before accepting the mission he was very much confident about himself but his confidence level was shattering slowly with failure after failures. All their hard work, research cost nothing at all, that idea was killing him inside. And pressure from higher level was other things. After success of mars orbitor mission they thought this project would be another successful milestone. But success was very far thing, they couldn’t catch the exact problem.

As the captain, head of the mission Neil was responsible for any happening or not happening also. After getting the information about mars specifically after seeing that discovery of lines or grooves in the surface called canali, Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in solar system may still be active, polar ice caps, and seasons like earth, the hope that mars have life chances increased.it’s there dream project but some damn problem occurred frequently.

” what to do? How to overcome such mistakes?”, neil thought.

His pool of thoughts broken by radz voice,” may I come in captain!!”
There she stood with her ever soothing beautiful smile. Neil calmed down and welcomed radhika smilingly. As if his all tensions gone.

” captain I think I got the solution for our problem”, radhika said confidently.

A ray of hope appeared in front of Neil. Without wasting his time he asked,” so what is ur idea”?

Radhika replied in thoughtful manner,” have u ever think the spaceship which visit planet earth, UFOs were always disk shaped, why? They were never be elliptical or erect.”

Neil got confused but asked,” what do u want to say”?

Radhika answered,” we r not planning for moon trip or somewhere less distance. Mars was a long way to go. Think if we go casually with such spaceship of ours what we made generally, how much time it will take?? And there is no guarantee we can return in this life also.”

Neil stared her amazed and listened her carefully what she was saying.

Radhika continued,” a disc would allow you to change directions rapidly if you had the ability to mitigate g-force, while reducing wind resistance. about making turns, a pointed craft wouldn’t be able to make very very sharp manoeuvres.”

“I think its all about warping the space time around your vehicle. There are physical limitations of moving a vehicle through our 3-dimensional space; If you’re able to warp the space time fabric around yourself, then you will be able to move at incredible speeds and make break-neck turns to the observer in the 3-dimensional space.”

Neil was so happy and excited at her explanation he forgot about surrounding and hugged her.
Neil,” thanks dear. Now I know what to do. Ready for our journey “. With that he ran out to check spaceship. Radhika looked on the direction where neil went. She mumbled,” I am not the one who should get ur appreciation. Its someone else who gave me hint”.

Radhika remembered:
she was just gearing up her engine. When some unfamiliar sound buzzed. She was startled a bit, saw the pendent left by Arjun creating that sound with some extra lighting. She didn’t know what to do just moved it circular manner. As it happened the pendent unlocked and face of Arjun showed up in air. Both startled equally. In other words radz was afraid a bit, and Arjun was in disbelief, that radz could receive this. Without hiding his feelings Arjun asked directly,” how are u sweetheart? Is that doctor took care of u well? Is there anybody who irritate you.”

Radz sat dumb replied after a moment in a very low voice,” so is it true, r u belong to other planet.”
With that she crossed her arms around herself like a protective shield and said while stammering,” will u take revenge on me for insulting u before.”

Arjun laughed out, ” ooops , m I looking like some sort of villain. I thought m handsome. Do u think I’ll harm u ?” A slight disappointment audible from his voice.

Radhika was not weak, not a fool just sudden change, can’t accept easily. Till then she controlled herself and could read Arjun. She replied boldly,” no, u r my rescuer Las time. Why I thought that. Just tease u. ” she laughed knowingly to ease the atmosphere.

Arjun also laughed seeing radz laughed,” so hows ur project going on? I can help u. Ask me anything”.

Radz looked at him suspiciously,” why u want to help me?”

Arjun could read her. He directly said,” why means? U r good human being, so I like u. Now tell me what is your problem?”

Radz rolled her eyes hearing Arjun liked her. According to her he met her once and liked her. She was in her thought Arjun asked,” do u really not remember me? Don’t u know me? I just tell u I know u well. ”

Radhika knew if she didn’t ask anything Arjun wouldn’t leave her. In those short meet she awared about his stubbornness. She told about HOM mission, they couldn’t find a particular idea. Arjun smiled ,” just remember our planets are round but it completed its journey around its orbit and itself in such less span of time , why? And if u ever see UFOs , think why they are round disk shaped. I think u will get ur answer. I know u r a brilliant scientist.”

Radz thought something, smiling wide ,” thank u very much. Can u tell me from which planet u belong exactly”.

Arjun gave a mysterious smile before disappearing,” gud luck darling. See u soon”. His air form disappeared , but radz couldn’t ask what she wants. She wanted to ask why he felt so familiar to her. Her dadaji wanted to meet him etc..one thing she was sure that the depiction world show them alien being horrible looking and dangerous was completely lie. Because she herself experienced Arjun being a handsome alien helped her a lot, saved her. Now she also wanted to find him again, talk with him again but how?
Her pool of thoughts broken by a giggling neil. Neil said,” u don’t know radhika what u did. U solved everything. Now our problem will be solved within a week. We should took permission from government and higher authorities to launch our mission. Get ready by next month. Leaving for our destination, mars”.

Radz was excited, dumbfounded with happiness when Neil patted her cheek affectionately, ” chasini”. Neil smiled to himself, from where did he get such name. Radz looked at him. Neil said,” that’s what I will address u by that name, chasini. ” Neil thanked his star for letting her with him, a beauty with brain. But moreover he didn’t know someone else there who was already mad for her and apparently kept on watching them.

Arjun banged his device,” I’ll surely kick and punch this man for always showing extra care and touching my queen. Just come here for once and I’ll never leave u”. A satisfactory smirk appeared on his face. He accessed his own satellite RA-07 and smiled widely. Arjun had a wish to live his moments with his lady love in his own creation. He mumbled,” waiting for u to land here. Then u will be mine. I’ll show u what I did for u. “… He got lost in his own world.
After one month

Dadaji was excited. But more than excitement he felt proudness, felt like his dream became true coz of radz. Now the day came for their spaceship travel to mars through space in search of existence of life in other planet. If this mission will be successful then it will become a miracle. In the contrary mala and Dilip worried.it was obvious as they are parents . Who doesn’t know space is a mystery, we tried to solve that problem.


At launch pad, everyone including government officials like PM present for such important mission. All wished the team for success. A lone drop of tear of happiness escaped from dadaji’s eye seeing the view which he wanted to do one day. Team waves their bye and went inside spaceship as the entrance got closed.

A big smile appeared on Arjun’s face , while azian looked at him perplexed.
Precap: Space is not easy thing to access, disaster on way….Arjun’s drama…

So many explanations…hehehe…what to do..i just can’t stop myself from writing those.

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