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manmarziyan- My childhood love..and i m still possesive about him..episode 5

Hey guys…hearty again..sry for keeping u all wait..and thnk u all for ur wonderful and encouraging comments..sry guys I couldn’t reply..actually to be honest I don’t know how to reply..jessie I tried to ask u on a personal msg too but I couldn’t do it..plz help me cutie pie..
The story begins..happy reading..

Next day at school..in assembly..
Principal – good morning my respective teachers..staff and dear students..i m honoured to Say that v have talents like Arjun and radhika in our school..becoz of them v have managed to get first prize in science project..since in this state our school came first..v have organized a party for our talented students who not only participated in this project but also made us proud..god bless u all..and about the party..u will soon get a notice once u reach ur respective classes..our ardhika will be the special guests..
The assembly was called off..after the school song and national anthem..
In radhika’s class,
Piyali(class teacher)-radhika plz come forward..
Radhika comes towards her desk..
Piyali- radhika beta..v are proud to have u in our class..congratulations…may u prosper like this throughout in ur life..
In arjun’s class,same happens with him..samrat sir facilitates him like piyali ma’am has done with radhika..
Day was quiet boring..due to their recent popularity ardhika didn’t get time to meet each other..whenever they were free..like in recess or free periods,they were called by some teachers or their friends..
Notice came to their classes that party will be organized after two days I.e on Saturday in school auditorium..only class 11 and 12 are invited..at evening 5 pm..
Whole class was excited..

After school hrs..when radhika came out of the school gate,the scene in front of her made her go all red like tomato..
Here some random girl was bzy in throwing herself on Arjun..anybody will say that Arjun Is not at all interested but still that girl was shameless..
Girl-Arjun plz I have heard about ur talent so much..i m vry weak in physics..can u plz help me out..plz come tomy place..my parents are out of town..v can concentrate on my studies..saying this she tried to touch him..
But radhika came at a nick of tym holding girls hand..
Why only Arjun?? I m equally intelligent..why don’t you give me ur address?? I will teach u how to focus on ur studies..saying this she passed death glare towards that girl..
Girl gulped down in fear and nervously went away from there..arjun was trying to control his laughter now bursted out..on seeing that girl’s condition..which made radhika hell angry..she with the same look turned towards Arjun..now it was arjun’s turn to behave like a scared cat..
Arjun-wwwooo..rraa..raadhika..i..i…ha..have not do..done..anyyy..anything..(I haven’t done anything radhika)..
Radhika-that wats ur fault..u haven’t done anything..y were u not saying anything to that girl..come I’ll show u now wat will i do with u..
Arjun just moved towards her and said in her ears- plz show me na..i also want u to do many things to me..and wink ?.
Before radhika could understand his double meaning talks Arjun ran to save his life..
Radhika was all the way chasing Arjun with stick in her hand..while chasing she didn’t realised she was in the park nearby her school..it was a couples park..she was searching Arjun like mad ? without noticing the surrounding..until a strong arm came from behind and pulled her through waist on the back of one tree in the garden..it was an isolated place..
Before radhika could shout..her lips was covered by arjun’s hand..
Radhika trying to get out of his grip..-aru leave me..i m angry with u..saying this she bite his hand so that Arjun could remove it from her mouth but arjun’s expression were normal as if he was made of steel..
Arjun slowly removed his hand and sucked his fingers where radhika gave a bite all lovingly..radhika blushed hard seeing this..
Radhika-aru this is public place..someone will come here..plz I have to go..mumma will be worried and dad must be waiting in school gate..
Arjun putting the same hand on radz mouth making her taste his body-sshhhh..no one will see us..about ur mom then i have informed her that v are going to have group studies at our home and I m thereforegoing to drop u in evening..(Arjun’s impression is very good on radz family as he is very intelligent and mature boy and radz was very close to her mom..so she know wat Arjun matters in her daughter’s life)..

Radhika- Arjun wat if my mom calls at ur house??
Arjun- that my mom will handle..as she is very cool plus she know that u are my gf..
Radhika now hell nervous!! – wait..watt!!! Ur mom knows about me?? Arjun wat if she don’t like me?? Wat if she will never allow us to meet??
Arjun trying to scare radhika more..
Arjun- yeah radhu..my mom is very strict..she hate simple girls..she needs a stylish dil..no one can impress her till now..infact she beats me till now for small small things(making a crying face)
Radhika(biting her nails)-aru wat should I do to impress ur mom??plz help na..
Arjun pulling radz closer to him-u just have to…
Radz-yess tell na..wat i have to do..??I’ll do anything to impress her..
Arjun-anything??think before you promise..
Radhika- yess anything..now say na..
Arjun pulling her more closer to him..as if warning air that u also can’t separate my radhu from me..
Radhika-Arjun watt wat are u doi…
Before radz could complete her sentence,her lips was captured by Arjun..

At first radhika was at shock..yeah it was there first ever kiss..she wasn’t responding due to this sudden shock..but Arjun brought her to reality biting her lower lip and digging his fingers more in her soft skin..
Now radhika was also responding with the same speed..Arjun was sucking and licking her lips..soon It turned out to be a passionate kiss..Arjun again bite her lower lips..radhika moaned in pain and he took the chance..he entered her mouth and discovered every corner of her mouth..Arjun was sucking ,biting and chewing her lips..and radhika too cooperated with it..he held radhika more tighly by her waist..radhika was holding his shoulders very tightly and other hand was travelling in his hair..after long kiss,both left each other feeling breathless..both joined their forehead and rested for a while like that ..arjun soon opened his eyes..but radhika’s eyes was still closed..due to shyness..ofcourse it was their frst kiss..her aru had kissed her..only he has the ryt to touch her..she was only his..only of her aru’s..

Arjun-u look beautiful and I haven’t tasted anything so yummy as this..and his fingers travelled her lips..plz open ur eyes,I want u to see me..plz..
Radhika while blushing- Arjun only u have the ryt to do this..i m only urs..saying this she opened her eyes and both were hugging each other..feeling each other..
Arjun-u are so irresistible..so breathtaking..thank u for coming in my life radhu..
Radhika-(blushing) I love you kishu..
Arjun-why kishu??
Radhika-becoz u are so good at kissing..
Arjun-well thnx..it’s all about experience.?
Radhika-beating Arjun on his chest..i hate u..go and kiss whoever u want to..?
Aru-ohk..saying this..he once again pulled her and kissed her harder this time..
Radhika-Arjun plz lets go from here..it’s very late..
Aru-ssshh..i said na I’ll drop u at evening..for now just come..v will go for our shopping..i have saved 5000₹ from my pocket money and I want u to gift a saree which u are going to wear in Saturday’s party..
Radhika-but Arjun!! How can I take this from u?? No u are not earning..it’s ur savings..no I m not gonna take it..
Arjun- uff u speak alot..i said na what’s mine is urs too..u have the ryt on my everything and I mean it..u have my promise..atleast now agree plz..

Radhika-ohk but wat will i say to my mom??
Arjun- don’t tell her..just wear something normal and I’ll pick u up from ur home..and I’ll bring that saree and take u at a special place that is a secret and then u can change..
Radz-(after a lot of pestering done by Arjun)agreed finally..
Arjun-now wat are u waiting for??come v have must more to do till evening..hurry up and sit behind me(indicating his bike)..u always waste our tym in ur nonsense talks..
Radz-haawws? not fair..it’s you who has brought me here..and wat u said i speak nonsense..wait I won’t talk to u.. ?
Arjun-ohk..i was thinking to take u to puchka stall and ice cream parlour too but I guess someone is not talking to me..? now I’ll go alone and enjoy..? yuummy..my mouth is watering..
Radz-kishu saying this she blinked her eyes like a doll..
Aru- ohk now stop begging like this otherwise instead of ice cream and puchka ,u will have to taste me..come sit..
Radhika-? u are so shameless..
Aru-that I m..but only for u my sweetheart..?
Now both went for shopping..
Hmm sry guys..it’s small and rubbish episode..I m sry I’ll make it up soon..as I was bzy in Diwali preparation..happy Diwali to all..and safe too..i guess till my episode will get posted then Diwali will be over..?
Love u all. I love all urs OS And updates..sry couldn’t reply or comment as I don’t know to reply? plz help Jessie..
Guys are u loving it?? Or shall I stop..actually I guess I m not up to d standard or to be honest I don’t have confidence..

Precap-hot romance(ardhika)

Someone was asking me to send link to previous updates..sry I don’t know how to send link..but if u will type my childhood love and I m still possessive about him.. on google,u will definitely get it..

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