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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 16)

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 16)

Recap: Radhika arranges a party in home. Nesam hugs each other.

Nesam hugs each other. Neil pecks her lips saying, “How are you?”

Sam smiles, “How i am looking?”

Neil, “s*xy”

Sam hits his chest says, “So what is she saying?”

Neil, “She misunderstood that you and Arjun having an affair”

Sam moves from him says, “Poor girl”

Neil comes to her and holds her hands saying, “Sam, don’t you think that we are doing wrong with Radhika?”

Sam gives him a sharp look and takes her hands from his saying, “Wrong happened with me. Now i am punishing the people who is the cause for that”

Neil, “But why radhika comes in this picture?”

Sam, “Simple. She is the daughter of Dilip and that is enough for me to punish her”

Neil, “But still Sam…she is innocent”

Sam, “Enough Neil…i know she is your friend but still you accepted to do all this on your own wish and i never forced you. So now i dont wanna discuss this. Will go inside before someone notice us” she walks inside leaving him there.

Neil thinks, “I know Sam..i am doing all this just for you, for your love. But at the same time, Radhika is really innocent and i wish she is not the prey for ur revenge. I will fulfill my duty as a lover and as a friend also.”

Neil follows her and walks in the party hall and searching for Radhika. He finds her sitting on the table alone and lost in some thinking.

He goes and sits opposite to her, waves his hand to grab her attention. She gets disturbed and looks at him with sad face.

Neil, “What happened radhika?”

Rads, “Nothing”

Neil, “Hey tell na”

Rads points her fnger somewhere and he turns there to find what it is but shocked seeing Arjun & Sam dancing. Neil gets angry too seeing them.

Neil, “Why your husband is dancing with that girl? You should be in his arms na?”

Rads keeps pout face and starts telling what happened a few mins before,

FB starts,

Arjun saw Radhika talking to her friends and DJ announced for dance. So he goes to her and extends his hands for dance with her, she gets happy and is about to put her hands in his, but before that Sam comes forward saying, “Sorry Radhika, if you don’t mind, shall i dance with Arjun today. I am not comfort with any stranger…hope you understand and Thanks” by saying that she takes Arjun with him but when Arjun refused she reminds him the promise and he silently obliges her to dance with her.
FB ends.

Neil folds his fist in anger and somehow composed him and looks at rads, “Radhika, don’t worry. Shall we play a game now?”

Rads is confused, “Game?”

Neil, “Hmm JEALOUS GAME. Are you ready?”

Rads understand what he is trying to do and immediately she nods her head. Neil gets up and claps saying loudly, “Attention please” everyone stops what they were doing and starring at Neil. SamArj also one of them looking at him. Neil bends on knees infront of Radhika and extends his hands towards her asking, “May i have a pleasure to dance with you my dear Chasni”. Radhika exclaimed seeing him and hearing the word Chasni, she felt so happy and throws a hard look at SamArj who is dumbstruck seeing RaNeil. She happily gives her hand to him saying, “It’s my pleasure too”.

Neil smiles and gently takes her to the dance floor and stands in the center of the floor saying, “Let’s the music begin” and the DJ starts the music. All cheers for them and they also starts dancing with their partners. Radhika’s friends did not understand anything why Ardhika with different partners especially Tintu. RaNeil dancing for the medley standing little close to each other. While dancing only Neil talks to her in low voice so that only she can hear him, “How is the game? Any difference?”

Rads also replies him, “For now, only shocking face. But no actions”

Neil also looks them slightly while dancing and thinks, “Sam, you are doing all this to irritate Radhika but even i am also getting jealous to see you with another man. I will get you back now in my arms”

Neil then tells her that, “OK Chasni, now i will pull you more closer to me..don’t get panic and shocked…its just to burn them more. Ok don’t mistake me dear”

Rads just blinks at him and nods her head like a child and with no more wait, he immediately pulls her more closer to him and she falls on him with a force. He then covers her waist by his hands which is noticed by SamArj. Arjun folds his fist in anger and jealous, his face is becoming reddish due to the anger rising in his blood. He breathes heavily seeing them so close, he couldn’t control him more and is about to go but Sam stops him saying, “We also can dance na”

Arjun gives her a dare look and again looks at RaNeil who is now dancing beautifully for the medley and laughs seeing each. Arjun pulls Sam with a jerk which makes her little discomfort but still she manages and dances with him. All his attentions are only on Radhika and Sam’s also on Neil. Both pairs moves close together while dancing and stands next to each. Then they twirls their partners and the ladies now lands on the man’s arms who stands next to them.

Radhika to Arjun and Sam to Neil & this is what the both men are expecting to get their girls in their hands. Neil grabbed Sam within a fraction of time and so as Arjun. Only the ladies gets shocked seeing their partners now. The four did not take their eyes off from their partners and continues their dancing. Then the both moves to different place and continues dancing.

Arjun just stares her face and Rads lowers her gaze to avoid his eye contact. Arjun smirks, “Are you not interested being with me?”

Rads looks at him and says, “It’s you not me”

Arjun, “How can you dance with some random guy?”

Rads, “I can also ask the same question to you right?”

Arjun, “You are my wife Radhika…i can’t tolerate other man’s arms on you”

Rads gets happy inside but covers it up saying, “Then you should not be in other woman’s arms first”

Arjun tightens his grip more on her waist saying, “Don’t argue Radhika. I don’t like him at all and his touch…how can you hold him so closely?”

Rads thinks to tease him more, “He is not like you Arjun…he was handling me gently and softly. I like his touch”

Arjun pulls her close to him and removes her hairs from her face saying, “Don’t make me an animal by talking about other man. I really don’t like it”

Rads bodys gets chilled but she replied him firmly saying, “I just told the truth Arjun. He is really good”. She couldn’t withstand with him and pushes him from her and walks to her room. Arjun also follows her to their room.

NeSam is watching them going, Sam asks, “All this your planning right?”

Neil, “Then what you want me to do? Eventhough it is acting, i can’t see you with another person”

Sam, “You getting weak day by day and i feel that is not good for our work”

Neil, “Yes i am getting weak but coz of my love on you. You can’t control me on this”

Sam gives him an unbelivable look at him and later they both gets depart to avoid unnecessary doubts and Neil also left from there soon.


Radhika goes to her room and is about to lock the door but Arjun comes in the nick of time and blocks the door in locking. He storms inside making her shocked and bolts the door. Rads gets some unknown fear seeing his red burned eyes and it is clearly shows that he is hell angry now. She steps backward seeing him forwarding to her.

Arjun, “Why did you say like that Radhika?”

Rads, “What i said?”

Arjun, “You said that you like his touch”

Rads smirks seeing his jealousy face and thoughts to tease him more, “I told the truth only Arjun. what else you want to know? I gonna change my dress n m hell tired now”

Radhika is about move to wardrobe but Arjun comes and locks her there saying angrily, “You are testing my patience Radhika. I don’t like his presence wth you. Just cut down his friendship”

Rads now gets angry, “Who are you to say me like that? It’s my wish whether to whom i need to talk or not”

Arjun, “I am your husband radhika”

Rads, “So what? That doesn’t mean that you can control me and i m not gonna bulge for it”

Arjun, “You will bulge”

Rads, “Never”

Arjun, “Will see that now itself” by saying this he leans on her face and Radhika did not expected this from him, she is pushing him back but he holds her hands behind her and starts kissing her forcefully though she is not responding. He puts all his energy on her and controls her not move, radhika did not expect this and struggling to gasp but he is not ready to leave her at any cost. But somehow, he loosens himself to have a breathe, she used that chance and pushes him back shouting him to stop molesting her.

Arjun’s manhood arises and he replies, “I will show you my right today” he again goes back to her, and pulls her to him, he tries to kiss her again and pins her to the wall by forcing him on her, rads with full force knocks him down and starts running inside the room everywhere and finally goes inside the washroom and locks the door. She breathes heavily thinking about the scene before, Arjun knocks the door and tells her to open the door. But she is not ready to open it at any cost. Both stands at the same place near the door, inside and outside respectively.


Next day, rads wakes up with a jerk hearing the knock on the washroom door. She is sleeping inside the bath tub and slowly gets up to open the door. But a fear comes to her and stops her to open the door. She stands near the door and keeps her ear on one side and listens. Arjun who is standing outside and is in urge of nausea, he is knocking the door and shouts her to open.

She understands it and opens the door, before she understand everything, he pulls her outside, goes inside and locks the door. Rads rolls his eyes and thinks, “He did not remember what he did yesterday to me?”

She takes her dresses and goes to another room to refresh and gets ready to come down.

Dilip looks at her and wishes her morning. Rads, “Sorry paa….yesterday i was little tired and couldn’t come down to send off the guests. All went well na?”

Dilip smiles and nods his head. Arjun also comes and joins with them for breakfast, Ardhika avoids their eye contact and both feels an awkward moment.

Sam who watches this understands that something happened between them and she thinks to use it for her beneficial.

Precap: Not decided.

How is this chappy girls…it is very short compared to my previous one..but sorry for that…and pls do tell me how is it and let me know your comments.

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