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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 14)

Thank you all for ur lovely comments. I know you all must be worried seeing ardhika fighting…but don’t worry this will not lead into a seperation but they will be miffed with each other.

Let’s get into today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 14)

Recap: Ardhika fight and Rads suspiscious about Arjun’s behaviour

Radhika gets shocked the seeing the person on the other side of the door. A girl in mid 20s opens the door and looks at Radhika cluelessly. Radhika is still in shock and couldn’t move her eyes away from that girl. She waves her hands infront of radhika and asks, “Who are you?”

Rads comes to sense, “That’s what i want to know…Who are you?”

Girl, “What the hell? You came to my place and asking about me?”

Rads, “Your place?” she gets angry hearing this and asks, “So how long you are staying here?”

Girl gets irritated, “How does it matter for you?”

Rads, “It does matters me. Who got you here?”

Girl, “Excuse me…i don’t know who you are and i don’t need to answer your question. Just leave” by saying this she is about to go close the door but rads stops her saying, “Did Arjun get you here?”

The girl is shocked hearing Arjun’s name gives a sharp look at her asking, “What’s your name?”

Rads with full attitude, “Mrs. Radhika Arjun”

She smirks seeing radhika and let her inside the house without saying anything. Rads fumes inside and follows her inside.

She goes and sits in the sofa and signs radhika also to sit which makes radhika going out of control thinking who is she to order her in her house. She did not sit but instead questions her again, “I asked you something before..who are you? and Why are you staying here in my home?”

She gets up smiling and stands infront of Radhika…folds her hands across her chest saying, “I am Sam…Samaira. And yes..you are right. Your so called husband Mr.Arjun only got me here”

Rads with full anger, “But why?”

Sam, “That you should ask him…he stopped me going to the place where am supposed to go and got me here.”

Rads anger rise in full speed and folds her fist asking, “What’s your relation with him?”

Sam gives her a surprise look at her and smirks, “Can’t define. But i must say..he is taking good care of me…Never missed to visit me daily”

Rads gaze bows down and tears oozing from her eyes…Sam smiles evily seeing her face and says, “If at all..all your interrogations are over means…can you please leave now…i have to take a nap”

Rads burns her in anger through her eyes and storms out without saying anything. She barges into her car and bangs her hands on the steering wheel and goes from there.

She lands directly into her office and storms into Arjun’s cabin…Arjun gets shocked seeing her in his cabin and that too she is in full angry mood.

Arjun, “Radhika?”

Rads, “Oh…so you remember my name?”

Arjun rolls his eyes and comes to her saying, “This is not the right time to talk. You go from here and wil talk in home”

Rads, “what to talk? If i ask also, you will not say anything…then what is the use of talking?”

Arjun rubs his head asking, “What you wanna know now?”

Rads wipes her tears, “I met the girl Samaira whom you gave shelter in your flat. I want to know who is she?”

Arjun is shaken hearing her and avoids facing her…he grabs her towards the door and tells her to go to home. But she shoves him and gives him an accusing look “Still you are not saying anything to me right”

Arjun turns back, “Radhika…just leave from here. I will tell you everything when right time comes”

Rads cries seeing his back and says in sobbing voice, “I hate you Arjun…..I just hate you”

Arjun turns to see her but she turns and goes out from there leaving him shocked.


Radhika drives aimlessly and remembers Arjun’s ignorance and Sam’s conversation…she cries saying, “I really hate you Arjun”

She dials Neil and tells him to meet her asap. RaNeil meets at the same place where they met already…Neil feels bad seeing her crying face. He holds her hands and says, “Radhika…just forget that for now. Think well and Decide what you gonna do now?”

Rads, “I don’t know what to do?”

Neil, “It’s your life and it is your duty to find out what your husband is hiding from you. You cannot accept your defeat so easily”

Rads bangs her hand in the table due to the frustration saying, “That idiot is not saying anything…what can i do? And that girl…how attitude she is you know? What could be the relation between those two..i don’t understand anything”

Neil lost in some thoughts and looks at Rads, “Radhika…i have a plan? but i am not sure whether you are okay for that or not”

Rads, “I will do anything to get my love back”

Neil raises his eyebrows in surprise, “Love?”

Rads looks at him and turns her face to otherside, “I am very possessive about Arjun”

Neil smiles seeing him, “Fine…i will tell the plan…then you decide whether you are ok or not”. Rads nods positively and Neil tells her the plan(muted).


Arjun and Dilip comes home in the evening and gets shocked seeing Sam in the living hall…Both Arjun and Dilip looks each other shocked but did not show it. Rads coming down from the stairs and smirks seeing the shocking face of Arjun. She comes to him and says, “How is the surprise Arjun? You didn’t expect it right?”

Dilip comes forward saying, “Radhika…what’s all this? Why are you questioning Arjun?”

Rads, “Dad…it will be better if you pls don’t interfere. It’s between me and my so called husband”

Dilip looks at Arjun helplessly and is about to say something to Radhika but Arjun stops him and comes to Rads, “Why are you doing all this Radhika? Why you got her here?”

Rads, “Why i should not? Instead of keeping her secretly in your flat…it’s better to let her stay here. You don’t need to rush to your flat daily to look after her right. It will be time saving na…” she spits each words like a venom.

Arjun grabs her arm and is taking her to their room but she shoves him away, “Don’t touch me Arjun. There is nothing to hide anything now. Just blurt out the truth man..what are you hiding from me?”

Arjun let a heavy breath and looks at her eyes saying, “I don’t need to answer you…if you want trust me…otherwise i don’t care”. He leaves to his room without saying anything.

Rads looks at him with tears and goes out. Dilip who is watching all these feels bad and worries for Ardhika. There is another person who enjoys all this drama and smiles evily seeing their fight and Dilip’s worries….she is none other than Sam.

She gets up and is about to go to her room but Dilip stops her, “Why are you doing all this?”

Sam’s face expresses her hatred and anger, she turns and looks at him angrily, “Whatever you sowed….you are reaping it now”.

She goes from there leaving Dilip shattered.

Precap: Sam moves close to Arjun. Radhika burns in anger and jealousy. Arjun gets jealous seeing Radhika with Neil.

How is this chappy girls…it is very short compared to my previous one..but sorry for that…and pls do tell me how is it and let me know your comments.

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