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Mahek 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jeevan asks bodyguard to let her go, Kanta says that i want to go to washroom, let me go, he says go to otherside there is washroom there too. Kanta sees Mahek coming out of venue, she runs to her and asks if she is selected? Jeevan says let her drink water. Kanta says dont worry, even if you are not selected, its fine, atleast you tried, Mahek says no.. She recalls flashback, Shaurya says to Mahek that you are disqualified. Rajiv says whatever Mahek has cooked, it looks good and is presented well so we should taste it once, Shaurya says Rajiv Sir we are not in restaurant but in competition, Sorry Miss Sharma your journey has ended before even starting, Rekha says one minute i would want to taste this dish too, shaurya says but Ma’am, Rekha says i just want to be fair, we just want to taste it, Rajiv says lets taste it. Rekha and Rajiv tastes it, Rekha seems lost in its taste, they nod at each other, Rekha smiles broadly and says like always i am happy with my decision, i am very happy to say that this is best dish till today Mahek is elated hearing that, Shaurya glares at her. Rajiv says i know this is not Risotto but its italian dish too and its extended dish of risotto, we are here to judge presentation and taste of dishes so its yes from mine and Rekha’s side. Shaurya says majority wins as its democracy, we indians are emotional people, we get emotional seeing someone tears so anyway Miss Sharma see you are India’s super cook, he extends his hand to Mahek for shaking, Mahek is stunned for second but shake hands with him, he squeezes her hand tightly which makes Mahek tensed, she tries to take her hand back and looks at Shaurya in fear, flashback ends. Kanta says means you are selected? Jeevan dances around. Kanta gets PD’s call and says Mahek is being selected, Pd says your voice is telling that Mahek’s magic worked, come home, we will have party, she ends call. Mansi says i wanted to talk to Mahek too, Pd says we will cook sweets for Mahek today.
Kanta says to Mahek that you dont seem happy, one girl comes and congrats Mahek. Kanta asks why she is not happy? Mahek sees Shaurya leaving in his car, he pulls car’s window glass down and glares Mahek, he points finger at his eyes then at Mahek implying that he has eyes on her, his car leaves, Mahek is tensed.
Shaurya is sitting on couch. Rajiv sees him thinking and says today was good to start, start drinking, your pain will lessen about your prediction going wrong, Shaurya says i was right, she failed to qualify, she didnt sell her talent but her emotions and fake tears which you and Rekha bought easily, Rajiv says why you are getting personal? Shaurya says i am just saying that girl is fraud, i am getting sure of that, that girl fooled you both, she never heard name of risotto, still she got selected, she destroyed rules of our competition infront of us only and we couldnt do anything why? because of our tears. Shaurya sees someone calling him, he gets angry and cuts call. He sees call again but cuts it again, Shaurya says i wont spare that girl otherwise i will change my name, Rajiv says just be fair, Shaurya says you are here for that.

Scene 2
Ravi asks everything ready? Mohit says yes. house is decorated with flowers, Ravi asks dhol people to start playing when Mahek comes. Balwant says she only won audition not competition. Ravi says she is first girl from our family to be seen on Tv soon, just think when reporter comes to our society, people try to peek in camera so that their face comes on Tv for even a second.. Mahek comes there. Dhols starts playing, whole family starts dancing, Mahek is given bouquet, Sonal dances with her but senses something off with Mahek.
Kanta says to Mansi that i was so tensed for Mahek and PD kept calling, Pd says my girl was going to win, i had to call. Kanta says Jeevan kept asking me if he can go to shop as if his work is more important then her competition, Mohit says Mahek will win all rounds, Kanta says dont pressure her, Jeevan says dont talk about pressure(referring to washroom). Mahek recalls Shaurya misbehaving with her, bullying her at competition, Sonal asks where she is lost?

Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya Khanna is judge is at India’s super cook, he was staring me weirdly, he was trying to intimidate me, he even misbehaved with me,

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