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Happy belated Birthday Sidhanshi ?
On your special day, I wish you good luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday!!
Recap:Twinkle and Kunj meet in the college and UV asks Kunj to drop Twinkle 
**************************************************************************************************************** So lets Start :

The car drive was a silent one since I cant keep silent for long I asked Kunj about switching in the radio to which he nodded his head I switched the Radio on the song Khamoshiyan was playing this song always gets played in these kind of situations where we are trying so hard so stay quite I being the most talkative girl on planet earth could not bear the silence but I was The “Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi “ Played I was about to switch it off when he stopped the car Some unknown fear crept in my mind “Kunj why did you stop the car”I asked looking into his eyes “Because we have reached your house “ He said with a grin I think he noticed my fear Voh I was just asking” I turned to leave just then the line “Ghar inko bulaao kabhi Beqarar hain baat karne ko” played The line actually brought me into reality that If Mom comes to Know Kunj dropped me home she would kill me If I do not invite him Home I think Babaji always helps me I Love you Babaji As I stepped out of the car “Kunj” I said “Yeh” He replied looking at the rear view mirror taking a reverse “Voh wont you come in” I asked in a polite way “I am sorry I wont I have a meeting today “ He said.

“Okay so bye “ I said “Twinkle” He said “Yes” I replied while turning back”Twinkle since I have missed half of the term can you help me with the notes “ “Yeh sure why not “ I replied with a smile “So tomorrow Cafe FRIENDS “ He said “Okay fine I will be there
“Twinkle where is UV  asked Ma” I don’t know” I replied “Then where is he ,He would have dropped  u na “No he  did not drop me”  l replied  “What then who dropped u “ Ma asked “Concerned for me” I Smirked  “No for the one who dropped you” Ma replied “Very funny” I  said “It wasn’t a joke but  a fact “ Ma said .”Ma “ I cried  out “Twinkle” she said in the same time.”Accha who dropped u” She asked me in a  concerned tone “Kunj” I answered “Kunj” she said in a shock “Why did you not ……”I called him but he was busy”  I  said  interrupting coz I knew what she would have asked “Now Ma Bye I am leaving Tomorrow have to help Kunj in college work so wake me up early and don’t prepare breakfast for me “ I informed Ma and Left for my room “Twinkle are you going for college work or personal work “Ma said teasingly “Ma” I called out “Okay baba sorry” Ma said .

After dropping Twinkle I left for office It’s so difficult for me to manage Office and college Thank god RT Uncle and Papa were friends So Twinkle is helping me I wanted to ask her something personal I know if her answer is yes It would be a great help to me I would get my Love and Twinkle too (He takes out his phone a see’s a picture Its a girls Picture) My Love I cant wait to make you mine

(Now guys I am sorry but as I said The ss would have Twinkle’s POV and Not Kunj’s so Sorry for the short part but You would get a Longer POV of Kunj soon )

Twinkle’s POV
I was as usual late I reached The cafe in a hurry running and again Oh babaji why me I slipped again And This time I did not pray for help because babaji would also be angry on me I always ask his help for such situations I closed my eyes in fear but i felt a familiar touch ……Kunj I gasped seeing him His eyes God why do I feel like sinking in it (Aww so cute na mera bhi maan karta hai ussmeh kho jau) “If you want to romance go to your room It’s cafe drink coffee no romance “ Shouted the owner which brought us back to our senses We composed ourselves “Do you like falling into my arms” Kunj asked me with a grin “No don’t even think to great of yourself I and love falling in your arms Impossible “ I replied “Okay so we are here for an important work take these notes I have xeroxed them for you “I said bringing him back to what we were here for “Thanks Twinkle” he said “Omg pinch me Please Pinch” I said in a dramatic way but this Saddu na He really pinched me “Ouch, Are you mad” I shouted “You only asked me to pinch you he said innocently “But who pinches so hard”I said rubbing my skin where he pinched me “Sorry, But why did you ask me to punch you? “ He asked “Because you called me Twinkle and not Saiyyapa queen” I said “Oh that you are so childish “He said “Whatever” I said sipping my Coffee “Twinkle I want to ask you a personal question” He asked me “What you want to ask the size of my bra” I chuckled “Saiyyapa queen” He said angrily “Okay baba sorry ask me what you want to ask me “ I said “Okay so do you love UV ? “ He asked which shocked me “Yeh I do “ I answered “How do you know that” was my question even before he could reply to why he asked me this question “Voh That day you were crying while you slipped and I herd that day UV proposed Mahi” He answered calmly “ So what is it to you “ I questioned in a rash voice “I love …….



And yeh ABHI BABY – You said that my story line is similar to one of the Ragsan ff I am sorry dear I don’t know about it ? But this storyline is my original one and maybe the story up till now was similar and if at all you feel it is similar to hers I am sorry ? I would have to end my ss And Yeh no offences And I am glad that you brought this to my notice or else we would have 2 ff’s with the same storyline ?

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