Hi peeps, yb here, just thought of writing another fan fiction on shraman. This is named “love makes life live” A idea just sparked in my mind and hence I thought to write this story. Guys, don’t worry my other fan fiction that is “ love is like the wind, u can see it, but you can feel it” will also continue, actually I thought I will write this after the other story finishes, but I am not able to control my excitement .i hope everyone there is equally excited to read the ff.
So I will introduce the characters , hope you guys like it, give your comments and feedback and help me improve.
The story will feature the love that blooms between a orphan and an brave army person.
Character sketch
Suman tiwari: a young girl, who was rich at times but now has lost her parents and is in extreme poverty. Works in a village under a rich seth. Is very simple but beautiful, believes in love and is waiting for her prince charming. She wants to continue her education and dreams of being a successful person in the future, but lacks money and hence works and also goes to the nearby college for studying.
Shravan malhotra: a young man who is studying for becoming an army officer, is very rich and shows a lot of hatred towards his parents and hence lives seperately. Believes in love and helps poor people .
Nirmala malhotra: mother of Shravan malhotra, doesn’t like poor people and treats them as servants. Wants her son to become a successful businessman.
Ramnath malhotra: is a very rich business man, shows hatred towards all poor and believes in status, khandaan and stuff. hates Shravan as he helps the poor.
I will include more characters in the future. Do tell me whether to continue.
Thankyou for you cooperation and support,
Loads of love,
Take care

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