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Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 12

Abhimanyu meets Mukti at canteen.
Abhimanyu: hi beautiful, I m Abhimanyu Thakkar
Mukti: so what should I do?
Abhimanyu: u too introduce yourself pretty girl.
Mukti: ok…if I don’t do then I know u will keep following me…Mukti Vardhan
Abhimanyu: friends?
Mukti: oh God. How do u boys manage …
Abhimanyu: I asked for friendship
Mukti: no thnx

She goes, he comes in front of her.
Abhimanyu: hey wait up
Mukti: now what?

He tucks a rose behind her ear, she rolls her eyes.
Abhimanyu: u r looking more pretty now, see u around

He goes and Mukti removes the rose from behind her ear and throws it. She goes.

Navya and Cabir meet in library.
Cabir: hi gf
Navya: Namaste

Cabir slaps his forehead laughingly.
Cabir: u could have said hello
Navya: chamatkaar ko namashkaar
Cabir: God, Namaste Navya Naveli
Navya: namaste
Cabir: ok so now that we r bf gf we should kiss
Navya: no we r bf gf for 40 days that’s it
Cabir: haha m joking…we can roam hand in hand
Navya (shying) ok

They go out hand in hand, this didn’t go unnoticed by fab5 and Nandini.
Nandini: why is Navya roaming with him? I will have to talk to her.

Hey guys, need suggestions, I will end this story soon, I don’t write as good as I think I write…I hope u won’t mind.

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