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Love is like the wind; you can’t see it, but you can feel it. a shraman ff intro and epi1

Hi guys ,this is balamirra yegneswaran here .
I think you guys know me, I have always wanted to write an fan fiction on shraman .
I have literally fallen in love with ek duje ke vaaste and shraman and also I have drawn a lot of inspiration from all the writers who write for shraman and edkv hence this fan fiction named
“LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT BUT YOUCAN FEEL IT” is dedicated for you guys .
Love all the people who write for shraman and ek duje ke vaaste , u guys really rock .
Hope you guys like the fan fiction.
It will be great if u guys encourage me and correct my mistakes.
This story is all about the life of shraman as teenagers and it emphasizes on how they fall in love.
Enough of my talks , I guess I am talking a lot .

Character sketch
Shravan malhotra (played by namik paul) : A 17 year old popular and rebellious teen who , falls in love with suman tiwari.He and his father live separately and have some misunderstandings.best friend of pushkar singh.
Suman tiwar(played by nikita dutta) : A 15 year old- teen who studies in the same school as shravan and falls in love with shravan .She is the minister’s granddaughter and wears modest clothes .
She loses her parents at the age of five and lives with her grandfather-raghuvar tiwari
She suffers from some disorder (you will come to know about it in the later episodes).
Raghuvar tiwari: grandfather of suman and minister of the state.
He Is a very strict and disciplined person .
Ramnath malhotra(played by satyajit ray): estranged father of shravan malhotra
he and shravan will unite later in the story because of suman.
Pushkar Singh(played by ranjith singh): a 16 year old bookworm, best friend of shravan malhotra and will fall in love with preeti dixit .Gives moral support to shravan and helps him in all ways.
Preeti dixit (played by adithi rathore): a chubby 15 year old girl ,best friend of suman tiwari .Helps suman in all times and is a person on whom suman relies the most after her grandpa. Falls in love with pushkar
This is the character sketch guys , I will write the first episode as soon as possible.
I will include more characters in the future if necessary.
As this is a shraman fan fiction , I will not write much on preekar
But I will include preekar scenes too.
Sorry for the change in surname just wanted to differentiate their surnames.

So here is the first episode of the ff.

Episode 1
(Shravan and pushkar have a conversation)
Shravan enters the school and looks at pushkar staring at preeti.
Shravan : hey pushkar (shouts loudly)
Pushkar : hi buddy, why were you shouting ?
Shravan : because you were busy staring at someone !
Pushkar : vaise kuch nahi yaar (in a sad tone )
(The bell rings and both the friends enter the school)

The teacher divides groups and assigns the task of making a play, the teacher wants each student to collect information.
.Shravan and pushkar are in different teams , they have a conversation about the play in the school campus after the school gets over.

Shravan : how are we supposed to do the play , I am not getting any ideas.
Pushkar (in a sad tone): mujhe bhi vohi problem hai.
Pushkar: idea! Tumne kabhi suman tiwari ka naam suna hai? Iss school mei vohi ek ladki hai jo aise plays /drama karne me expert hai . hum jaake uss se help kenge .
Shravan :hey suman tiwari.. minister raghuvar tiwari ka grand daughter he na ? who ladki jo sirf ek hi sweater har roz pehenti ?
Pushkar : han wohi ladki hai buddy.
Meanwhile preeti comes there .
Note (preeti and shravan know each other and hence they are kind of friends )
Preeti: shravan, tumne uss project ke liye kuch socha hai?
Shravan: nahi preeti, mai aur pushkar vohi bat kar rahe the , hum jaake suman tiwari se help lenge .
Maine school me usse bohot baar dekha hai par kabhi baat nahi ki .
(Pushkar is lost in preeti’s beauty)
Preeti notices pushkar staring at her and hence tries to leave, meanwhile shravan calls her and they plan something .
Pushkar: hi preeti, I am pushkar singh friend of shravan .
Preeti: (feeling akward) oh! Nice to meet you.
Shravan: aap sono ek hi group me ho na?
Preekar: haan! (look at each other and smile.)
Shravan : so lets go in teams , I will go to meet suman tomorrow, and you both can go later .
Preekar and shravan go to their respective houses.

Precap: shraman meet each other, some preekar moments.

The first episode was short but I will assure you guys that the next episodes will be long .
So how was it? Please do comment and tell me whether I should continue or not.
I will upload episode 2 asap.
Take care.

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