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LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” – a shraman fanfiction. episode 8

Hi guys , this is y.b with the eight episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT BUT YOUCAN FEEL IT” .
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This fan fiction doesn’t have any negative characters, all the characters are positive. The only thing which is an obstacle between shraman’s love is death.
So lets start.
Recap: Shravan ( starts shouting): no sumo, you cant go away from me , I love you sumo , I love you so much . my mom died when I was young , my father and I had misunderstandings, he did not bother to stay with me and now , if you will leave me too, then who will be there with me sumo. No sumo, you cant do this sumo.His eyes get swollen , he keeps weeping and then he feels a hand on his shoulder . he wipes his face and turns back to see a tall figure with gray eyes , brown hair and he realized hat it was none other than his father ramnath malhotra. He gives a shocked reaction.
Shravan and ramnath converstion.
Shravan: what are you doing here?
Ramnath : Shravan look at me , I have got something for you.
Shravan: I don’t want anything from you , just get away from me. I hate you MR RAMNATH MALHOTRA. (tears trickle down from his face) you left me , once mom died because you don’t care for me mr malhotra, I believed in you , loved you but you only showed hatred towards me . so just get away from me , please I beg your pardon. Just leave .
Ramnath: ( wipes his tears) this is something that I have got for you. just take a look at it ,then I will leave.
Shravan: (turns around and faces ramnath)he takes the file that ramnath gives him and goes through the whole file .
Shravan’s disappointed faces turns into a bright one .
Shravan: Papa, thank you so much ( hugs ramanath very tightly) you have really done a great favour to me . you did this for me ? for my sumo ?
Ramnath: yes Shravan , I have appointed the best doctors who can cure leukemia , I have even made a wishlist for suman , in which she can make a maximum of 14 wishes. I will make sure all her wishes are fulfilled. She is in a critical stage but doctors will try their best in treating her. Now go and tell suman about the wishlist , so that you guys can fulfill each and every wish together.i guess I have to leave now , takecare.
Shravan: no papa, please don’t , I love you papa , I love you…
(Ramnath and Shravan embrace each other and get reunited)
Ramnath: if you will keep hugging me, then who will fulfill suman’s wish , go and meet your sumo..
Shravan : yes papa, I will , thankyou so much ( he gets ready and goes to the minister’s mansion as fast as he can)
Shravan buys a big bouquet full of roses and starts driving towards suman’s house.
He could nt believe the things that happened a few moments ago , he wanted to spent the rest of his life with sumo.

He walks towards the palace and greets raghuvar tiwari
Raghuvar tiwari: sumo is eagerly waiting for you Shravan.
Shravan walks to sumo’s room and finds sumo busy reading a novel .
He walks to her and sits beside her.
She could feel his presence .
She turned around and just looked at him. Their eyes locked.
Suman: Shravan..
He just embraces her as if he never wants to leave her, she feels his warmth too , she feels that it is the safest place for her.
Suman: you know Shravan, even death doesn’t sound difficult , when you are with me.
Shravan cups sumans face and throws his manly lips on her soft ones.
That morning suman and Shravan make love .
After some time
Shravan : sumo, so tell me what wishes do you want me to fulfill, here goes your wishlist .
Suman: ok , so my first wish is that I want to see a shooting star.
Shravan: its such a simple wish, I can show that to you very soon!
Suman: but I want to make a wish on the shooting star,you know that’s very difficult .
Shravan : yeah, so what about the second wish
Suman: hmmm
(the episode ends on suman’s face.)

Precap: ramnath’s relationship with raghuvar tiwari , good news for preekar fans, Shravan fulfills sumo’s wish.
Todays episode was a bit disappointing without much of shraman scenes but I am sure you have a lot of stuff coming up , you guys must be wondering how ramnath knows suman. Stay tuned and keep reading “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT, BUT YOUCAN FEEL IT”

I will upload the next part asap.
Happy reading ,
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