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love is forever (episode 19)

the episode starts with aliya consoling adi.

aliya: it’s okay adi…
adi: how aliya? how can it be okay?
aliya: your heart knows it….

adi hugs aliya and cries. aliya too cries.

aliya: adi… lets sleep.. come on.

they sleep.

it’s morning. everyone is having breakfast.

ishita: come on adi… i made your favorite food.

adi eats slowly. suddenly the door opens it’s pallavi. ishita sees her.

ishita: pallavi!

everyone turns to her. sarika and romi smiles.

pallavi: hello.

ishita and pallavi hug.

sarika: where is rohit?

a cute boy peeps from behind (like when naksh was small in yrkkh)

sarika gets glad.

pallavi: he is a little bit shy now..

sarika holds her arms out.

sarika: come on rohit..

rohit keeps little steps..

rohit: mama..
pallavi: go on beta…

rohit goes near sarika. she hugs him.

sarika: shall i show you my room.
rohit: okay..

sarika takes romi to her room romi follows her.

ishita: so pallavi.. take a seat..

they sit down. raman and pihu leaves out to school.
mrs bhalla goes to her room. adi too goes to his room

ishita: how are you getting on?
pallavi: fine ishita.

the scene shift to sarika’s room.

sarika: so do you like my room?
rohit: yes.. but my room is better.
sarika: why is that?
rohit: my bed has a superhero bed.
sarika: really.
rohit: yes..

sarika hugs him.

everyone is having fun. soon its time for pallavi’s leaving.

pallavi: come on rohit say bye.
rohit: bye.

sarika gets tears.

sarika: bye.
pallavi: bye ishita
ishita: bye…

its night time.
in ishra’s room.

ishita: raman… sarika was soo happy to see rohit.
raman: yes…
ishita: are you thinking something?
raman: no…well… it’s about adi.

she holds his shoulders.

ishita: don’t worry
raman: no ishita there is only one option.
ishita: what?
raman: let’s send him abroad.

ishita gets shocked.

ishita: what abroad?
raman: yes… only for few years
ishita: no.. my beta is not going anywhere.
raman: ishita listen.. here he got so many problems with our enemies.

ishita looks away.

raman: and this criminal… if he goes to america he will be living in peace.
ishita: but we can call and tell abishek about this criminal.

raman looks at her.

raman: it’s not about the criminal ishita… but everything else too. ishita, just think about it.
ishita: then about aliya?
raman: ishita is love everything? they can stay away for few years..
ishita: but raman…

raman holds her

raman: please ishita isn’t it a good idea?
ishita: i- not.. sure…
raman: think for a little.

raman leaves….


in mani’s house.

mani is drinking wine.

mani: look out bhallas! you are done for stealing my aliya…

he takes another sip.

mani: wondering how this letter came? well gues who… your latest enemy..
he smiles.

precap: ishita talks to adi about raman’s plan. he gets shocked

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