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love is forever (episode 10)

the episode starts with ananya and simmi entering the house.
they see the room dark.

ananya: mama where is everybody?
simmi: don’t know.

suddenly the lights switch back on.

everyone: surprise!!!

ananya and simmi laugh.

they welcome ananaya and cuts the cake. they celebrate her birthday happily.

its night time….

mrs bhalla: it’s been so fun.

everyone nods.

suddenly the phone rings.

ishita: who can this be?

she picks up the call it’s shagun.

shagun: where is my daughter?
ishita: she is here safe and sound.
shagun: how dare you take my daughter.
ishita: she came with aliya.

ishita ends the call.

ishita: it’s shagun.
mrs bhalla: wicked woman.
mr bhalla: let’s forget everything and go to sleep.
raman: yes let’s go.

in adi’s room….

aliya enters the room. she has the watch. adi is reading a book on the bed.

aliya: excuse me
adi: yes come in..
aliya: well.. i..
adi: come here. sit down

aliya sits down on the bed.

aliya and adi: i got something for you.
aliya: well…. you go first.
adi: no you..
aliya: ok let’s show it together.

adi and aliya shows their gift.

adi: what’s this.
aliya: open it and see.

they open their gifts and smiles.

aliya: oh my gosh!! adi i love my necklace.
adi: and i love my watch too.

they try their gifts on.

aliya: thank you sooooo much.

she hugs adi and smiles. adi smiles. sab tera plays….

aliya: where am i going to sleep.
adi: oh no!
aliya: why?
adi: ishi ma gave the matress to the poor.
aliya: oh. now what..
adi: um…. you can sleep on…. my bed…
aliya: what!
adi: other wise on the floor..
aliya: oh alright then..
adi: okay, but only on one condition.
aliya: what?
adi: you have to keep the pillows to seperate our parts.
aliya : okay.

aliya turns back. they smile.

the scene shifts to aliya’s house.

shagun: it’s good that pihu went . i can talk to abhita.
she calls abhita.
abhita: yes shagun.
shagun: what’s the plan.
abhita: this is the plan. you need to get ishita’s finger prints on a knife.
shagun: what?
abhita: yeah… then when mani comes, you can go to him and talk sweetly and stab him.
shagun: um…. then….
abhita: then you leave the house.

shagun smiles.

shagun: perfect!
she ends the call.

the scene shifts to adi’s room.

aliya keeps the pillows on the bed.
they sleep.

aliya dreams of adi coming to her.
adi: aliya…
adi: i love you aliya!
aliya: me too. i love you adi.

they smiles and dances.

precap: ishita calls Acp abishek and tells about shagun.
romi comes with sarika.

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