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Love is blind (EDKV) Teaser cum Promo

Hello guys m back here so all the reasons for my delay will be given in the next post coz this is a teaser and there is going to be maha episode soon

I will post the maha episode on 1st NOVEMBER as its our pyaari n
Neetu’s birthday and there will be a special gift for her

But before that I present to u the teaser or promo of the ff so that u don’t forget that m here and m not leaving m gonna post my ff coz the way i delayed and almost disappeared most of u much have thought that m leaving which is not true I can’t live without u all so can’t leave guys

So here I start with yeh teaser
As u know in the previous episode sumo got kidnapped and shravan is searching for her the kidnapper is yet to be revealed
So ab aage

Sumo sees the face of the kidnapper and is shocked
Sumo: you?? How can u stoop so low how can u do this to me I will not leave u just open my hands m saying leave me
Kidnapper: really u think I did all this to leave u at the nick of time no u r mine I will never leave u

Voice: hey himaat hai toh mujhse baat kar chuze…

Kidnapper: SHRAVAN…

Shravan: Han main tujhe Kya laga Tu jo chahe karega and I will.sit quietly chup chap sumo KO chod de

Kidnapper: huh no not at all

Shravan and kidnapper fight…and sumo tries to free herself


a big sea is shown the water flow is very heavy if someone falls in it the chances of yeh person coming out live is impossible and a there is a cliff near it and at the edge of the cliff are sumo shravan and the kidnapper

Shravan and kidnapper are fighting suddenly a voice comes *SPLASH*

some one has fallen just then police comes and arrest the kidnapper
Then who had fallen
sumo was disheveled she couldn’t believe her eyes
The one who saved her
The one who was her bestie
The one who used to fight with her
The one whom she hated once and
The one whom she loves more than her life has fallen into a deep sea

Yes sumo had fallen in love with shravan but what’s in store for her will she get her Shravan back??

Is this the end of a journey ???
New beginning of the journey???
Or a totally new journey

To know more be hooked up with this ff
Jaanne ke Liye Padhte rahiye LOVE IS BLIND

So guys this is the teaser hope u like it lot more is coming so plz be patient and wait for the maha episode on 1st
Neetu I hope u will like it
Love u all bbye c u soon

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