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Love birds (part-25)

This part is starting from bihaan and thapki going to dhruv.dhruv gets teary eyes.they comes to room.they sees dhruv.bihaan goes to dhruv.he keeps his hands in dhruv shoulder.dhruv sees them.bihaan says to dhruv,bhai…I know your feeling.Sankara done mistake.I accept this.but she is your wife.you have to excuse her.Sankara needs affection.she want your love now.you have to support her.please dhruv bhai…accept her.dhruv recalls about Sankara.dhruv says to him,I am sorry bihaan.I am also tried to kill you.but you care of me.bihaan and dhruv hugs.thapki smiles.

vasu comes to balwander.they talks each other.vasu says to him, Sankara is not my bahu.I am going to ask to dhruv about divorse with Sankara.dhruv hears them.he comes there.he says to them, l won’t divorse with Sankara.she is my wife.vasu gets shocked.she says to that dhruv,beta what are you saying.he says to her,yes Maa I love her.she is my life. vasu comes to him.she holds his face.she says to him,OK you do as your wish.dhruv smiles.

thapki and bihaan comes to their room.thapki sits in bed.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan I am so happy today.finally dhruv loves Sankara. bihaan goes turns his face from her.thapki says to him,bi.. bihaan why are you so silent.talk to me. again he didn’t say anything to her. bihaan turns his face.thapki says to him,bihaan what happend to you?.she holds his face.bihaan says to her,I know this.you are making everyone’s happy.but you are not thinking about me.thapki laughs.she hugs him.bihaan smiles.bihaan and thapki falls on bed.they looks at each other.(ranjhanaa plays……………)
bihaan kisses her forehead.thapki closes her eyes.he kisses her eyelids.bihaan touches her belly.she turns her face.thapki turns back.he opens her blouse dori.he kisses her back.he takes box from table.he opens that box.he tooks long chain.he keeps in her belly.he makes her wear.he kisses her.he slowly touches her foot.he removes her saree from leg.he touches her legs.she gets shy.bihaan kisses her legs.he holds her face.he kisses her cheek. he removes her ear rings.he removes her necklace.he kisses her neck.
he holds her hands tightly.they hugs each other.bihaan covers them in blanket.they gets initimate.

dhruv searches Sankara.he searches her in all temples .he asks to everyone about her.but he didn’t find her.dhruv gets tensed.finally he gets her in temple.Sankara sees dhruv.she runs to him.she hugs him.dhruv says to her,Sankara don’t cry.I am with you.he holds her hands.he asks her to come to house.she nodes at him.they goes to house.

thapki and bihaan sleeping in bed.thapki opens her eyes.she sees her saree was removes.she lying bed with blouse and skirt.she gets shocked.bihaan keeps his hands in her belly.he sleeps.she sees bihaan she screams…bihaan wakeup suddenly.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan what you done with me. bihaan sees thapki.he says to her,why are you screaming now.its just happens by me.so what I am your husband na..thapki gets shy.she turns other side.bihaan sees her.he takes that saree.he gives to thapki.he says to her,hello madam don’t get upset.wear this saree.he gives that to her.thapki takes saree from his hand.bihaan goes out of room.thapki smiles at him.

dhruv reaches house.everyone sees them.thapki and bihaan comes there.Sankara sees them.suddenly she runs to them.she fells down on thahaan foots.she asks them to excuse her.thapki holds her.she says to her,Sankara you are like sister for me.dont ask sorry to me.bihaan smiles at thapki.bihaan says to Sankara,yes bhabhi Ji.bihaan and thapki smiles at her.Sankara says to them, I done big mistake.I realize everything now.vasu comes to her.she says to Sankara,I am so happy for you betiya.my son dhruv life is comes back again.balwander says to her,vasundhara its all happens by my bahu thapki.we are so lucky to have like this bahu.vasu nodes at her.she smiles at him.aditi gets happy seeing Sankara and dhruv.

thapki and bihaan hugs in front of everyone. aditi claps at them.dhruv lifts Sankara in his arms.

finally happy ends of love birds…

thank you so much for all readers who comments to me and silent readers.please today I want to read silent readers comments also. please comments about my ff.(thanks for pooja,reshal,sulbi,alia,fitri,abida, Rifa,thenkani,naitan,arooj,fitroh, sush,aneesh,navami,Priya, joylin,garima)
if I left anyone names pls excuse me.
thanks a lot to everyone.

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