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love between swasan (part-23) short update

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Swara was completely fine her redness of arm also got faded…. Now it’s time for moving with sagar…

The night the will be going to leave on same day at morning swara goes to clg for submitting her assignment kiran is waiting for her in the car because from there they will go to sanky’s office..

Kiran as always playing temple run and seeing time by time towards the gate from where swara will come… after half hr he saw swara coming so he starts the car and drives towards her but before him a black van came and pulls swara inside….

Kiran become shocked and he dialed the sanky’s number while chasing the van….. sanky picks up the call

Sanky: ya kiran?? When will he u both r coming??

Kiran: sanky bhai someone kidnap swara from clg gate

Sanky: what??? Where the hell were u that time?? How this happens??

Kiran: bhai I am chasing the van u just call the kunal bhai

Sanky : okay and tell me your location

Kiran told him and sanky while calling kunal runs outside and starts driving towards the location

Kiran is following the van butt he missed it

Kiran : shitttt

In the meantime sanky also reached

Sanky: kiran what happened?? Where is van??

Kiran: I missed it bhai

Sankyy: what the hell

Kunal also reached there and they decided to track swara’s cell location…

After 1 hr they got successful in tracking down swara’s location.. the area is in the distance of almost 1 hr…

Kunal,sanky,kiran and 10-15 policemen reached on the location… which were a house

Kunal signs all the policemen to cover the whole house and he, kiran and sanky goes inside the house while hiding… butt the scene inside the house make their eyes popped out from the socket…..

Becauseeeeeeeee swara was standing in between many men who were laying on the floor injured badly but they become more shocked on finding sagar,jai and dr john in between them laying on the floor almost unconscious…

Sanky with shocked voice : swaraaaaaaa???

Swara turns after listening sanky voice

Swara : sanskarrrrr and she runs towards him and hugs him tightly

Kiran: what is all this swara?? What happened to all?? Don’t tell me u beat them??

Swara with proud smile said : obviously I beat them u forgot I told u I am black belt in taekwondo

Kunal : but why did u beat sagar, dr john and mr jai kapoor?

Swara with anger filled voice : huhhhh kunal bhai there is no chip inside mee

Trio : whatttttttt??

Swara : yess these bastards inject a virus inside me through which I will become a complete human bomb within a year and then they will use me for destruction…

Sanky : what r u saying swara?? How is this possible jai kapoor personally tells about the chip

Swara : It was all there drama because they don’t want anyone to know about this because there was no code for it it was all just rubbish… juhi bhabi can easily removes that virus from my body… that’s why they plan all this…

Jai kapoor himself is the master of this plan… nobody is behind him he planned all this because in this way papa and dad will believe him and because they loves me a lot soo that’s why they didn’t consult with anyone accept the family… if they will consult any senior scientist then that scientist will reveal all the truth that there is no such type of technique to inject chip inside human body or to match code with anyone’s mind… (arsha now u got it na ?

Kiran: oo myy goddd they were doing drama from these many years and we also came in there trap

Swara : yuppp

Sanky : how u got to know about all this?? And why they used u??

Swara : I think u all should listen this from the master mind of this plan… jai kapoor

Kunal go and grab jai kapoor bye his collar and made him sit on the chair and pulls his hair tightly and said : soo mr jai kapoor enough of your drama now tell us the truth that why u doo this and how u plan all thiss…

To be continued……

Precap: jai tells about his plan… swara tells about how she came to knw

Guys don’t beat mee plzzzzzz ?

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