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love between swasan (part-16) continued

Guys I have decided that I will write haunted OS but it also contains funny and mysterious scenes because now a days I was writing mysterious ff and many funny ss were also written by mee soo now the main focus wil be on horror but obviously with the tarka of fun and mystery ? and I will upload that OS in next few days may be tommorow of may be day after tomorrow…

Part 15


Sanskar has gone for a meeting which is out of city… soo today swara has decided to find any clue after returning from clg because sanskar will be arriving late….

Soo swara got ready and goes to her clg there as usual kd is playing temple run and while neha is reading harry potter: D

Swara: kd don’t u have another game to play?? Why u always sticked to temple run??

Kd: swara don’t be jealous with my playing skills I know u can’t even score 1 lac in temple run and I am having a score of 50 crores

Swara: its just a waste of time to talk to u

Kiran: then who is saying to talk to me??

Swara : throws book on his head and moves towards neha

Swara: nehaa oooo harry potter madam

Neha: haan mairi maaa (yes my mother) what happened??

Swara: r u sure about your decision for marrying this dumbo??

Kiran: whaattt??? U called me dumbo??

Swara: any doubt??

Kiran: youuu… youuuu…

Swara: what you you han???

Kiran: uuu wild cat

Swara: uu giraffe

Kiran: uuu dwarf

Swara: uu king kong

Kiran: u… but stop by neha’s scream

Nehaa: stooppppppppp both of u just shut your mouth

Kira (kiran swara) stops on the very next moment

Neha: why u both r fighting like a monkeys??? Forget it now move we have a class

Swara and kiran gave each other a death glare

Swara: I will see uu kirann diiiiiii

Kiran: I will aslooo see uu dwarfff

Swara : huhhh

Kiran : huhhhh

Neha slaps her forehead and murmurs idiots…

Like this the day has passed in clg… and now swara is eagerly waiting for driver.. she is watching her wrist watch again and again and this is seen by kiran who is as usual standing at a little safe distance for swara’s safety…

Kiran always guard swara till when she sat down in the car…

Kiran: why is she looking in a hurry?? I have a doubt that there is something running in her mind I think I have to call sanky bhai

On the other side swara’s driver came and she literary jumped into the car and goes

She reached home and after taking meal she starts searching for a clue… she continuously finding the clue from last 2 hrs.. and now she is getting tired..

Swara: ooo god I have searched the whole house but didn’t find anything what can I do now?? Suddenly she remembered that she didn’t chcked sanskar’s study

Swara: oo yes study is remaining by saying this she runs towards the study..

In study there are many files which are arranged in a very neat manner… soo it is easy for swara to chck them

She starts checking but found only projects, annual reports etc.. Suddenly her eyes got something it was a golden clr file which seems different from all the other file.. She is going to take that file and hold the file in her hand.. but before she opens it a hand came and stops her by holding her wrist tightly

Swara jerks and saw sanskar was standing there with a blood shot eyes she becomes sacred

Swara: san..ss…kaar….

Sanskar with harsh tone: what r u doing here?? Now also he is holding her wrist very tightly

Swara : n…oo…thinngggg

Sanskar: but your stammering is saying something else

Swara becomes more scared because one her wrist is paining and the other seeing sanskar anger.. her eyes become teary..

Sanskar after snatching the file: swara don’t test my patience I was lenient with u it doesn’t mean that I will tolerate this one also

Swara : I waa.s..sss… ju..sss..ttt.

Sanskar with loud voice : what just hann?? By saying this he twist her wrist at her back and jerk her towards him… now both faces ere very closed

Swara: aaahhhhh sanskar please its paining

Sanskar: I think u forgot what can I doo he said by leaning towards her ear

Swara starts shvering: ii..mmm…mmm soo..rrryyy plzzzz

Sanskar twists her wrist more to which swara winces in pain

Sanskar joins his forehead with her and said in a very dangerous tone: this is the last warning and one more mistake u will be on my bed…. By saying this he bites her earlobe and leave her with a jerk… and storms out

Swara stumbles with a sudden push but didn’t fall due to table behind

Swara is crying tears are brimming from her eyes continuously…

While on the other side sanskar is in the gym he taking out his frustration by beating himself with a hunter… and remembering what happened in the evening..


Kiran calls sanskar

Kiran: bhai where r u??

Sanskar: I am out of city kiran for a meeting why what happened?

Kiran: swara is looking like in a hurry today its seems like something is running in her mind

Sanskar: she is a express train always remains in a hurry bytt suddenly something strike in his mind

Sanskar: ooo shitt

Kiran: what happened bhai??

Sanskar: yesterday its looking like that swara is having a doubt on me so today definitely she will try her best to find any clue and the file which contains all the major tasks and detail due to which she was here was in my study…

Kiran: oo shit bhai now what??

Sanskar: nothing I will try to reach as soon as possible

And like this sanskar reached on the same time when swara is going to open the filee..

flashback ends….

Today he again hurts her but what can he doo.. he don’t want to see her being scared in every second that someone is searching her and if they find her they will kill her…

He is beating himself continuously suddenly he felt a pull on the hunter he saw towards the direction and saw swara is standing there by holding the other end of the hunter… her eyes were swollen nose is getting red due to continuous crying… but she is just gazing the marks on his body due to hunter…

Sanskar is whisper : swaraa butt the next moment he felt a burning sensation on his left cheek before he could understand he flet the same burning sensation on his right cheek…

Sanskar was staring swara with wide open eyes and by putting hands on both cheek he is trying to understand what happened in these few sec.. but his concentration broke when he saw swara again raising hand to slap him butt he stops her hand

Sanskar: what the hell?? How dare u to slap me??

Swara jerks his hand and again slaps him and this time it was hard to which he stumble

Sanskar shocked on seeing the intensity of the slap…

Sanskar: swaraaaa

Swara: why r u doing this??

Sanskar: that’s none of your business who the hell r u to question me??

Swara: it’s my business polar bear it’s my responsibility to question u being your wife she said all this with teary eyes

Sanskar jerk his head towards swara : wwhh..aaa..ttt??? who polar bear?? I don’t u what u r talking about he said all this while turning his gaze

But in the next moment he felf a sudden wait on his chest yess swara hugged him tightly and was crying bitterly

Swara: I know everything that night I’ve heard everything.. I came in sense when u kissed on my forehead… and I also know that u r not a womanizer because that day when kiran was in your office I’ve heard everything

Sanskar is numb all the time after hearing her confession tears starts flowing from his eyes

Swara tights her grip more on him… that day kiran by mistake dialed neha’s number and neha was in washroom soo her cellphone was with mee and I received the call but nobody answered but after few second I heard kiran and your voices and I’ve heard all that

Sanskar compose himself and breaks the hug and turns his face from swara..

Sanskar: I don’t know what u r talking about I think u mistaken

Swara: if instead of u I was gang raped then what will be your reaction?? But next moment swara feels the burning sensation yess sanskar slapped her

Sanskar: don’t uu dare to utter this type of nonsense I will kill u

Swara with smile and teary eyes: if a man can accept a a girl u can be a rape victim when why can I not accept that person whom I loved from 8 yrs???

Sanskar keeps mum

Swara: don’t u have any trust on your love??


Swara: can u see me going with some elsee

Sanskar hugs her tightly on hearing this… he starts crying bitterly in her embrace and sat down while crying… swara all the while hugging him tightly

Sanskar while crying : swara I can’t see u going with someone else but what can I do Im not a reliable person for uu but he stops because swara kissed him on his lips

Swara is kissing him with love and care sanskar become shocked but later he too reciprocate in it after few sec they broke the kiss butt before they said anything swara screams in pain

Swara by holding her left arm: aaaaahhhhh sanskarrrrrr

Sanskar panic on seeing her in pain : swarraaaaa

Swara is screaming continuously and crying: sanskarr its paininggg please doo something

Sanskar: ssshhh sshhh swara nothing will happen im with u naa plzz

Swara : ahhh sanskarrr she the crying bitterly and suddenly faints in sanskar arms…..

Sanskar: swaraaaaaaa

To be continued…..

Precap: swara’s pov and finally the major twist is going to unveil ? (don’t forget to read and comment)

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