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love between swasan (part-13)

guys here is another part

and guys hemanshi is a new writer here and she is writing an ff ” swasan magical love” soo read it for sure ? and hemanshi read swasan proper romantic scenes will come but after sometime ? and shan if anytime im not able to write then i surely give u to write the next epii because u knows everything about my stoty ? but howww??? ?

Part 12


Sanky::: nooo stop karannn ooo sorryyy I mean ka…kaa…kaaa…kirannn ?

Karan or kiran makes a pout on hearing this and makes a sad face

Kiran: what sanky bhai u alsooo :@ he makes an angry pout

Sanskar laughs: what I also I didn’t put your this name

Kiran: ya ya I know and u know I literary wants to kill raj bhai for this huhhh ( soo guys kiran real name karan is the cousin brother of raj and kunal 22 yrs old later will be soon)

Sanky: hehehehehehe I know I knowww and he burst into laughter

Kiran all the while seeing him with a pout

Sanky: u know when u were born raj is 4 yrs old he is jumping like a lost puppy on finding someone small from him… chichi your mom tells raj that your name will be karan.. but raj being a child spell it as kiran soo from then all family members start calling u kiran by saying this sanky starts laughing again

Kiran : not only family members but teachers,princi even neha and sweety also calls me kiran because both denies to call me karan….. karan my original name is only written on official papers… sometimes I thought to change the name from papers also

Sanky who is listening all this fumes in anger on name sweety and said: oooo donkey head stop calling swara as sweety u idiot

Kiran smirks and said: ooooo soo someone is getting possessive

Sanky: whatever

Kiran laughs: easy sanky bhai u know reality that I always take her as my sister

Sanky: I know butt what r u doing here?? And who is with swara in clg???

Kiran: relax bhai there is classes going on continuously for 3 hrs soo both neha and swara attending classes I came after making an excuse

Kiran is in clg for the protection of swara (later will be reveal with the revelation of main plan)

Sanky: ooooo but what r u doing here and how u came to know about our marriage???

Kiran: actually I saw u both in moring and swara is hiding her vermillion and mangalsutr soo from there I came to know and I felt too much angry on seeing this

Sanky: actually shekhar uncle changed the plan and swara being a stubborn will surely doo something soo I married to her in a hurry last night

Kiran: I know bhai but then kiran saw something in sanky’s table and pick it up

Kiran: bhai why r u doing this he shows the thing to sanky??

Sanky who is picking up the files thrown by kiran looks up and signs

Sanky: u know everything kiran then why r u asking again and again??

Kiran: because u r now married to whom u love

Sanky: but im not relieable for her

Kiran: this is not fair bhai u r acting as a womanizer in front of the world but I know the reality that u give drug to the girls and all girls think that u have spent some time with them he said by showing him the bottle which he picks up from the table

yes guys sanskar is not a womanizer he is only pretending infront of all infact raj and shan also don’t know about this only kiran knows about this because one day he came to his office and saw him mixing something in water and giving that water to a girl from their kiran confronts him and he told everything that he shows the girls that he is doing something to them but in actual he gave them drug in a water due to that drug the girls loses their senses for half or 1 hr and the girls didn’t realize it because before giving them drug sanskar shows them that they are going to do something soo in their mind that thing remain and after when drugs reaction vanish girls came to in senses but in their mind they think that they have done something ( I hope now everything will be cleared related to sanky’s character??)

sanky: kiran enough im not in a mood to talk about this u just goo and saw swara just goo he said with frustration

kiran: okay bhai as u wish as he goes towards the cabin door but before leaving kiran turns and said

kiran: bhaii u r doing wrong because u know that very well that how much she loves u

sanky gave him a blank expression and said : leave

kiran left

sanky: I know kiran swara loves me alot……

to be continued….

Guys soooo another shock ?

Precap: sanky thinking about the past and why is he doing all this ( but im sure guys u came to know about this)

Guys I will reveal the sole reason but before that I will reveal all the small secrets soo u have to bear this for 1 to 2 episodes 

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