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Living A Lie – Part 3 [Swaragini]

Living a Lie : Part-3 Will Ragini complete the dare? ( SwaLak – RagSan )

[ The second part mistakenly has the name Part-1 on it. Please check that first if you haven’t read it.

Part – 1 : Here
Part – 2 : Here


Oh my gosh!…. what I’ve got myself into? Why did I even agree? Now I’m dead. Literally “D-E-A-D!”
Ragini and I are standing in our school parking, waiting for our very own ‘MUSKETEERS’. I know that I made a big mistake playing S-T-D. Rags used my dare as a weapon and now I’m in a big trouble and I’ve also got a song fitting my current situation. Its Taylor Swift’s – ‘Trouble’………. Just kidding. Nah!
Putting my thoughts aside, I saw them (guess who? ? ) entering the parking area and a mischief smile replaced my tensed one. I saw Rags and found her tensed. You know why? If not, then here’s the replay-
“Ragini! S-T-or-D?”
As she said that, I, without wasting any second, take that chance and put the dare in front of her.
“Ok Rags, you have to propose Sanky for a coffee date”
“No Shona!”
“Yes Rags, you picked the dare”
“Shona, please….Pretty please?”
“No pretty no ugly please Rags, you are doing it”
“But he isn’t here”
“You’ll do that after the school gets over and I’m the chief witness for it.”
Got it??? Yeah! So, now she will propose Sanskaar for a coffee date and I’ll get a privilege to watch her doing that. I know they like each other and now they have to accept it. By hook or by crook. ?
“Rags, go!”
“No Shona, I can’t”
“It’s not fair. Are you going or I call them here?”
“NO! I’m going, (mumbling to herself) God, please help me. “Om bhur bhuvah svaha…….”
I chuckled and said “Gayatri mantra will not help you Rags. This isn’t an exam. So, stop overthinking it. Just go and ask him.”
She begins to make her way towards them. She took two steps forward, but then again came back. It’s been 10 minutes and she still hadn’t reached half of her destination. Seeing her actions, I got an idea that she can’t do it herself, means she need someone to show her the right path ? .And I’m there na?, I’ll do that for her.
Without even waiting for a second, I hold her hand and directly dragged her towards the boys, leaving her standing exactly in front of Sanskaar.
The boys were confused, obviously because they don’t know what has happened today. They don’t even have a slightest idea of what I and Rags have done. I would have to tell him about this.
“Sanskaar, Ragini have to tell you something.”
“Ragini? What?” Sanky asked, sounding pretty much like Sanky ?
“Umm…..Sanskaar, Will you….wiill yyoouu….ummmmm”
“Just say it Rags.” I forced her.
“Will you….goonacoffeedatewithme?”
Typical Ragini style. Let me tell you one thing, she have this weird thing. Like when she is nervous or when she knows that what she was going to say is not valid, she will do this, she will say it FAST means without……WITHOUT any blanks or stops. She always does this and now I’m comfortable with that.
“Huh, What?” All of us said at the same time.
“Jinx! Yes, I got you all. Now do not say a word and just listen to what she is saying” I said to all three of them, bounding them in the curse of jinx so that they can’t speak.

A jinx can be initiated when at least two people say any same word or phrase at the same time. One of them then calls “jinx” on the other.
The game ends when someone speaks the jinxee’s first name, or the jinxee speaks. In the latter case, the jinxee loses the game, and often a penalty is exacted, typically a punch on the arm.
“Rags, last time I’m telling you. Say it.”
“Okay. Sanskaar, Will you go on a coffee date with me?”
[Sanky shocks, Ragini rocks ? ? ? ] “Sanskaar, you can speak now. You’re free from the jinx.” I informed him, even when I know it isn’t the reason why he is mute.
“Ragini,… yes.” Sanky boy answered.
“YES!” I said, feeling excited.
“Okay, so, tomorrow?” She asked him, behaving like he is our principal and she is there asking for his permission.
“Tomorrow, 7:00 pm”
“Okay, so,…. bye”
As we turned to leave the place, Ragini dragged me to one corner and then with an evil smile on her face said, “ Now your turn Ms. Swara Bhaskar, go and start pretending as you are in love with Lakshya Maheshwari. I’ve done my part, now you!”
“Rags, but how can I suddenly go and do something like that. It’ll be weird.”
“No more excuses, start something. Today is just a trailer Shona, your romance movie will start from tomorrow and will last for 5 days. I’m soooo much excited to see that.”
“You are not that Rags which I know. You can’t be my BFF. I hate you”
“blah…blah….blah….You should have thought about that before letting me ask Sanskaar for a coffee date. Who was the one behind all this? YOU! Now suffer.”
“I hate you”
“I love you too.”
“I don’t love you”
“I know, because now you love Lakshya na?”
“Yes, you love Lakshya and make him also fall in love with you.”
“You are just unbelievable!”
“Thanks! I take that as a compliment. Now, you go. Show me what you got baby.”
I proceed towards Lakshya for, god knows why? I don’t even know what I’ll do after reaching there. How can someone pretend to be in love with someone and with the addition of half of our school knowing, watching that?
I was in my thoughts, and don’t know what happened. Someone collide with me and my leg twisted. I was just going to fall when Lakshya came to my rescue. He held my waist, preventing me from falling and when I saw in him, I got lost in his eyes. The world around me stopped and I can see only him.
Looks like it isn’t that hard to pretend to be in love with someone this handsome. Isn’t it?

A/N : Here is the 3rd part of my ff.
Please comment if you want me to continue.
Please write yours reviews in the comment.
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