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Kya Inki Yeh Dushmani He Shurwat Inke Tashan Wale Ishq ? Inki Kahani Yashu Ki Jubaani (INTRO)

hiiii guyzz……. actually i’m a huge huge fan of swaragini and tashan –e- ishq …………………. so this is my 4th ff and 1st ff on sr soo i’m giving the intro and do comment and if i’ll get a good response i’ll surely continue it …………………………….. and yeah the pairs will be my raglak and swasan……………. okkk so let’s start with the intro………….. !!!!!!! but before that love u all !!!!! and one more thing call me yashu………….!!
gadodia family

parvati gadodia ( dadi ) – she is swaragini’s gandma and sumi’s mother-in-law , she loves both her granddaughters and grandson but sometimes is rude but only for their safety and she’s very caring and loving and loves her family a lot……….
sharmishta ( sumi ) – she is swaragini’s and kunj’s single mother , her husband shekhar has died ( reason will be revealed later ). she loves both her daughter and is the owner of swaragini-kunj music and dance company……….. she is the business rival of durgaprasad . and there is enmity between the two families……. she is very kind , sweet and is the best friend of annupurna , bt as she is wife of dp they don’t talk………….. for her family is everything and she can do anything for her children…………

swara gadodia – she is the elder daughter of sumi and shekhar , and elder sis of ragini and kunj . she is a cute , sweet , bubbly and mature girl . she loved her little sis cum bff ragz and is her problem solver. she ‘s the enemy of sanskar because of their family rivalry .she has a keen interest in music and dance . she is modern but also a bit traditional . she loves her mom , dadi, ragini and kunj and can do anything for her , but she avoid problems and of she gets in trouble solves them very intelligently ,yups she’s the intelligent queen . whole college has crush on her , but she is a reserve type of girl and does not talk too much whom she does not know , but let’s see will her love change her or not….

ragini gadodia – she is the apple of everyone’s eyes. she’s stunning , beautiful and modern but also have a taste of tradition . loves her mom , sis, kunj and dadi . she is bubbly , sweet , cute , and does not know what to say when , she never thinks before saying anything and says whatever comes in her mind , she’s a pure soul, really very childish but very bold and social , she speaks with everyone and anyone and can teach lesson to anyone , but she often lands into trouble but her shone is always there for her to take her out of any trouble that might arise and kunj is her partner – in crime and ya she’s the drama queen …………. she loves to dance and is a kathak dancer and also loves free style and loves to sing rock music , very stylish and whole college has crush on her because of her style and looks but doesn’t dare to tell to her as she has slapped many of the boys……. she is the enemy of laksh as he always teases her .let’s see how will she accept her enemy as love .

kunj gadodia – he’s our chocolate boy and is a big flirt and does not believe in love for him it’s a waste of time and he’s very good in singing and he is the youngest , he loves her mom , swara di , ragini di and dadi but share a great bonding with ragu and is very close to her , he’s her partner in crime and always fight with twinkle and calls her siyappa queen as he always do one or another . he’s a very good person and always help other even if they are his enemies . he’s emotional also sometimes and his biggest enemy is twinkle as he thinks she shows lot of attitude …….
maheshwari family
durgaprasad maheshwari (dp ) – he is the owner of twisanlak music company ,business rival of sharmishta , and hates them ( reason will be revealed later ) , he’s the husband of ap , and father of twisanlak , and is very strict from outside but loves his family .
annupurna maheshwari (ap) – she is a very good housewife , loves her hubby and children a lot and is friend of sumi but due to their business rivalry they don’t talk……… she is a very caring ,good and sweet mother and binds the family together……………
ramprasad maheshwari (rp ) – he is dp’s little bro , hubby of sujata and is childless so he loves twisanlak more than his life and can do anything for his family and treats them like his own children , is very emotional for his family

sujata maheshwari – she is a sweet woman and loves twisanlak as she is childless they are like her own children and calls her choti maa , she loves them a lot , and is a little desi and say anything to anyone…. love
sanskar – he’s full of excitement and is very cheerful loves his bro , sis and family a lot , he bf of kavita but only as they are partner in business and kavita is only with her for his money , he is enemy of swara , they both fights a lot , and he’s always a problem solver of laksh and twinkle, as both of them do lots of siyappa ……. he loves to sing rock music………he is handsome and the heartthrob of the whole college and thinks a lot before saying anything as he know that words can make u hurt very much……. he has a past that will be revealed later

laksh – he is our handsome , dashing lucky , the chocolate boy of college , girls fall for her at first sight , he’s a big flirt and irritates ragini a lot , she’s his enemy and they both fight like dogs and cat which is controlled by swasan as when twinj comes near them so they also start to fight . his partner in crime is his little sis twinkle , he loves and his bro a lot….. he loves to sing soft music……………….
twinkle – she is the youngest in the family and the apple of everyone’s eyes…… she is a gorgeous diva , with full of tashan , and is very stylish , cute , sweet , bubbly and ya the siyappa queen , she always does siyappa and this is solved by her beloved big bro sanskar , she’s very pampered and believes in true love and wants her love story to be completely like movies….. she’s modern but have not forgotten her tradition…….. in the whole family she’s the only one who could scold dp ya he has pampered her a lot…. she loves her family and will never go against them…

heyyy so this is it , now just tell me should i continue or not …… and if i’ll get a good response and will post epi 1 asap but if not then bye bye…………………… love u all dear readers and please tell through your comments that how was it ………… love u all dear……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ya forgive me if it was not good i’m a kid of 12 only sooo maaf kro iss chote si bachhi ko i’m ur little sis only……………….

love u loads………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your yashu !!!!!!!

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