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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 96

I’m so sorry I’m uploading after a Long time actually I’m done with 3 papers and I have 7 more!!!!!soz!!

Recap:is sona’s birthday something to do with the gunshot?

The episode starts with a gunshot heard.everyone runs towards the gunshot.its suman who shot herself(suicide).as suman falls on the floor,sona’s shocked face with red bulging eyes and her face is filled with drops of blood.
Sona runs.(sad tune plays)*she was about to cut thecake and the knife falls on the floor.
Dev,Nikki,riya,Diya,Arjun,Naina,ishwari all run to suman.
Suman is rushed to hospital.

After a few hours…
Doc:who is the patient’s closest relative.
Sona:me,is suman ok?
Doc:blood has been excessively lost.we need a transplant.what is her blood group?
Doc:we will call the blood bank staff and confirm.please do not panic.

Sona with her face ruined with tears holds her head and dev holds her shoulder.sona lies on dev’s shoulder seeking for consolation.
Doc:Ma’am,there is no blood left for A-!please donate fast otherwise the patient can’t survive!
Sona:ok I will donate.
Doc:ok follow me ma’am.

Precap:suman can’t survive and everyone mourns her death.sona gets preganant and MAHA EPI PRECAP!!?

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