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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 105

The episode starts with the forwarding of 3 years.dev n sona have graduated from college and are now going to get married soon(ever since dev proposed to her on prom night).

Sona’s house.
Jhanvi pushes sona down on the dressing table chair.
Sona:jhanvi what childishness is this,I’m ready.
Jhanvi:shut up di,u don’t know what’s the latest fashion
Sona:mudje koi jaana fashion vashion.*gets off the chair*

Jhanvi:acha toa duniya ki sabsi popular fashion designer fashion ke barame jaana nehe?
Sona:dekh jhaan don’t blackmail me with my job.a Salwar is enough yaar.im just going to meet dev and his family…
Jhanvi:that’s precisely my point.ure going to meet Jiju and his family..u must dress up nicely…na??
Sona:jhaaaan,Its not an arranged marrige.*picking up her bag*
Jhanvi:Teke daadi maa!!jaise aap chaiye!!

At dev’s house.
Dev’s mum,shilpa:portrayed by vrushika mehta(older look)
Shilpa:come in beta!!
Sona smiles!!
Dev stares at her…
*dev’s family:(his mum-shilpa,his three sisters-shivani,Anu and Diya.his baby Brother-kishunkh.

After talking for a while,shilpa talks about the engagement.
Sona:yes Aunty,me and dev will go to select the ring by tmrw..

The next day.(at the ring shop)
Sona:yeh kaisa hai dev*pointing at a fine diamond ring*its very pretty!!
Dev:ya..the price is also pretty!
After seeing few rings..dev gets bored and tries on a ladies ring.he can’t take it out.

Sona:uhhhho dev,
Sona tries to take it out..
After a while the Jeweller takes a cutter and takes out the ring.
sona and dev have a great laugh.
They finally go for a nice silver diamond ring and a platinum ring(female and male respectively)

Engagement day.
The dixit house(the new dev’s sir name is also dixit)is decorated with flowers and lights.sona,in a shiny golden half blouse with a pink netted skirt with a pink netted chunni lying on her shoulder gracefully and dev with full TOP to bottom white sherwani with white pants with a cute looking red cloth folded into a triangle and tucked into his sherwani pocket.they are both sitting there grinning away to guests and receiving gifts!!
After a while they exchange rings happily!!!

In the night dev and sona call eachother.
Dev:that means u were thinking about me??
Sona:no..ya..I mean no…stop being cheesy!!
Dev:ohho ur just like ur mum!!Nutritionist haha..
Sona is shocked..
Sona:dev..how did you know that my mum was a Nutritionist?
Dev stays quiet.

Precap:Kya sona aur dev ki shaadi hopagyega??

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