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kucch kucch hota h (part 8)

Hello everybody…. Thnk u for all ur comments so let’s begin
Raman bring drunk ishita and shagun home
He makes sleeping ishita sit on sofa
He goes nd makes sleeping shagun sleep
He then comes out
He goes near ishita
He picks her in his arms
Raman- my madrasan u made me tired today..u were just going to confess nd …
Ishita holds raman close in sleep
He smiles
He takes her to their room
He mames her lie
He puts blanket on her a d goes to change at once
After changing he comes out nd sleeps next to ishita .
He adores her
Raman- awww she looks even more cute while sleeping ….my luv….i love u more than anything
Ishita turns nd holds ramans hand in sleep
She then comes close to raman nd keeps her hand on his chest
He keeps smiling seeing her
Ishita(in sleep)-raman u r my life now i cant live without u ….u r so sweet …u care for me..i feel so comforstable and safe with u…i love u
Raman gets surprised listening her words
Raman-she has halfly proposed me ….wow
Ishita-but raman I will not propose u
Raman-what …..what is she saying in sleep
Ishita- u will have propose me
Raman- so we both r same she wants me to propose nd i want ber to propose
Saying this he holds her close nd sleeps
Shagun wakes up

Her head is paining

She gets up

Shagun-why is my head paining

She recalls last night

Shagun-oo ya i drunk too much yesterday

She gets up nd makes lime water her nd ishita

Shagun-ishita was also drunk too much

She goes to ishra room

She sees them

She smiles

Shagun-….shagun u have to understand the fact that raman is not urs he is ishita’s

She leaves

Raman gets up

He sees ishita still sleeping
Alarm clock rings

Raman gets tensed

He stops the clock

Ishita wakes up

Raman-what happened head is paining?
Raman-u wait im bringing lime water
Ishita -ok
Guys today ill post half half
Half part aterwards

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