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kucch kucch hota h (part 11)

I’m really disappointed by previous comments ….only 4 comments…r u all not liking my story ….plz comment or else I will end it in few episodes…. So let’s begin (still angry)-
Next day

Ishita is getting ready

She wears middi….black up and pink down ….
She wears black earrings nd black hit heals …hair open with just a simple puff and straight hair

Abhi comes inside ishita’s room

Abhi-OMG !!!looking gorgeous…..something special

Ishita-no…just like this..today I want to make raman to propose me by seeing my beauty

Abhi-no listen make him more jealous

Ishita-no abhi I can’t see him angry and insecure

Abhi-but Ishita try to understand… U want raman to propose u na so wait for some time

Ishita-ewww…when will he propose me…..

Abhi-so…..let’s go out for coffee


They leave

Coffee bar

Ishita and abhi r drinking coffee

Raman reaches there as shagun called him

Raman does not notice ishek

He sits down and waits for shagun

Shagun reaches

Raman waves his hand

Shagun sits

Raman-why did u call me

Shagun-raman…I love abhi …but will he accept my proposal…actually I’m afraid

Raman gets angry hearing abhi’s name

Shagun-what happened why r looking angry


Raman turns his head and sees ishek laughing and drinking coffee together

Raman gets angry

Raman(angrily)-she doesn’t have time for me nd see with abhi how happily she is laughing

He leaves from there

Ishita sees raman going

Ishita-abhi..abhi…raman was here


Ishita-yeah he went angry

Abhi-thats gr8

Ishita becomes upset

Two days pass

Abhi does not allow ishita to talk or meet raman

Raman is upset and ishita too

Raman ‘s room

Raman is shown talking to ishita’s pic

Raman(cries)-do u love me or not …r u more comfortable with abhi than me….do u want me to get away from u

He thinks

Raman-yes I should….I love u….I want ur happiness and ur happiness is only with abhi …I will go to Singapore…. I will make and excuse to mummy nd lpaapa that I’m going there to study

He cries

He is packing his bad

Raman-i should tell shagun

He calls shagun and tells her the situation

Shagun-but…raman this is not the way….u can’t go…ishita loves u…abhi is just her frnd
Raman doesn’t listens and cuts the call

Ishita’s room

Ishita(angrily)-abhi …now i cant waitwait…raman must be feeling so bad …I should have only proposed him…..

Abhi-ishita wait for sometime ….after sometime he will only propose u…ok after two days i will make u both drunk …fine

Ishita recieves shaguns call

She takes the call

She gets shocked

She breaks down

Abhi-wat happened ishita …

Ishita(in a slow tone)-everything went wrong …..

Abhi-ishita wat …wat went wrong

Ishita(shouts)-abhi everything is happening bcoz of u …raman thought we love each other and for my sake he is going to singapore by todays flight …i should have not listened to u…..i should have proposed him

She cries inconsolably

Abhi-ishita I’m sorry….we can call raman and tell him everything

Ishita tries calling him

He rejects the call

Ishita(shouts)-raman is not picking the phone

She throws the phone and cries

Ishita- now nothing can happen….everything is over

Abhi tries consoling her

But she pushes him

Ishita-dont touch me ….if raman goes to singapore ….i will never see ur face …or….u will not be able to see my face again

Saying this she cries

She faints

Abhi-ishita wat happened ishita wake upup

He runs to Mr and Mrs over

They call doctor

Ishita has got high fever

Doc-she is critical….she is having high fever…her bp is low…..

Raman on the other hand is feeling g something wrong is happening

Raman-why a. I feeling something is happening wrong with ishita

Ishita is taking raman’s name

Doc-she is taking someone’s name…..plz call raman….she is in emotional trauma…seeing her…i think if u will not call raman…she might die ….her pulse is falling

Everyone is in shock

So this much for today….comment(angry with u all)

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