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KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 23

Hey guys, welcome to KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 23. I hv posted d intro of my 3 shots, Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded. Do read it. Here’s d link..Click Here

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RECAP: Nani n Sona’s meeting. Nani likes Sona. Devakshi romance.
Episode 23
Bose House
Sona n Elena were in their room. Sona tells her abt wat happened today n her encounter wid Nani. Elena laughs at Sona n Sona gives her deadly glares.

Next day at Dixit House
Sona comes n sees Ishwari, mamaji, mamiji n Nani sitting in d hall. They were having some talk. Sona comes n touches their feet. All bless her n Radha Rani gives her spcl blessings..fake ones..lol!! She’s a..watever.. Nani asks her to complete her work soon, as she has to do some important ritual. Ahh!! Again a ritual.
NJ: Sona, finish your work soon n come to my room. I need to give u sth.
S: ok Nani.
She heads towards d kitchen. As soon as she enters d kitchen, someone pulls her from behind d wall.
S: Uri Baba!! Ke acche??
D: wat??Baba.. not Baba, it’s Dev.
S: Dev.. Etta Ki..
D: wat ki ki..
S: Dev..wat us dis! U’re becoming shameless day by day.
D: (coming close to her, says in a husky voice) u can become more beautiful day by day, but I can’t become shameless..great!!
S:(controlling her blush) Dev, I’m your mother’s doctor. Don’t u dare flirt wid me.
D: ok then I’m going.(making a disappointed face, but as soon as he turns to go, he smirks)
S: (she holds his hand) ok ok..sorry. (she hugs him from behind)
Dev turns n hugs her back.
D: now dats perfect. U n me so close to each other.
S: Dev, no one can come between us na.
D: no one.. I promise.

Sona smiles. After sometime, Dev breaks d hug.
D: wat is dis Sona, I’m getting late for office n u’re romancing wid me. Vry bad.
S: haww..Chee Dev..u’re blaming me! After marriage also u’ll do like dis?
D: ofcourse..
Sona turns her back towards him n shows fake anger.
D: arey, u’re not understanding my motive behind it. Everyday I’ll do like dis, then wat’ll happen..
S: (interrupts) I’ll dance in happiness, right..
D: wrong..u’ll get angry on me n then after coming back from office, I’ll come to u n will manaofy u.
S: so wats so spcl in dat!!
D: d way I’ll do it, dat gonna be spcl.
He kisses in her cheeks n leaves smirking, leaving a confused Sonakshi in d kitchen. Sonakshi then understands his meaning n blushes.

Dev’s office
Dev was sitting in his cabin n was in deep thought. He then takes his mobile n was scrolling down something. He makes a frustrated face.
D: wat is all dis! Now even internet cannot help me. Althoufh it can, but all dis is not my types. Wat do I do now?
He thinks n then gets an idea. He calls Tina n asks her to come to his cabin.
T: may I come in sir?
D: yes, cone in Tina.
Tina comes in. Dev looks confused.
T: any problem sir?
D: ya, actually..umm..
T: sir, plzz feel free to say.
D: yeah.. actually Tina, can u list some songs of Shah Rukh Khan.
T: sir, u n SRK songs!! U like old songs right.
D: yes, but dis time I want Shah Rukh Khan songs. As soon as possible.
T: ok sir.
Tina goes.

Dixit House
Sona has completed her work n was going in nani’s room. Radha Rani sees her going towards nani’s room. She follows her.
Nani’s room
Sona enters d room. N Radha Rani hides behind d wall to listen to their convo.
NJ: Sonakshi, come. Sit.
Sona sits on d bed, near nani.
S: Nani, I also wanted to talk to u. But u say first.
NJ: I wanted to give u something.
She goes n gets some box from her Almirah. She opens d box.
S: kangan! (Bangle)
RR:(whispers) kangan!! Haye haye! Maa is giving kangan to dis bangalan. Dis oldie has nvr given any kangan to me n is showering all her love n jewellery on jiji n her family. Let me see which kangan she is giving to dis bangalan. (She peeps in nani’s room)
NJ: hmm. My mother had given these to me. N I wanted to give dis to Dev’s wife from my hands.
S: but naniji..
NJ: u should nvr say no to your elders blessings.
Sona smiles. Nani makes her wear d kangan.
NJ: (keeps her hand on Sona’s head) always be happy. (Shouts) u also be happy Radha Rani. I’ve kept one kangan for Vicky’s wife too. Now stop peeping in my room.
RR: no no maa. I was jst passing by.
Radha Rani runs away. Nani n Sonakshi laugh.

NJ: dis lady will nvr change. U were saying something na..say.
S: Nani, after my n Dev’s marriage, u’ll go back.
NJ: yes beta, I’ll hv to go back. But u promise me dat after marriage u n Dev will come to stay wid me for 1 month.
S: but Nani, y don’t u stay here, wid all of us. Everyone is here, maa, mamaji, mamiji, everyone. Plzz stay here naniji.
NJ: no beta. U’re nanaji is not here. He’s in Kanpur. His memories r in Kanpur. I can’t stay without those.
D:(enters d room) but memories r in our heart n not at any place.
NRN:(they too enter) n we all hv nanaji’s memories in our heart. So, here r more memories than in Kanpur.
Twinj n Shranan too enter.
Tw, Ku, Sh n Su (together): plzz Nani. Don’t go back to Kanpur.
All say Nani amma Nani amma maan jao.
NJ: so u all had dis planned to convince me?
All nod in yes. Nani smiles.
NJ: who can keep d entire family together, she is a perfect daughter in-law. N who would like to go away from such a loveable daughter in-law.
D: dat means u’re not going??(wid twinkling excited eyes)
NJ: no..I’ll not go.
All hug Nani.

Outside Bose House
Dev gas come to drop Sonakshi home. Both r sitting in d car.
D: (holds Sonakshi’s hand) thank u Sona. U convinced nani, thank u so much for dat.
S: u don’t need to thank me Dev. I’m also going to become a part of your family. I’m nani’s bahu. She’s my Nani too.
D: ok, so now become nani’s grandson’s fiancée too. (Gets close to Sonakshi)
S: Dev, u all boys r a one track mind. (Pushes)
D: u’re saying as if dis track nvr goes on in your mind!!
S: haww Dev. U’re so bad!
D: it’s all bcz of u. If u don’t resist me, I’ll nvr talk like dis. I’ll jst do watever I want.
S:(goes red blushing) ok stop it.. do watever u want to do..but not now..hv patience Mr fiance.
She opens d door n runs out from d car. Dev moves his hand in his hair n says,”I hate patience.” Screen freezes on Dev’s cute face.

PRECAP: no more wait..Devakshi wedding rituals will start..

So how was d episode guys..I know it was not dat interesting, but I tried to add devakshi scenes, more n more..hope u like it. N next episode post krne me bhi bohot late ho sakta h kyuki mere exams h..N ho sakta h ki main comment bhi na kr saku, so plzz try to understand guys..??

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