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Episode 4
Thanks all sooo much or the love. I have never felt soo appreciated like when you comment on my FF and I read it. I feel like I belong somewhere and for that thank you sooooo much!! Rajesh Bhai yesterday requested I make double Episode daily. So I will make double episode now. Please don’t ask for triple episode hahahah. Story might end too soon naa. Anyway story now.
Episode starts with Tanu’s mother sitting back for breakfast and Rachna see and tells Akash why she is sitting still when Abhi said leave. Akash says let me see:
A: Dadii Abhi said no more fiancé so no shadi yaar?
D: Haan why beta?
A: Nothing Dadi, just wondering why ex fiancé mother still sitting!!
Everyone at Table hides laughter. Tai ji says Akash to keep quiet but she laughs too. She thinks she should pray to Pragya’s God or Goddess and they are fighting all battle for her now.
Mitali comes from Kitchen and and asks for Raj, they say he left without breakfast. She is sad and thinks it’s because he knew I was making it. She thinks she will go to his office apologise and swear she will do everything to help him help Pragya. She leaves from their and runs after him.
After breakfast, Rachna is behind house and thinks if she should tell everyone who she met in US and what she knows. She thinks if she tells Akash will be mad at her since he told her not to say. Akash hen comes there and Akash then comes there and asks why his extremely khoobsurat wife is tense. She says she cannot keep such news as she cannot even decide if it is good or bad news. Akash says it is both so far. So thy should wait while he decides, if it becomes completely good, then he will tell family, if it is bad then he cannot let family go through more pain. So they should wait. Rachna listens and cools down. Akash hugs her and they get Romantic. Akash says:
Ak: remember how we made Abhay (Rachu and Akash’s baby)
Ra: Haan Kio
Ak: we should make second! He leans in to kiss her lips. (she blushes and turns face Akash gets Cheek.) Cheat.

She smiles and runs. He chases her( in slow motion) he catches her and she trips they fall in grass Akash on top of Rachna. They have eye lock and Akash comes to kiss Rachna again, she closes her eyes then opens and says no Akash we are not in US. Akash says let make our own US in back yard. She smiles and he comes closer….
In studio Pragya tells Abhi to stop fooling around and start practice since they have concert. He says I don’t have lyrics. She says find some. He says inspire me. She says am not Buddha. He says too bad here I thought you were better than me. She says iam he says no he says prove it she says I will what do you want, he says give me lyrics to this song in 10 minutes. He goes to guitar and starts playing she listens and thinks this is beautiful beat. He looks at her and says start. She makes face and goes to face glass. In head she begins thinking how if life hadn’t taken her Abhi’s memory this is what we would be doing and she begin’s singing putting her thoughts in words.
Life came life took
Life gave life took
But if life was fair but if life was kind
Life wouldn’t have taken my love and my life
(She then turns to face Abhi who is now looking at her playing guitar and listening..she looks at his face and continues to sing….
I look at his face full of love full of kindness
I remember his kiss, on my neck on my eyes
on lips on and my shoulder
I remember his love and his breath
His love his breath my breath of life.
(Tears are now trickling down her face and Abhi is now standing near her tears forming in his eyes, Aaliya is watching and hearing from door way. She had come to talk to her bhai. She too looks sad. Pragya continues to pour her soul…
Now my life is gone,
Gone gone gone like the wind
With him has gone all life all happiness all hope.
I am empty, heavy and lost
No purpose no direction no hope
Life took him life took everything
Life took my love life took my life.

Pragya is now ful crying and runs from there. She runs into Aaliya holds her and hugs even if she fights. Aaliya too is crying he takes her away from there to her room and locks door. He hold her. They cry together. Abhi is on studio floor crying. Tanu comes there and asks why.
Abhi tells her threw tears that he can never marry a woman like her, a woman who finds joy in some else’s sorrow a sorrow so deep it breaks even him, but she managed to laugh and insult her. He says he cannot marry a woman who cannot feel for another woman and yet she knows well enough what the other woman is going through.
T: Abhi Please liste…
A: No Tanu, I had decided I will not tell you why I don’t want to marry you, but after facing the depth of Nikita’s sorrow I cannot hold back anymore. I will not Marry you Tanu, I cannot be with a woman so cruel she can make fan of a woman being left by her husband to marry another one. And let me tell you this Tanu, if I have to marry Nikita to make her forget her sorrow I will because that is what a person does, they surrender their freedom for people they love and care about. I will leave being a rockstar if I have to so that I may never se such deep sorrow on Nikita’s face. And yet you Tanu, you laughed at her and you slapped her. I. WILL. NOT. MARRY. YOU.
T: But Abhi my mother..
A: your mother?? She taught you those morals, she taught you how to be selfish, she failed to teach you love and she failed to teach you kindness, so she can die. She failed her only purpose on earth which is being a good mother and raising a child right, for that SHE. CAN. DIE.
He turns to go but reaches door way and says with out looking at her.
A: leave my house immediately and take your mother too. Make sure I never see you again. I know you are a model and I am a rockstar so when you get work that makes you work near me, refuse it because if you ever come near me again or my family or Nikita or her family or even my Sister, I WILL DESTROY YOU! He leaves from there and leaves her crying!!
Rachu and Akash who are coming from romance meet angry Abhi leaving room, they say Abhi but he doesn’t see them, they look at each other and go to tell family, they meet Tau ji and tell mi what they saw, he says he too saw crying Aaliya taking crying Pragya to room. Tai ji says crying Aaliya taking care of crying Pragya world must be ending. Akash says we need to know what happened and calls Purab.
Raj in office is talking on phone and tells someone that I know I told you to give me time to sort things out and also give you time to heal, but it is time now, he says evil has become too much and it should stop. He then says I will meet you at usual place and we discuss details. He leaves from office. Mitali who is outside as she has just reached office sees him leaving quickly and wonders where he is going. He get in car and leaves. Mitali stops Auto and says follow that car please. They drive for long distance and Mitali is now tired. Raj stops at a temple. Mitali tells auto to stop distance away and walks on foot. She follows Raj and she sees him meet a woman in white saree and blue boarder. She thinks Raj is seeing woman in temple?? She goes closer as there are very many people. She sees woman hugging Raj and raj happy to see her. He feels sad and says I have lost Raj for good. She starts to cry and turns to leave from there. She is walking away slowly while sad and crying and sad song is playing. She they hears woman say
W: how will I convince everyone I am Bulbul…
Mitali hears Bulbul an stops immediately she says Bulbul..Bulbul..BULBUL!! and she is shocked. Screen freezes on Mitali’s shocked face.

Precap: Crying Aaliya tells Crying Pragya she still hates her. Crying Pragya asks why crying Aaliya says I hate you but I love my family and since you are my Bhabi you are family..so even though I hate you..i love you. Pragya says you are crying and mad and making no sense. Aaliya says shut up Bhabi and cry…..they laugh and cry.

I know yaar I said double I was supposed to post this one tomorrow but I was writing it and I was crying. My boss said what and I said laptop screen making my eyes itch. So I have decided to post it since it embarrassed me at work.
i didnot proof read too so sorri for mistakes if any

I Love ABIGHYA like mi life.

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