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Kartik proposes Naira ; Heartbroken Gayu (episode 6) London Track

Hey I am back with the epi 6, and I have some suggestions for the role of Anushka, they are…
Asha Negi
Nikita Dutta
Diganga Suryavanshi
So guys please vote and choose the role for Anushka.

Epi 6…
Scene shows Kartik getting ready for the trip to London.
Kartik: Oh I almost forgot, I am gonna put on the famous perfume to smell nice.
Kartik puts on perfume.
Kartik: Now I am ready to go, oh no, I only know she is in London but in which place. time to call my little helper.
Kartik calls Mishti on the phone.
Mishti: Hello, BFF.
Kartik: Hello, pretty lady, are you alright you sound low.
Mishti: Just upset, because didi, bhai and chachi has gone to London thats why.
Kartik: Pretty lady, do you know in which place in London they are in.
Mishti: No.
Karishma calls Mishti and says”Bhabi has called us on the phone, she wants to talk to you!”.
Mishti: BFF can you hold on, chachi has called us.
Kartik: Can you ask her where is she in London?
Mishti: Ok, BFF, but why do you wanna know?
Kartik: I will tell you later.
Mishti goes to Karishma and talks to Akshara on the phone.
Akshara: How are you?
Mishti: I am fine. Just for curiosity, where are you in London?
Akshara: I am near the London Eye.
Mishti: Thank you, chachi.
Mishti goes to the side and talks to Kartik on the phone.
Mishti: Did you hear chachi.
Kartik: Thank you very much, you are the best.
Mishti: I know I am.
Kartik: Bye.
Mishti: Bye.
Kartik disconnects the phone.

Scene shifts to Aryaan.
Aryaan: The surgery is finished, he will be alright in few days.

Scene shifts to Naira.
Naira: Mumma, papa, please can you go outside. I wanna ride in the London Eye.
Naitik: We will go there.

Scene shifts to Kartik, he imagines London there, he imagines Naira and him dancing in the song “Tera hona laga hoon”
Kartik’s imagination ends.
Kartik: Lets go to the airport.

Precap: Kartik sees Naira on London.

Guys please suggest me a new name for this article.
Stay happy!!!?

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