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Kartik proposes Naira, Heartbroken Gayu (episode 4) London Track

Hey guys, I am back with the epi 4, I am very happy today because I got 31 out of 40 in my language test and 94.4% in my science test. I know you guys are excited for the London track.

Epi 3.
Naira: I have booked the tickets tickets tommorow is our flight.
Akshara: Thats a good news we should start packing up.
Naksh: Bye, I have to pack loads of things.
Naira: Me too, Mumma come with me and help me pack my stuff.
Akshara: Ok, Naira.
They leave.
Scene shows Akshara and Naira packing up, Akshara helps Naira and they talk (No sound scene).
Akshara: Offow, I forgot to tell Gayu about the flight, let me just check her.
Naira: Mumma, what happened?
Akshara: Woh, Naira I forgot to tell Gayu about the flight tommorow.
Naira: Mumma, what are you waiting for, go!
Akshara leaves.
Akshara goes to Gayu’s room and knocks the door.
Gayu opens the door.
Akshara: Our flight is tommorow, start packing up.
Gayu: I don’t know what to pack.
Akshara: Let me just help.
Scene shows Akshara helping Gayu.
Scene shifts to bed time and shows Akshara and Naira in Naira’s room.
Akshara: Naira, Naira, are you asleep?
Naira(excited): You know Mumma, I can’t sleep when I am excited.
Akshara: Let me sing a lori (Lullaby) to you.
Akshara sings the lullaby.
Naira falls asleep.

Scene shifts to Morning.
Scene shows Naksh going to Naira’s room.
Naksh(whispering): Good Morning, wake up.
Naira(yawning): Bhai, let me sleep.
Naksh: We have to go to airport for going to London, remember.
Naira wakes up in a rush.
Naira(rushing): Bhai, why didn’t you tell me earlier, ha, now I am gonna be late.
Naksh: I tried waking you up but you were just caring about your sleep.
Naira: Sorry bhai.
Naira goes to the toilet in a rush.

Scene shifts to Akshara, where she was going to Gayu’s room.
She opens the door slowly.
Akshara: Gayu is not in the bed, I think she is in the toilet getting changed. I should go downstairs to have breakfast.

Akshara goes downstairs.
Everyone comes.
Naira: Good morning, mumma.
Akshara: Good morning, lets start breakfast.
Gayu comes there.
Raj Shekhar: Lets start breakfast.

Scene shifts to end of the breakfast.
Naira: I am full.
Naksh: I have to get the car.
Akshara touches everyone’s feet.
Bhabimaa: Have a good journey.
Devyani: Have you got the food ready.
Akshara: Yes.
Akshara looks at Mishti.
Akshara: Mishti what happened, why are you sad.
Mishti: I am gonna miss you all.
Akshara: And we gonna miss you too.
Naksh comes.
Naksh: The car is ready, mumma, Naira and Gayu lets go.
Gayu, Naira and Akshara leaves with Naksh and go inside the car.
Others come there and says bye.
Naksh starts the car and the car leaves the Singhania Mansion.

Scene shifts to Airport, the car arrives there.
Naira: Here we are at the airport.
Gayu: I am a bit tired.
Akshara: lets go inside.
They go inside.
Naksh: We have to the boarding pass now, let me do it.
Naksh does the boarding passing.
Naksh: All done. Lets go to the waiting room.
Naira: Mumma, I can see our flight.
Akshara: Oh yeah.
Naksh: Lets go.
Scene shows all the passengers (including Naksh, Akshara, Gayu and Naira) going inside the plane.
Naira: I think the pane is gonna start.

Scene shows the plane flying.
Scene shifts London.
The scene shows London and the airport (called Heathrow Airport).
Akshara: I have to call Naitik.
Akshara call Naitik on the phone.
Naitik: Hello, Akshara.
Akshara: Hello, Naitik, where are you?
Naitik: London, wait, why are you asking this?
Akshara: Because, Me, Naksh, Gayu and Naira are now in London.
Naitik: Are you serious?
Akshara: Completely.
Naitik(happy): Where are you people?
Akshara: In Heathrow Airport.
Naitik: Let me just pick you up.

Precap: A handsome boy is shown.

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