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Kalash 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rekha asks Janki if Ambika didnt come? Janki says she must be with Nivi, Rekha says i thought she might not to Ravi and Nivi’s wedding, Janki says she is so happy with this wedding, we came early to help as Ambika is Nivi’s best friend. Saket comes and greets Rekha, he asks where is your daughter? Janki says she is my daughter but i dont keep eye on her, Saket says i will search her, he leaves. Rekha says this man is not good, if he goes behind your girl then it will be problem, Janki says we know about him well, if he thinks that he will get Ambika then he is wrong, he will never get Ambika.
Manju says to Shweta that till now Ambika and Nivi must have fainted. Shweta says if Ravi doubts then? Manju says i have solution for that, Pundit asks to bring groom and bride, she nods.
Devika is in room and says i cant do any mistake now. She opens door and sees Shweta and Manju coming there. She lies on bed like she is unconscious. Manju comes there and says see my medicine will work, Manju asks to change their clothes and behind veil no one should know that bride is Ambika, Shweta says Ambika is fully unconscious, how will we take her? Manju says i gave her less medicine just to numb her mind, Devika moves, Shweta says she is not unconscious, i will handle them, you go and check, Ravi, manju leaves. Shweta says to Nivi that you insulted my husband, now when you will lose Ravi then you will get reward of your deeds.
Manju says to Ravi that Nivi is ill, she has stomach ache, she ate more medicines and she is now dizzy, Ravi says wedding is about to start, Ravi says i will go and check her. Manju thinks that Ravi cant go there, i have to stop him. She stops Ravi and says i have checked, you dont need to check, Ravi says how will wedding happen when she is not conscious, Manju says she is little dizzy, we cant stop wedding now, all guests are here, just behave normally, its my mistake, i gave her medicine, just handle her if she dizzy in rituals, Ravi is irritated and leaves.
Janki talks to Pallavi and asks her about career, Pallavi tells her education, Janki says she is really competent girl, Rekha thanks her, she says we should leave now, Pallavi says its weird to leave before wedding, Ravi will not say anything but Nivi might feel bad, Janki says bless them then go, Rekha says dont know why Nivi is taking so much time. Ravi comes and asks if wants food? Rekha says i had dinner, why Nivi is taking time to come? we had to leave, Ravi says i will check, dont worry, he leaves. Janki thinks its getting late, dont know if Manju and Shweta will abel to handle and Ambika might to overacting, i have to check, she says i will come in a minute, she leaves.
Shweta makes Devika get ready as bride. They make devika wear garland, They put veil on her face. Devika is acting dizzy, Manju and Shweta try to drag her out of room. Shweta goes to hide Nivi behind comforter. Manju and Shweta are dragging her to mandap, Manju says i am tired, Shweta says you are aged now, Manju says shut up, they drag her, Janki sees all this hiding behind pillar, she thinks that they are fighting even in this situation, i have to confirm that its Devika behind veil, this wedding will be unique, their world will turn around, Ravi cheated Devika and broke their marriage for this wedding but will get stuck with Ambika again, he will be tied again.

Scene 2
Ravi is in mandap and thinks dont know how much time Nivi will take more. Pundit asks to bring bride, Ravi says to Vikas that go and check where is Nivi, Vikas says are you in hurry or Pundit? seems like you are in hury to get married, Ravi says Rekha has come, she has to leave, she wants to bless bride and leave thats why i dont want her to wait, check where is Ambika too, Vikas says i was right, you are Nivi’s groom and still you are thinking about Ambika and Devika? your wedding is about to happen and still thinking about her? you will be in trouble now. He leave, Ravi thinks that this wedding is just compromise, my love for Ambika can neve lessen, i still think that she is my Devika.

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