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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 6

I quickly managed to type up this part. I hope you like it.


Mihika blindly searches for the light switch but is unable to reach it. The wind blows harshly, flapping the curtains. Mihika glances at her open window. The moon beams, casting a shadow on the floor.

Mihika (frowns): When did I open the windows?

Mihika hears footsteps, a groan of pain as someone bumps into a table, and a clatter as something falls. Mihika jumps in shock.

Mihika (nervous): C–Chor.

Mihika gasps.

Mihika (a bit louder): There’s a thief in the house. Oh, my God, there’s a thief in here.

Mihika opens her mouth to scream but the person smacks their hand over it, shushing her. Mihika’s eyes grow wide as sweat forms on her forehead.

Mihika (thinks): No, Miku, you can’t give up. You have to fight.

Mihika grunts and begins to struggle against the strong hold of the person behind her. An almost wrestling match ensues. Mihika hits him and he hisses. She manages to push the person away and attempts to run towards the door, only her hand is grabbed and she spins, colliding with a firm chest. She continues to struggle, losing her balance in the process and falling on the bed, pulling him with her.

Mihika (through gritted teeth): Get off me, you fatso. Don’t you dare even THINK of touching me, or I swear I’ll–

He grows close to her face and, on impulse, she knocks her knee on his stomach. He groans and lies besides her. Mihika sits up quickly and turns on her bedside lamp. She gasps.

Mihika (shocked): Abhishek?

He gives her a sheepish smile, trying to hide his pain.

Abhishek (whispers): Hi.

Mihika (still in shock blinks): You serious? How did you get in? Wait, never mind. Forget I asked. The real question should be, what are you doing here?

Abhishek pulls her in his arms. Mihika rests her head on his chest.

Abhishek: I’m here to apologise. I blamed you unnecessarily for what your father said. Ma made me understand that I was wrong for ignoring you. It wasn’t your fault, and I should have talked it out with you. I should have straight up told you that I didn’t like what your father said about me or my family, or that I expected you to back me up.

Mihika (sighs): Dad’s always been like that. Actually, Abhi, he’s more bothered about me than you, so don’t take his words to the heart. He’s just . . . taking my anger out on you.

Abhishek (confused): Your anger?

Mihika lifts her head and gives him a smile.

Mihika: He’s a bit of perfectionist, but you don’t worry. I’ll handle it.

They look at each other for a while. Abhishek steals a glances at her lips.

Mihika (scolds): Don’t even think about it. Shaadi k baad hi kuch ho ga.

Abhishek: Meri girlfriend jitni modern hai usse kai zaada innocent hai.

Mihika: You’re saying as if it’s a bad thing.

Abhishek (smiles as he carasses her cheek): Not at all. That makes it even more special. Mihika, I’m proud that you’re my first, last, and only love.

Mihika: And I’m unbelievably lucky you chose me.

A short silence falls over them.

Abhishek: Do you forgive me?

Mihika smacks his arm playfully and sits up.

Mihika: Forgive you? Mister, do you really think it’s that easy to be let off the hook? I can’t even consider your apology now because you scared the hell out of me.

Abhishek (grins): I came to surprise you. I’m sure you could never have expected it.

Mihika (in disbelief as she turns away): I admit I didn’t, but to surprise me in this way? You nearly gave me a heart attack.

Abhishek (taps her shoulder): Mihika, I’m sorry, Yaar. Please don’t be mad at me.

Mihika looks at him. He holds his ears as an apology. Mihika rolls her eyes and turns away.

Abhishek: Oh, come on! Pehli baar kissi ACP ko aisa karna par raha ho ga.

Mihika: What’s wrong with it?

Abhishek: Nothing! Nothing.

Mihika: Good. I’m still not talking to you.

Abhishek (sighs and taps her shoulder again): Mihika.

This time, she’s surprised by the softness of his voice. Mihika slowly turns to him, and he holds up a single rose.

Mihika: Plan B, huh?

Abhishek: I kind of knew the first one wouldn’t work.

Mihika resists a smile, takes the rose and smells it, and then turns away again. Abhishek’s disappointed. Mihika suddenly hugs him tightly.

Mihika (giggles): I love you.

Abhishek smiles. They stay that way for a while.

Abhishek (glances at the clock): And, as much as I’m happy you’ve forgiven me, and as much as I love you too, I must leave now. I have to report early for duty.

Mihika (moves back): Yes, yes, you go now and rest. You can jump out of that window.

Abhishek (shocked): What? Do you think I’m mad? Your room’s on the third floor. It took a great deal of courage to climb up. I highly value my life, you know.

Mihika: Toh? You’re not a child. You’re an adult, and a police officer too. How could you be scared?

Abhisjek: I’m scared of heights. I’m not jumping out, and that’s final.

Mihika: You can’t stay in my room for the whole night, and I certainly can’t take you out the front door.

Abhishek: Your family must be asleep. It’s close to midnight.

Mihika gets off the bed and pace back and forth.

Mihika: No, no, no, I can’t take you out there. Dad could be awake. You might get caught. Think of something else, Mihika. Use your brain.

Abhishek (calmly stands up): You can always sneak me out of here if that’s the case.

Mihika: Need I remind you, you’re not a thief.

Abhishek: I am, actually.

Abhishek pulls her closer and leans his forehead against hers.

Abhishek: I stole your heart, haven’t I? Doesn’t that count?

Mihika: How cheesy! Now, come on.

Mihika grabs his hand, slowly pulling him through the darkness of the house to the front door. On the way, Abhishek stumbles over the stairs and furniture, but Mihika manages to save him from injuring himself.

Abhishek grips her hand tightly as they reach the front door. The lights come on, and they freeze.

Mihika’s eyes grow wide. Abhishek looks surprised.

In front of them is her entire family.

Govind glares at both of them.

Govind (scoffs): And, Bauji, you believed him to be a decent man? If he is, then what is he doing in our house, at this time of the night?

Mihika (nervous): Dad. Let me explain, okay? It’s not what it–

Govind slaps her, shocking everyone. Abhishek grows angry and pushes Mihika back, standing in front of her to block her out of Govind’s sight.

Mihika rubs her cheek, trying not to cry.

Abhishek (clenches his fists): How dare you raise your hand on her?

Govind: I have a right to discipline her in any way I want to. I’m her father. Who are you question me?

Abhishek: I love her. And, simple enough, that means it’s my right to protect her in any way I can. Even from her family if I have to. I have every right to speak up for her, and you want to know why? Because your daughter gave me those rights the second she promised to be mine forever.

Govind (angry): This is our personal matter, and you’re a stranger intruding on it. Get out of my house before I seriously lose it.

Abhishek refuses to move.

Mihika (places a hand on his shoulder): You should go. I’ll see to it.

Abhishek (glances at her and whispers): I can’t leave you alone to deal with it.

Mihika (reassures): I’ll be fine.

His eyes softened. Abhishek traces the handprint on her cheek, and his jaw clenches.

Abhishek (faces Govind): Fine, I’ll go. But. If anything, and I mean anything, happens to Mihika in the abscene of my prescene, don’t forget that I’m an ACP. I’ll make sure you’re punished severely for it.

Govind: Is that a threat?

Abhishek (chuckles coldly): Consider it a bl**dy warning.

Abhishek storms out of there. Devyani grows worried and slips out of the hall.

Govind (shakes his head): See, Bauji, I was telling you the truth about him. He showed his true colours today.

Mihika: Dad–

Govind (interrupts angrily): I have seen and heard enough nonsense for today! I don’t need anymore of it. I’ll get Tom to book your tickets tomorrow. You’re to leave India at the earliest. And I want no further discussion on this matter.

Mihika (sighs): Dad, at least hear me out.

Govind: Like I said before, I’m never going to change my mind about it, so don’t even bother trying.

Frustrated, Mihika leaves from there. She slams her room door shut and leans against it, looking stressed out. Finally, she can’t take it any longer and, to take out her anger, begins to trash her room.

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