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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Part 1 | Abhishek + Mihika

This is season 2 of Kya Yehi Ishq Hai. Please read that story before this one. I’ll try my best to update it at least once a week. Thank you.


Nazar Se Nazar Mile plays.

The Kapoor Mansion hall is grandly decorated, and Abhishek and Mihika are rushing back and forth to complete their planned, assigned tasks. Both look stressed out and bump into each other. Abhishek grabs her waist and they share an eye lock.

They think about their little “trip” and the times they had spent together.

Mihika stands on a stool to spread the petals on the floor but loses her balance. Luckily, Abhishek arrives in time and she falls into his arms. The petals rain on them and they smile at each other, touching their foreheads. 

Abhishek and Mihika are practicing their dance. Abhishek does an awkward, funny move and falls, and they both end up laughing.

Abhishek whistles as Mihika goes next to Arnav and Khushi. Mihika playfully glares at him and he winks, laughing.

Khushi is getting her mehendi done. Mihika is passing around the drinks to the guests when Khushi convinces her to sit down next to her.

Music fades.

Mehendi Lady: Any particular design you’d like?

Mihika smiles and steals a glance at Abhishek, who’s talking to Arnav.

Mihika (turns back): His name.

Music comes back on.

Khushi and the rest of the girls begin to tease Mihika, who laughs to hide her embarrassment. Abhishek looks up at her and gets lost in thoughts, his eyes softening. Arnav nudges him, smiling mischeviously and wiggling his eyebrows. Abhishek shyly looks away.

There’s an electricity problem. Mihika lights up a candle, which is about to blow out. Abhishek puts his hand over it. Mihika and him share a smile.

Mihika passes Abhishek but he grabs her and pushes her up against the wall, leaning his forehead against hers. Mihika shyly looks away and Abhishek kisses her cheek. Mihika closes her eyes.

Abhishek sneaks into her room and tell her to get ready. He takes her out for a midnight treat. They talk and have fun.

Abhishek and Mihika help each other finish their errands.

They talk on the phone.

Both of them dance without a care in the world. Their photographs are taken.

Arnav is in the car and there are people all around him. Mihika and Anjali are at the front, laughing and dancing.

The car stops in front of Abhishek’s house and Arnav gets out. He’s welcomed by the bride side. Gayatri blesses him and they do pre-marriage rituals. They all laugh and have fun.

Abhishek catches Mihika’s eyes and they’re both mesmerised by each other. Abhishek discreetly points at her and then fans his face and Mihika bursts out laughing, hiding her face from him.

Gayatri and Mihika greet each other and talk. Abhishek’s happy to see them get along.

Mihika helps Abhishek serve drinks and snacks, often told by her family to sit down and let Abhishek do it himself. Mihika refuses. She takes part in rituals from both sides, proving she’s loyal to both.

Mihika rushes up to Khushi’s room and is surprised to see her looking more beautiful than ever. Mihika holds her arm and guide her downstairs, in the mandap. Arnav looks at her as Khushi sits next to him, breathing heavily because of the nerves, still looking down. He reassures her by holding her hand.

Mihika smiles and stands next to Abhishek, glancing at him. Abhishek’s smiling but wipes a tear. Mihika puts a hand on his shoulder and he looks at her. They share a little moment.

The wedding rituals are carried out, Abhishek and Mihika throw flowers on them. Abhishek nudges Mihika and gestures to the mandap. Mihika gives him a playful shove but blushes as he laughs.

Mihika dances as Arnav and Khushi watch on, sitting on the stage, and realises her blouse strings are opening. She excuses herself and heads to one of the rooms and tries fixing it.

Music finishes.

Mihika (frustrated): Oh, come on!

She’s unable to reach it, and jumps as cold fingers trail over her skin. Mihika looks in the mirror to see Abhishek behind her.

Abhishek (shyly): Can I?

Mihika (stutters, nervous): I–uh, I–you see, I think I should–

Abhishek (interrupts): I won’t look. I promise.

This significantly relaxes her and she nods. Abhishek continues to look into her eyes as he puts her hair on one side, exposing her bare back. He closes the strings, not once removing his stare from hers.

Mihika (smiles): Thank you.

Abhishek rests his chin on her shoulder and wraps his arms around her.

Abhishek: Have I told you I love you?

Mihika (teases): Not enough times.

Abhishek: I have loved you, I do love you, and I’ll love you forever.

Mihika laughs and turns, putting her arms around his neck.

Mihika: Even when I’m old and wrinkly? Even when I’ll put on weight and struggle to walk? Even when I lose my teeth?

Abhishek: Especially then. You’re my lifelong companion, Mihika. The love we share won’t fizzle out because it’s not based on looks. It’s based on how well we connect and understand each other. How much we trust each other, or even how willing we are to make it work.

Mihika (smiles, tears in her eyes): Then I promise to love you for as long as I can breathe.

Abhishek (jokes): Oh, no! I’m stuck with you forever.

Mihika laughs and smacks his chest, hugging him tightly.

Govind sees them together and angrily leaves from there.


How was it? Thank you for all your support so far. I appreciate it.

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