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Kaala Teeka 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devri says before everything I have to sarifice Naina. There are hardly five days left for ekadashi. Deva says but why? He says that day moon is weak, best time for sacrifice. DEva says but Kali is so celever you don’t have time. Devri says human are always weak becasue of emotions. Kali will leave Naina alone.
Devri asks Manjiri that he she has to bring water in the pot from a lake. He says don’t worry I am here. I will show you the way. I know about one. From there you can fill this pot. Manjiri says I have trusted you, I will bring it. She takes the pot. Devri touches her hands. He says in heart if only I could tell you what I feel for you but I won’t be able to forgive you for what you did.
He says ask everyone to put the coin in the pot. Everyone puts

the coin in the pot. Devri says I think you should leave.

There is fire in Kali’s room. Nandu screams.. Some of Kali’s clothes are burning. She pours water on them. Kali says how did it happen. Nandu says I don’t know I was out. When I came here I saw this fire. Kali calls Prohit. Prohit says there is a bad news. The tap I was doing to weaken Devri’s powers has blown. Its not easy to do anything to him. He is very clever. Kali tells him that Devri has sent Manjiri to the jungle to bring water. Prohit says there is something that eats humans there. Go and save Manjiri. Kali says I can’t call her. Kali says she doesn’t have phone I will g myself. Kali thinks its not safe to take Naina.
kali comes to Nanyd and says I have to go somewhere. Can you take care of her? He says yes.
Kali rushes outside. Yug comes in, here says where are you going in such hurry? Kali says I was going to save Manji ma. Devri has fooled her. He sent her. =Yug says but you had fight with her? Kali says we were pretending. Yug syas lets go we will save Manjiri together.

Nandu is playing with Naina. Devri comes and says she fooled you and went out with Yug. Nanduy says no she went for something important. Devri says no she went to have fun with Yug. You are so innocent and she is so clever. She left you here with the baby as babysitter. This woman should always be kept under slipper. Nandu says tell me what to do? Devri says you should snatch what is your right. Nandu says I will go but Naina.. Devri says I will take care of her. Nandu gives Naina to Devri.

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