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Kaala Teeka 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Everyone is leaving to visit the asylum.
Nandu comes to Dewri and says lets go. Dewri says I won’t. Nandu says I won’t go then either. Dewri you are like childhood. But you are grown now. You should go with your bride otherwise she would mind. Nandu says you are right I should go with bride. Dewri’s hands are drenched in blood. Dewri says before they come back I have to find that thing. Dewri looks everywhere.
They all come to the baba. Baba welcomes manjiri. Manjiri says Raj guru ji you know me? He says I have been hearing about you. Now I saw you. Manjiri says Vishwa never brought me to this asylum never I heard about it from him. Guru ji says come in.
A woman serves them with drinks. Manjiri says raj guru ji I wanted to talk to you. He says sure. Manjrii says why I feel like you are hiding something. He says I wasn’t dazed by Vishwa’s death. I knew his death was inevitable when his kala teeka ran away from this asylum. Kali says what? Badky papa’s kala teeka? Who was he? Guru ji says since 25 years, Vishwa kept him detained here. Only prohit and Jha could meet him. Manjiri says 25 years, this sin happened and you didn’t do anything? He says my responsibility is to manage this asylum. Vishwa had right on it. I tried a lot to convince him but I was helpless. Kali says can I see the place where his kala teeka was kept? He says yes come.

Dewri is rummaging through the house to find that thing. He looks in every closet. Finally he finds some pieces on clothes, he reads a mantra but it doesn’t work. The mala in his hand breaks.
Guru ji brings them to a room. Kali says what is all this? He says every night that boy does some magic trick between fire for 12 hours, without food and water. After that he gives his blood to fire.

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