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Journey revenge to love Sahil.Sehaan n twiraj (Qubool hai n tashan e ishq) Prologue

Hi guys i m not new here i read many ff’s of tashan e ishq but didn’t comment n even i m writting 4 ffs n 1 or 2 shots n this story full revenge.love n hate misundestandings i write this ff name as revenge n love story of true lovers season 2 but didn’t get any responce so my friend zuha told me add another shows couple so take time n thought some story n twist now i here so i m giving u summary so lets start

At a cliff

5 people srounded one man n that man face revaled shaad n he says u people destroy me n he will come n destroy bcoz of u i lost my everything he will snatched everything from n one of that people shoot him shaad falls down they goes

after 2 hours

2 man come at cliff there face revelad as Aahil n rehaan n Aahil says we r late we lost him n hugs rehaan n he was about to go Aahil hears some1 moan in pain he see him he non other than shaad Aahil goes toward him n help of rehaan they come out from cliff shaad take promise from Aahil that he will destroy n Aahil does promise n shaad faints n rehaan goes to police n Aahil take shaad take him to the hospital but a truck come hits his car a man come out the car n face revaled saif n he confess that he try to rape sanam but she got saved bcoz she hits me n i wear shaad cloths thats y she thinks that me as shaad he got safe n now every1 hate shaad even u got to know truth so both have to die n he shoot Aahil he take Aahil n shaad throw into river

Guys now u got to know story so here is charcters

hero n heroins

sanam n sehar-doughter of asad n zoya but they died accident so ayaan humaira tc of them they them like own daughter

Aahil n rehaan-son of haidar n tanveer they love their both sons Aahil is convo but rehaan is silent n sanskari beta

shaad n haya- they r son n daughter of nazma haya is dump n deaf girl but shaad is smart man n very nice guys best friend of Aahil n sanam

twinkle taneja-a bubly girl by profession a psycitrist gf of kunj loves him very much

kunj sarna-a handsome guys bussiness man love twinkle n his best yuvraj very much

yuraj luthra-a handsome boy a convo always flirts with girl n best friend of kunj n twinkle n yuvraj didn’t see eo

now time for villain i give on short update about villains

Azad n afreen-they r husband wife azad is son of ayaan n humaira n afreen a cerpt ips officer

Ehsaan n new sanam-ehsaan is son of ayaan n humaira n husband of new sanam always jelous from sanam n sehar

rahat ansari-rahat is son of nikhkhat n farhaan loves haya but hates sanam n sehar so he did wrong with them

so here is introduction n how conect with eo u got to in episode n ya kunj is dead in this he is only in fbs ok bye n plz comment

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